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December 22, 2012


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get THREE characters for the price of one / No idea turned away / Holiday Sale / Discount inside

jackcrowder Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Whenever I go to Artist X and say, "hey I want this scene with two characters," I am usually interrupted and told by Artist X that it'll cost more. That's their policy. I cannot fault them for that. I can, however, fight the good fight by saying that my policy is different. For my arts? I have a limit of 3 characters to every piece. You want a headshot? 3 characters! You want a waist-up? 3 characters! You want full bodies? 3 characters! This allows you to have scenes! I cannot imagine everyone (all the time) wants static poses. I know I don't and that has me hand over my green to Artist X every time!

You know what? Let's expand that like a balloon. You want another character? Only $5 dollars. Let's do the same with panels to my comic pages. You want another panel? Only $5 dollars.

Artist X is going to charge you a hundred bucks for four characters waist-up but Artist X is pretty popular. That's his time and his work. I'm not Artist X but my rates reflect that. So come nab it now!

:xmas: THE WEEKLY DISCOUNT: Christmahanakwanzika incoming! The fun is near! Massive savings on Weekly Discount and Specials without the stress! Every week, there will be a 10 dollar off prompt for commissions. This week is... those Magnificent Puppets MUPPETS
One of my favorite episodes of the Joss Whedon series Angel was Smile Time. Why? Because the title character was turned into a muppet. We all grew up with the muppets. Whether they were entertaining us or teaching us. They have become a cornerstone of pop culture and have been happily welcomed back. They scared us in The Labyrinth and marveled us in The Storyteller: Greek Myths. When I was little, I distinctly remember the A Muppet Family Christmas where Robin (Kermit's nephew) stumbled upon a Fraggle Rock portal. It's a lively universe that's connected and always growing. Let's celebrate it this week. Solid Snake getting a noogie from Fozzie Bear. Wolverine smoking a cigar with Animal. Kermit riding the back of Luke Skywalker. Countless scenes are possible with original characters. This also includes them wearing any clothes with the characters depicted (on a shirt) or resembling (crochet hat). Make your own Rainbow Connection!

:bulletblack:THE MENU:

:bulletwhite: THE MONTY: $45 With Weekly Discount, $35
(Full Body shot)

:bulletwhite: THE CLUB: $35 With Weekly Discount, $25
(Full-Body black & white with flat color accent)

:bulletwhite: THE COWBOY: $35 With Weekly Discount, $25
(Head to Mid-Thigh)

:bulletwhite: THE SMILER: $25 With Weekly Discount, $15

:bulletwhite: SMILER / COWBOY BONES: $15 With Weekly Discount, $5
(Headshot or to Mid-thigh sketch/line art)

:bulletwhite: JUST BONES: $15 With Weekly Discount, $5
(Full-body line-art or sketch)

:bulletwhite: SEQUENTIAL: Base price $65 (+5 a panel after 4)

Weekly Discount does not apply

:bulletwhite: CRAYON: $15
(Coloring of another artist's lines)
Weekly Discount does not apply

:bulletwhite: CID: $5
(Pixel Sprite)
Weekly Discount does not apply

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