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December 21, 2012


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[available] Freelance 2D and 3D Game Artist - looking for Commissions or small jobs.

MaxHeyderArt Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Professional Digital Artist

Are looking for an experienced 2D artist with 3D Environment modelling skills and Game Making experience? Then you should definately have a look at my Portfolio:


I also updated my deviant gallery with 3 pictures I created during the last 2 days. This should serve as a proof of my ability to draw landscapes from scratch. Just visit my profile or blog for the latest images.

Who am I?</u>
After starting my studies in game design, I also started my work as a freelancer on several game projects. Since 2009 I worked on 10 different games and did a variety of tasks for them.
I had the opportunity to observe the creation process and outcome of around 30 game projects.
Based on my experience, I helped prototyping games in several days, found a style for several games and managed the production pipeline and human ressources and helped to improve the effectivity of teams significantly.
You can find videos of a few prototypes in my portfolio.

What am I capable of doing?

Commissions: Sketches, Paintings, Fanarts? Whatever you deserve.

Concept Sketches and Paintings of Creatures, Environments and Props.

Illustrations of Environments, Characters, Icons and Props.

Game ready 3D Assets. With realistic or hand-painted textures.

3D Game Environments in Unity or UDK.

C# Programming in Unity.

I am experienced with a variety of industry workflows and can handle both: the visual concepts based on an idea, the 3D realization and also the implementation with Unity or the UDK or whatever engine you use.

What jobs do I do?

Concept Design based on an Idea.(If you do not know what your game should look like.)

Production and Management(You have artists, a vision but the production is not as productive as expected? Let me Join the team, analyze the project, make schedules, task plans, deadlines, milestones and help you get going)

Concept and Production Art based on a briefing.(If you know what it should look like but need art to communicate your vision.)

Illustrations based on a briefing.(Same as above but way more details and time for promotion and marketing.)

3D Assets with Textures etc. based on a visual concept.(Already have concepts? I can model and texture them for you.)

Game Environment Design based on a briefing and visual concepts.(You need a whole scene for a game? Let me make an assetlist, a schedule and then realize the whole environment in the engine you use.)

Interested? Contact me via Mail:

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LittleScaredRabbit Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool so cool :D
MaxHeyderArt Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
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