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December 12, 2012


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I would like to get some artwork done for my music website Year of the Snake.

I was looking to get some art work done for my music site. I was looking for some really awesome stylized artwork that goes with the theme of "Year of the Snake".

The music I make is not on the site yet, but I'm a modern rock electronic artist, and I want some sort of art that pushes the future, zodiac sort of the theme, but with some old school almost medieval feel. Sort of like alchemy meets technology in a video game format. It's hard to describe so I thought I would reach out to real artists here and see if there was someone that I could commission to the work.

I need a cool background, banner, logo. The basics I suppose. thank you in advance.

I'm open to ideas.

I have a small budget.

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LinesToThePaper Dec 12, 2012
Wrong forum, but this sounds cool. Check out my gallery to see some of my artwork and if you're interested drop me a line at
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