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December 11, 2012


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tariah23 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Price & Samples :Sketches
- Chibi: 5USD Per Character or 400:iconlapointsplz:

- Chest Up: 7USD Per character or 560:points:

- Waist Up: 10USD Per character or 800:points:

- Full Body: 13USD Per character or 960:points:

Price & SampleS : Detailed
- Chibi: 7USD Per Character or 560:iconlapointsplz:

- Chest Up: 9USD Per character or 720:points:

- Waist Up: 12USD Per character or 960:points:

- Full Body: 15USD Per character or 1200:points:

How To Order

1. Just send me a note with the title 'COMMISSION+Sketch[or Detailed]' and including details about which options is your choice, fanart or original etc.

* If its a fanart, please tell me the name of those anime/manga/movies etc. and some picture for references
* If its an originals, please give me more detail as much as possible.
* one order per one slots.

2. I will be start working on the commission after you give me the information on your commission and after I am done, I will notify you and ask you to send the money then after that, I will send you a link to your commission. I will send you a sketch of the picture first so that you can see how the commission is coming along and if you would like for me to change anything as well.


Paypal Or Points For Paypal)

Hope You Guys Are Interested ^^!!!

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