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December 7, 2012


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Some PayPal commissions open!

SterlingSpirit Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Student General Artist
Since Winter break is fast coming, I wanted to take some paypal commissions so I can replace my tablet here (It's been acting really flaky for a while now, and it starting to completely die on me).

Anyways, yes, I only accept PayPal. Here is what I was thinking for prices -

Icon(non-moving or simple animation, like this: ) $5-10 (depending on level of detail, and how difficult the charrie is)
Icon(more complex animation) - $15-20 (Again, depending on level of detail, difficulty of the character, and complexity of animation. A blink icon would be on the lesser side of this)

Sketch - $5
Lineart - $10
Cut out - $15 (+$5 for detailed shading) (Simple Shading rough example - (it was done on a program I wasn't used to, recent ones will be more refined and cleaned up))

Journal Dolls - $10-20 (Depending on difficulty of character/animation. All will be pixel unless requested)

Note; I reserve the right to deny the commission if I do not feel comfortable drawing it. I MAY take more elaborate commission(full pieces with background and such, or realism), but it honestly depends on how many people want commissions, if you are willing to wait for a bit while I complete it (they take me much longer then what is here). Quotes for this are available upon request.

Note me or comment below if you are interested or have any questions. :) I'll take 5 slots for what is quoted above, and perhaps 1 slot for a more elaborate commission if requested.


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