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December 7, 2012


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15 Dollar Commissions, monsterfying, concepts, cutesy and other stuff for pay.

imonsterfyu Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012
Special holiday sale, 15 dollar commissions, fully rendered pencilled of your favorite character or player character on Bristol, 9x12. That includes postage if you're in the U.S.!
Got a game character you've been rolling the dice with for years but never fully realized except in your head? I can get you to that next level of Nirvana, you can have your player character actualized and smugly hand out copies of him at the next round table session. You add your own stats of course.

Know a pop-culture/comic fan who's hard to shop for? Well original art aimed at the heart makes for a near and dear awesome gift!

I also offer other types of drawing services. Why am I called "Imonsterfyu"? Well because I can! You supply a few photos and I can alter/turn anyone you know into any monster/zombie of your choice.

Witness our undead happy couple in the "Day of the Wed" : [link]

Prefer the cutsey but epic stuff instead?

I got you, I got you, no worries! You can go with a handful of original post-it sized depictions of your favorite subscriptions.

Check out my Lil' One style now playing the "Avenging Lil' Ones" starting Lil' Tony aka Ironman.


Traditional superhero or characters more your speed?

Spin your web to this: [link]

C'mon don't let Hipsters get in on all the fun, come get some!

message me here or at if you got questions or want to make a deal!

Thank you in advance. If you have a different size or see something you like in my gallery and want to know how you can have something similar to that, let me know. I'm sure we can work something out.

I'll consider packaged deals if there's more than one piece or multiple characters too.

Just don't ask me to draw fish. You wouldn't like me very much if you ask me to draw fish.

(okay, okay I can't stay mad at you, I'll draw your fish).


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