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December 5, 2012


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Big savings on Elves / North Pole or Middle-earth varieties / Illustration + Design + Sprites

jackcrowder Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
<img src="[link]">

:xmas: THE WEEKLY DISCOUNT: Christmahanakwanzika incoming! The fun is near! Massive savings on Weekly Discount and Specials without the stress! Every week, there will be a 10 dollar off prompt for commissions.

:star::star: December 5th - Dec 12th. Pointy Ears Elf Nudity permitted with discount
Any scene depicting a character that's either an elf or done up like an elf. There's no question why Final Fantasy XI became the profitable title in the series. They had the Elvaan. Elves. Whether they're helping cobblers, stationed at the North Pole or practicing their archery upon Kobolds... Elves hold a special place in our modern culture.

:rudolph: My Personal Decree: No charge for additional characters. There is a limit 3 characters to every piece. This means that you will not be charged for additional characters if your piece calls for it up to three. Unlike other commission artists that charge for every single character added to the piece. You already get up to three with me!

:santa: The Great Holiday Special: With the purchase of any full-body piece, you will receive a head shot piece for free. That's a $25 item for absolutely free. This is an extremely limited special as was the last special so nab it quick if you're interested. I've expanded the work que to allot time for everyone's purchase to get made before Christmas so that the gift-giving of the headshots can be done properly!

Weekly Discount does not apply

How every piece is constructed:

:bulletblack:THE MENU:

:bulletwhite: THE MONTY: $45 With Weekly Discount, $35
(Full Body shot)

:bulletwhite: THE CLUB: $35 With Weekly Discount, $25
(Full-Body black & white with flat color accent)

:bulletwhite: THE COWBOY: $35 With Weekly Discount, $25
(Head to Mid-Thigh)

:bulletwhite: THE SMILER: $25 With Weekly Discount, $15

:bulletwhite: SMILER / COWBOY BONES: $15 With Weekly Discount, $5
(Headshot or to Mid-thigh sketch/line art)

:bulletwhite: JUST BONES: $15 With Weekly Discount, $5
(Full-body line-art or sketch)

:bulletwhite: SEQUENTIAL: Base price $65 (+5 a panel after 4)

Weekly Discount does not apply

:bulletwhite: CRAYON: $15
(Coloring of another artist's lines)
Weekly Discount does not apply

:bulletwhite: CID: $5
(Pixel Sprite)
Weekly Discount does not apply

After the limited 3! Extras = +$5 for additional characters/concepts

Additional characters will be negotiated. Some couples intertwine which actually means less work for the artist.

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