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December 4, 2012


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Need Christmas Gift Ideas? Come On In!!

HollyAReid Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
Are you having trouble deciding what to get someone for Christmas? If so, why not some portraits or specially made cards? :)

Portraits can be of anyone you want from someone you know to your favorite characters to even celebrities. Anyone you want. :) These people can be drawn as head shots, half body up, or full body. Generally these will be done in festive colors of red, green, white, gold, and/or silver, unless you ask me to do otherwise.

Single is one person, of course.

Two people, they don't even have to be romantically together. Just two people.

Three or more people. It doesn't have to be your real family, it could just be a bunch of characters, but generally, three or more people. My limit is seven. Any more than that is $5 a person.

The card can be of anything, and can say anything you want with whatever font you want. The most special cards are specially made ones.


Not impressed with my holiday style?
You can request for me to not use it and use my usual style.

Still not what you're looking for, but still interested?
I also like to do a rough cartoony style and sometimes furries.

Send me a note with your request and I will give you the details of payment and such.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your day!

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