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December 4, 2012


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cargirl64 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
well i have had them for almost 3 years now thus i have to get new glasses
so i am holding commissions to help me raise funds
any and all commissions are very helpful and any extra money i get will go to a local animal shelter OR cancer research fund
why those two things? cuz i like animals and have family with cancer.
now for the prices
have decided i am doing an end of the month journal on commisssions.
this is to show changes in prices, policies, and examples.
i will also include who is getting commissions from me at the end of it all.


traditional sketches $1

lined sketch $1

traditional color pencil $3

traditional marker $4

combination of marker and color pencil $4

if you want a background for any of these I'm afraid it will have to be added digitally which is 1 dollar for a solid color and 2 for a complex background


digital black line $2

animated drawing $2 (it depends on time and complexity)

digital chibi $3

pudgy pony $3

flat color no background $3

flat color with background $4

flat color with complex back ground $5

full color headshot $5

full color no background $5

full shaded simple background $6

full shaded with complex background $7

who has a commission right now:

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