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December 4, 2012


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Christmas Paid/Points Commissions starting at $0.75/20 points~!

Hii, so Christmas is coming up and I'm in dire need of some extra monies to buy some presents for my family to show my love ;u;
SOOO, I decided to open some money commissions up to save up for said presents! I got a Paypal now, so I can do it, yaaaay!
Also, I know some people don't have paypal and can't commission w/ money so I also opened point commissions up for a little less (if you look at it like 100 :points: is $1), just 'cause.
So, hopefully I'll get some people commissioning me so I can buy my family awesome present ;n; *crosses fingers*


:bulletblack: If you'd like to order a paypal commission, please note me what you'd like and only then will I give you my e-mail address for my paypal.
:bulletblack: I expect pay before I do your commission, to avoid scam, sorry :c
:bulletblack: If you would like a refund, please note me.

Full Body: $1.50
extra person +$0.25

Half body: $1.00
extra person +$0.25

Bust: $0.75
extra person +$0.25

Custom Adopts (chibi only): $1.25

Palette Adopts: $0.75

pixelated $1.50
normal $1.00

Blinking Icons:
pixelated $2.00
normal $1.75

Character ref sheet (colored only): $3.00

Backgrounds: free!

Tips: always acceptable owo

:iconpaypalplz: :iconpaypalplz: :iconpaypalplz:


Full Body: 100 :points:
extra person +25 :points:

Half body: 60 :points:
extra person +25 :points:

Bust: 20 :points:
extra person +25 :points:

Custom Adopts (colored only): 75 :points:

Palette Adopts: 30 :points:

pixelated 80 :points:
normal 50 :points:

Blinking Icons:
pixelated 100 :points:
normal 65 :points:

Character ref sheet (colored only): 175 :points:

Backgrounds: free!

Tips: always acceptable owo

*please specify exactly what you would like; be as specific as possible!*

I'm currently working on expanding my drawing limits so more products will be available soon ;u;


Thank you in advance to whoever commissions me <3

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