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December 3, 2012


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Commission cheap for Christmas!!!

AngelaLara Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Hii!!After a long time .. I decided to open commissions.
Prices are set according to the time of its completion, that is, if I'm going to be five hours doing a picture for you to pay it, so here I prefer to put these prices seem more logical.
IMPORTANT: Before you get to do the work, you must pay and I confirm that your so already, if you have not paid work, you can not require me anything.

-B&W / Inked + tones :
Bust = 30€ + 10€ to add character or scenery
Full body = 40€ + 15€ to add character or scenery.

- Digital Color /Cell or soft anime style:
Bust = 40€ + 10€ to add character or scenery.
Full body = 50€ + 15€ to add character or scenery.

- Digital color /CG shading :
Bust = 55€ + 15€ to add character or scenery.
Full body = 70€ / 20€ to dd character or scenery.

- Fast drawing / digital color fast :
Bust = 20€ + 10€ to add character or scenery.
Full body = 30€ + 10€ to add character or scenery.

- Pencil Sketch:
Bust: 10€ + 5€ to add character or scenery.
Full body: 20€ + 5€ to add character or scenery.

- I don´t draw : Sex, mecha, real people, obscenity, racist, hate art, copyright characters…
- All work will be digitally..
- Commitment : You'll have to pay before I start the drawing.
- Time : Since payment is made until the design is finished, you can elapse from one week to a month.

- Bank transfer (Spain only)
( I give details of when it's time to pay)
If you are interested …
Send me a note with the information you want or email to :

How to order:
1. Send me a note ( or email to: with the title 'COMMISSION' and including details.
* If its a fanart, please tell me the name of those anime/manga/movies etc. and some picture for references
* If its an originals, please give me more detail as much as possible
* one order per one slots.
3. I will be start working after I received money.
4. I will let you know after I finished work. I will send you the original file in .JPG or PNG,300 dpi or higher.
Los precios están dados así al mero hecho que si estoy 4 horas (o mas, según la imagen..) haciendo la comission debe rentarme.
Yo no puedo permitirme hacer comisiones súper baratas y verme trabajando sin parar por solo 10 €, simplemente no tiene lógica...
Ante todo decir que los precios incluyen el boceto, es decir, los pasos serian estos:
1. Estas interesado y me envías una nota o un email diciendo que es lo que quieres y dando las referencias.
2. Te confirmo que me ha llegado la petición, y te doy los datos para el pago.
3. Si se trata de un trabajo de color (no el "fast drawing") tendrás antes el boceto previo para que veas como será, ya que el proceso será mas lento y así ves algo antes de tener el trabajo.
4. Te envío el trabajo a la cuenta que tu desees, ya sea dropbox o emai.... a una resolución mínimo de 300ppi en fichero JPG o PNG.
5. ¡Y ya esta! :) Ya tienes tu comisión la cual puedes hacer lo que quieras con ella.. XDD (si no quieres que publique tu comision debes notificármelo)

Gracias por leerme :)

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