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December 5, 2012


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Commishes from $2 to $100!

JosephSeraph Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
[Commission Status: OPEN]

*About commissions: Prices vary on a combination of factors. For example, a graphite sketch with background sketch as well will cost the same as a watercolor sketch with background FX. Due to the high ammount of possibilities, it is impossible for I to put all combinations without cluttering this journal entry. If what you want isn't listed here, just ask me via PM. I do almost everything! ♥ :]

Sketch - $2 - 10 (depends on wether you leave to my whim ($2), want a solid graphite or ballpoint sketch ($5), watercolor sketch ($7), background FX ($8), simple in-perspective BG ($10) etc.

Lineart - $5 - $30 (depends on the ammount of detail. Can range anywhere from a simplistic chibi lineart oto an extremely detailed art-noveau, or texture filled, etc. lineart.)

Colored work - $8 - $60 (once more, depends on the ammount of detail and style.)

Page - $10 - $50 (Well, guess what? DEPENDS ON THE AMMOIUNT OF DETAIL AND STYLE LALALA ~ <3 though most stuff will range from $10~25 (A5), $15~50 (A4) :]

Caricatures - $20 - $60, these have no difference in price in therms of coloring. Price floats due to medium, paper size and the subject. Paper size varies from A4 to A7.

Colored Ballpoint - OUT OF STOCK. Had my colored pens stolen, gotta purchase 'em again. >:

I have nothing aganist drawing backgrounds. ♥

PM me! ♥ ~

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