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November 28, 2012


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Youtube Thumbnail Commissions

toadking07 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Professional General Artist
Have a Youtube video you want to get noticed? Do you feel you channel lacks a professional feel to it? Are your video thumbnails not eye catching enough? Commission me to create custom thumbnails for your channel to drive views and make your videos stand out from the rest!

About me the artist:
I am a freelance artist with education in Interactive Design and Graphic Design. I've been running my own Youtube channels for several years, with my current focus on my newest series, Super Apartment Bros. [link] With me you can trust quick work that will meet your needs and function as required on Youtube.

Work Examples:
[link] All thumbnails for Super Apartment Bros
[link] My Graphic Design work on dA
[link] "Wheatley is 343 Guilty Spark" Video and thumbnail

Youtube Thumbnail Commission Work Pricing
$5 = Half hour of work on 1 thumbnail, no revisions
$8 = 1 hour of work on 1 thumbnail, 1 revision
$15 = 1 hour of work on 1 thumbnail, 3 variations and up to 2 reversions
$25 = 2 hours of work on 4 thumbnails, up to 2 revisions per thumbnail
*$2 = 1 Additional revision on an already started thumbnail commission

How To Commission
-Contact me via a personal Note on DeviantArt here.
-It's best if you have an idea of what you want the thumbnail to look like, what text to be displayed, image, style, etc. If you don't have anything that is fine too but know you will only be allowed a limited amount of revisions, (suggested changes), depending on what commission level we agreed to before the work starts. You will have the option to pay for additional revisions if you use up all of yours but desire changes still.
-Any specific images or font you wish for me to use must be included as a link or else you will be at the mercy of Google Search
-Once I reply to you, the work is agreed on and the payment made to my paypal account, I will begin working on your thumbnail. Work should be completed within 24 hours of payment.
-I only accept Paypal payments.

Q: Will you work for points?
A: No, got to be real money via paypal, sorry.
Q: What are revisions?
A: Revisions are suggested changes. When I show you the thumbnail I made you can use a revision to have me change things about it. You can tell me you want the font a different color and the background image moved or something, and I'll do it. For example, if you go with the $8 thumbnail you will get 1 revision which means that you can tell me what changes to make once.
Q: Why can't you just keep making revisions?
A: Because some people are impossible to please and you should be able to communicate what you once the first time. (or the second time, or third, or..)
Q:Can I commission you to create more thumbnails or icons or more of something than what is listed here?
A:Possibly. :) Just send me a Note with what you have in mind and we'll see what we can work out.


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