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November 24, 2012


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Please, I need money badly. Realistic anime/manga artist, Begginer portrait artist and, dragons.

InsanitysOpenSky Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Please commission me. I really need the help.

Hello, my name is Ellen and I literally have no money. My family has no money. My dad recently had to have surgery and has been out of work for about 6 weeks. I can't get a job because of some mental issues of mine. I'm actually trying to get a job and its hard.

We've been depending on family and they can't help us out much longer. Every little bit helps.

I believe i'm a good artist and am willing to work my butt off to be able to get a little bit of money for my family.

To those that think I may be faking I really am not. The only reason I have internet is because my granparents paid the phone bill and our internet is the same bill with the phone.

Here are my prices.

I can do:


Inked sketches

Inked sketches colored traditionally

Inked drawing colored In with pencil

My drawing style is realistic anime/manga style. i'm a beginner portrait artist and I draw dragons.

If you are going to buy something please send in a note to me.
I love details so the more the better. References are good if you have an OC.

Prices are as following:

4 dollars for sketches and inked sketches

5 dollars for inked sketches colored traditionally

5 dollars for inked drawings shaded with pencil

Chest up realistic portraits:
Sketches 4 dollars
Color 7 dollars

I will work on the drawing till I get it right and will even scan WIPS until you are satisfied with my work. I would like everyone to be happy.

So please commission me. :(

Please use paypal as payment if you commission me for anything.

Paypal Email:

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