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November 23, 2012


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SpeakThroughFingers Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I need some money to save up for university and other miscellaneous things. I'm unable to get a job, so... I figured commissions would work well and help me get out of my comfort zone.


OPEN- 2 slots
Knee up is 3-5$
Full body is 4-6$
+2$ for additional character
depends on complexity.
Simple/texture background.
*one like Misa is 10$



Copic: OPEN - 2 slots
Knee up is 2-5$
Full body is 4-6$
+2$ for additional character
depends on complexity
Simple texture/background


Paypal only
Please note me for my paypal email.
I will do bust up/head shots upon request. Please ask for details and prices.
Please pay half in advance, after I show you the samples. I will show you WIPs, lineart and colour selections as samples. WIPs will be watermarked with my personal mark and "Not paid" written on it in neon green. If you want further WIPs after you pay half, they'll be marked "1/2 paid." I do this because I've been cheated before.

What do I do?
I mostly draw females, but I can draw males, as long as they aren't super muscular.
I can work from a detailed written descrption, but references are preferred.
I don't do mecha, anything above PG-15, or furries/anthro.
I can probably do a little pet or pokemon, but I need a reference.
I don't do chibis since I can't draw them. :(

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