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November 20, 2012


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Examples!!! open for commissions

ShiningShadow Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Student General Artist
:damphyr:Humanoids //all sizes//:
:bulletpink: Sketch - $3

:bulletpink: Clean outline - $5

:bulletpink: Simply colored sketch - $10

:bulletpink: Complited, colored - $15

:bulletpink: Complited, colored + simple background - $20

:damphyr:Animals (canines are my best - foxes, dogs, wolves, but I can do also cats and some other animals); //all possible positions// :
:bulletpink: Sketch - $4
:bulletpink: Clean outline - $5
:bulletpink: Colored, not too detailed - $15
:bulletpink: Completed, very furry and detailed + simple background $25

:damphyr: Prices include one character.
For every additional one the price will be +50% ((for example, simple sketch (no color) with two boys will cost $4.5 and with 3 boys will be $6))

:damphyr: Additionally paid detailed backgrounds - not more than 15$ for the fully finished work. Depends on the difficulty.

:heart: Prices can decrease depends on what exactly you want - a cute and interesting OC will make me even more happy to draw it.

:heart: There are available bonuses:
:bulletpink: Free simple sketch for everyone who commission me twice. *
:bulletpink: Free animal sketch for everyone, who commission animal-works twice *
:bulletpink: Free detailed background for a fully-completed artwork with 3 or more characters.

* Every time someone makes two commissions. That means if you commission me 4 times, you get 2 free sketches.
Notice: To get the bonuses you have to claim them.

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Devious Comments

MadSilence Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012
Hi! Are you interrested in wallpaper trailer making for my game?=) Im looking for a talented person to draw some wallpapers, which will be animated scrolled, Much like the angry birds video=) Does this seem interresting for you?=) There will be a walpaper of a world and some characters. Only imagination stops you what the chars will look like, can be pigs, humans, and all others=) Check out my game for some reference and to see what fits!=)


Contact me on :
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