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November 14, 2012


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Beginning Photoshop and Lightroom 4 class

DaemonReaper Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Starting January 16, Stephen Burns, author of ‘3D in Photoshop’, ‘The Art of Poser and Photoshop’ and ‘Photoshop CS5: Trickery and FX’ as well as President of the San Diego Photoshop Users Group, will be starting a Beginning Photoshop class online. He doesn't teach just tips or tricks, but a fuller understanding of the photoshop program so that you can come up with your own tips and tricks, and this class will be the first step towards that. The class will start January 16th, at 6 p.m to 8 p.m. pst and will run for 4 weeks. The class will cost $199, and with classes that run up into 3-4-or even $500, this is a really good deal. To sign up, head to [link].

Also, on January 18, Stephen will also be start a Lightroom 4 class, that will teach you how to better understand Lightroom and develop a smooth, effective work flow. That class will also be for 4 weeks, from 6 to 8 p.m. pst, will also be only $199. To sign up for this, head to [link]

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