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November 14, 2012


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Four $10 Design Slots!

Olly-Oni Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
So I'd like to get my commission queue to an even 10 and normally had only 2 slots open left but one of my commissioners randomly deleted her account, and so her pieces will be put on hold to see if she somehow comes back.

In the meantime! That means that I now have 4 slots that I'd love to fill with design commissions since it's like my favorite thing in the world to do! They are $10 each and here is what they include:

:bulletred: An inked and flat-colored front and back view of the character (or side if a feral)
:bulletred: Any number of prelim sketches needed to fine tune your character and get exactly what you want! (You don't get to keep them though, sorry!)
:bulletred: Permission to post the piece on your DA or FA as long as you make sure to credit me (I'm Olly-Oni on both sites. c: )
:bulletred: Rights to the character (however I am allowed to post the final image you receive on my DA/FA and use it as an example of my work for future commissions)

You are also totally free to add a ref sheet for your new character (although it'd be +$10 since the ref sheet comes with a third view, a headshot, and all the trappings like markings, accessories, text, etc.)

Here are some examples of characters that I have created, either for myself or others! Just keep in mind that the piece you would receive would be much cleaner than these!

I know they're a little expensive but I'm prompt with replying to clients, always willing to make alterations up until the piece is inked, and spend as long as it's needed to get exactly what you'd like. c:

If you have any questions or are at all interested, feel free to either leave a comment here or send me a note! I will probably respond to notes quicker but I will get to everyone! Thanks!

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Devious Comments

Olly-Oni Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
Oh and other examples of my work can be seen in my gallery of course! [link]
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