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November 13, 2012


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Professional Literature Commissions (in a financial bind, please help)

Riegella Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
So I'm reopening commissions cause I barely have any money in my PayPal OR points, and I kinda need money now since I spent roughly $1000 on online tutoring and my family isn't in the best of financial situations.

So once again, the basics:
I've been writing for over nine years now. I specialize in free verse and maybe a few rhyming.
When commissioning, specify the theme, mood, point of view (first, second, third), and whatever else. Poems are always 100 words or greater, although they typically do not exceed 425 words. I work best with specific concepts, though I might take an occasional vague one, but not TOO vague.

I will also do short stories and/or fanfiction oneshots. Prices are negotiable. However, base prices for all prose less than 5000 words is usually around $5 (it will be $10 if it exceeds 5000 words, the same applies to multichaptered stories for any chapter that exceeds 5000 words). If I am unfamiliar with a fandom, there may be a delay due to research. It will be done though. Please specify what you'd like. At the moment I can only do poetry and short stories, and I can't work with deadlines right now either since I will still have work and classes.

I'll also do poetry to go alongside a story or character; if something requires more research, however, there might be a delay. Fanpoetry is fine by me too. I reserve the right to refuse a commission, but if I do take a commission, I will keep the money until the comm is finished. Poetry and non-multichaptered prose have a set number of slots; if they are all full, please wait until a slot opens.

I can write for any genre, but I am not skilled at hardcore hentai. I can do mild limes. I can also do very mild BL and GL, but nothing explicit. I'd also rather not do anything hate-oriented, including character bashing, or anything controversial that it wouldn't be allowed on dA.If you have any questions in detail, note me and I'll inform you. I can also do more specialized projects like visual novel scripts, again if they aren't hentai-oriented. Just specify the plot, characterization and all that is necessary.

For PayPal payment, note me requesting my e-mail. Poems are $1.25 each; any subsequent poems will be .15 if you decide to buy more. Through PayPal, you must pay upfront, if I feel I cannot finish it due to circumstances, I will let you know and return your money; it's highly unlikely that scenario will arise though. PayPal payment is prioritized here; in other words, the commission will be done faster if paid via PayPal.

Points payment: 50 points = 1 poem, subsequent poems are 20 points. You can either donate the points to me via the "Give" button or through my points donation module. Payment will be upfront here. Be sure to note me with what you want, and if I say I will be able to do it, then you can pay.

For payment via Premium Membership, please send a note before paying. If I do not need the subscription, I will ask that you give it to one of my friends. A one month subscription = three poems, three months = six poems, and so on. For subby payment, give the subby AFTER the work is finished. Premium Membership commissions are closed for the time being.

I will take PayPal, points and Premium Memberships. Do note though that I will take slower due to work, but it will be done -- on average 3 weeks.

All writings will be posted to dA, unless you request it be private.

Here are some examples of my work:

Thanks for reading!

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