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November 13, 2012


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Mature/Adult/Fetish/Big Boy Commissions OPEN

Ashborne-Demon Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Professional General Artist
Hello there guys and gals. I'm currently looking to fill five new slots for late November-December commissions and I'm doing 16+ commissions for anyone interested.
For more information about my rates, rules, and more please visit my Commission Information Page

I've actually been hired already by other deviants to do a series of adult rated commissions that I'm finishing up right now. For obvious reasons I can't post them here on DA but if you note me I can link you to my tumblr where some of them have been posted.

Things you should know!
:bulletred: I will do nearly ANYTHING upon request. Hentai (straight couples), yaoi or yuri (gay couples), anthro or furry (animals or objects with humanoid qualities), blood or gore, inflation (being filled with liquid or air), recitation (process of bringing people back from the dead), feet details, slime/ooze/mucus, monsters, futanari or transexuals, bondage, and so on.
:bulletblack: I will NOT do clown art, feeder art or hill-billy art. Sorry. These are the only things I will refuse. Everything else is fair game!
:bulletred: Confidentiality is very important to you and me. I understand you may not want everyone knowing what you are commissions are. You identity and (upon request art) will not be revealed to anyone for any reason.

:bulletblue: :points: are figured at 100:$1

:bulletgreen: Sketches are $2-5
:bulletgreen: Traditional Inks are $10-25
:bulletgreen: Digital Inks are $10-25
:bulletgreen: Traditional Color starts at $15
:bulletgreen: Digital Coloring starts at $20

:bulletpurple: Flat Color or Gradient Backgrounds are Free!
:bulletpurple: Simple Backgrounds are $2-10
:bulletpurple: Detail Backgrounds $10-25
:bulletpurple: Complicated/Very detailed Backgrounds start at $25

:bulletyellow: Extra Characters are $1 for sketch, $4+ for ink, and $8+ for color

Examples of my art

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Devious Comments

Ashborne-Demon Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Professional General Artist
3 slots remaining! Thanks for your support guys! :D
Ashborne-Demon Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Professional General Artist
I have my first taker! Is anyone else interested? I have 4 more slots open! ^^
Just note me and we can talk about your ideas.
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