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November 8, 2012


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Laptop is dead, commissions open :) i draw pretty much anything 10$

TigerTang Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Student Filmographer
Edit: prices were lowered due to lack of interest (9.30.12)

I am in need of a new computer. My old one, now five years old, has had the hell beat out of her and she's wearing out. Nearly every day she overheats, and its hard for me to get things done when i can only be on for a few hours at a time before she flips shit and overheats. SO that's why i've opened commissions, not just because im broke (Which i am) but because i actually have a legit purpose.

I will not do: humans, mecha/robots, sexually explicit things.
I will do: animals, anthros, wings, scales, fantasy creatures, anything else not mentioned above ( oh and btw i have NOOOOOO problem with gore. i find it exciting)

1: please fill out the following tag when you request a commission in a NOTE, i will not accept it any other way:

your username:
your characters name:
character references:
type of commission:
additional details i need to know(such as for multiple characters in a commission, what kind of relationship do they have):

AFter which, i will contact you either saying your commission has been accepted, where i will disclose my paypal address, and wait for payment OR i will send you a kind rejection letter. I cant do everything guys. Please do not buy something if you cannot pay for it all up front right now.

I Require a full payment before I even start working (this includes shipping price for type B and C watercolours.)

:bulletred: I reserve the right to publish the commission wherever i please when i am finished. You, however, do not, since you did not create the image. yes you may use it for personal use (backgrounds, icons, and the like) but no you may NOT gain profit off of my hard work without permission.

Types of commissions:
(OPEN)Type A Sketch: 5 USD Traditional only (not available for mailing. I will scan them at a very high DPI for you.

(OPEN)Type B: Coloured full body w/basic textured or plain white bg: (10 USD for digital, 20 USD for watercolour) please specify medium in note

(Closed) Type C: Full body coloured w/extensive background: (20 for digital, 30 USD for watercolour) again watercolour or digital, please specify in note

NOte: all prices are NOT including shipping for watercolour works. That will be tacked on when i find out how much it is to ship to you. I only ship to areas in the Continental United States

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