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November 7, 2012


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10 to 50 point com. open

MADlSASTER Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Hei~ I am opening point commissions. :) Because I feel I need to do some art before I start with even more comic pages... :P All from 10 to 50 :points:
<font size="5"> STATUS: ALL SLOTS OPEN!</font>

<font size="5"> "Rules"</font>
:bulletblack: If you want a commission, you can write here, or note me. With exact information of what you want me to draw. Please make it easy understandable.
:bulletblack: I will probably ask you questions about how you want your commission, even after your description, because I am very careful about poses, expressions, small items and detailing etc.
:bulletblack: Your commission should be done within some days, but in the busiest times, it may take up to two weeks.
:bulletblack: You can see how far I have come with your commission looking at this bar here.
:bulletred: I MAY declie your request about your commission. If you request something completely impossible, or something that doesn't fit with my own descriptions, it should be understandable why. Please respect that.

<font size="5"> What do I draw? And how?</font>
I draw canines only. I can draw anthro (have no examples further, but I can gurarantee I great result. I can show you an easy sketch if you want to know how I draw them). I don't draw humans, or other animals. I am really sorry if you were looking for something like that.

The lineart are drawn on paper. If you commission me, you can pick out of two kinds of lines. The first one, shown here, is a grey line that makes the drawing look clean and the colors are more shown.

The second kind of lineart are black, and looks much stronger. ;P

<font size="5"> Prizing</font>
:bulletblue: SKETCHES (with shading): Are drawn on paper, no colors. I can do grey or black lines. 10:points:
:bulletgreen: COLORED, NO BACKGROUND (white, other colors or transparent background): 20 to 50:points:
:bulletyellow: COLORED, SIMPLE BACKGROUND: The whole image is fully colored, background can be simple to "half advanced" with some items.
:bulletorange: COLORED, ADVANCED BACKROUND: Not available yet.

These prices are for one single character, but if you want more than one character, that is possible. :) The prices will probably increase, but it don't have to do, depending on advancity.

<font size="5"> Payment</font>
I need the payment before I start the commission. But I can make a super-simple sketch without shading, and just clean lines to show you how it looks like first.

<font size="5"> SLOTS</font>

Have a nice day! :iconwolflaplz:

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Devious Comments

MADlSASTER Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw, I thought it would be bigger letters. Oh well. This isn't a journal :P
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