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November 4, 2012


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I need $200 fast! Anime and cartoons-- $5 - $20 paypal commissions, details inside!

Saladchan Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012
Basically, I found a collector's grail that I thought I would never see for sale -- EVER -- because of its rarity. I don't wanna say what it is in case some rich troll decides to swoop in and steal it from me, but it's something I swore to buy if I ever saw it for sale.

The only issue is, I'm totally broke! So I am opening up commissions (something I was planning on doing anyway) for cartoons and anime/manga drawings!

I really want this money fast. If I could get 10 $20 commissions, I'd be able to get all the drawings done by the end of the month, most likely within two weeks, but I know a lot of you are nearly as broke as I am.

:happybounce: Check my most recent uploads in my gallery for examples of what I can do! :happybounce:

Pricing guide:

$5 = Black and white inked drawing of single character

$10 = Black and white inked drawing of single character background OR two characters

Adding color to either is double price... for example, a colored character on black-and-white background is $15.

FLAT color backgrounds (single color) are free.

Adding a SMALL, CHIBI-STYLE animal (think Pikachu or Hamtaro) is also free with the purchase of a single character.

I will take up to ten commissions at a time on my list, but be aware that each picture will take me several days to complete! Note me or reply to this forum if interested. Thank you!

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Devious Comments

Saladchan Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012

Things I will draw:

:bulletgreen: Cartoons
:bulletgreen: Furries
:bulletgreen: Anime/Manga characters
:bulletgreen: Your OCs with picture reference
:bulletgreen: Your OCs WITHOUT picture reference (give me a description and I will do my best!)
:bulletgreen: Other Fan-art
:bulletgreen: Mild fetishy stuff (inflation, size change, neko, cecaelia, etc.)
:bulletgreen: Pokemon/Digimon/etc.

Things I will NOT draw:

:bulletred: Heavy fetish art/porn
:bulletred: Nudity
:bulletred: Realistic anything
:bulletred: Cars (you don't want me to draw you a car, seriously)
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