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November 3, 2012


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Transformers prime commissions

GirRox211 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
So i am going on a trip in a week and I coud really use some money for the trip. Not to mention hurricane Sandy tore up a good chunk of my town and i was hoping to get some money to help repairs on my grandparents house and some of my friends homes. A good friend of mine had a tree fall on his house and i wanted to give them alittle something to help. It is actually my babysitter and so i kinda want to pay her back from what she had down for me and my family.

So yes, please i really need this money im not very rich, i really don't have a lot of money either and i need some. If they prices are to high i will be happy to discuss a much better price.
So if you are interested in a commission send me a note saying what size paper and what transformer you would like. I can possible do other transformers like animated (possible g1 depends on how good i can draw blocks XD) I will be doing a realistic shading, my dad just got me some new shading pencils and im dying to try them out.

So yea give me a call if you would like a commissions.

Thanks everyone! :heart:
8.5x11: $4.89
9x12: $6.00 (may be alittle more due to it being on watercolor paper)
14x17: $10.00
:bulletyellow: SLOTs :bulletyellow:

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