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October 29, 2008


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Pixel Artists for Hire only at LePixelists

LePixelists Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2008

If you're here is because you want to hire pixel artists to make you beautiful pixel art for your games, website, flash movies etcétera, we are experienced pixel artists who love to see their art be used, wich means we sell pixel art at extremely low prices, browse our gallery and enjoy the samples we display there!

Our prices are the following:

:bulletblue:RPG Overhead View Style Character Spritesheets (consist on a four frame front, left and right walking animations, in total they're 13 different sprites) = $15
:bulletblue:Platformer Side Scroller View Style Character Spritesheet (this only includes a standing pose, a walking animation and a jumping sprite.)
:bulletgreen: Two frame walking animation (left leg, right leg) = $10
:bulletgreen: Four frame walking animation (left leg, stand, right leg, stand)= $15
:bulletgreen: Eight frame walking animation (left leg lower, left leg higher, left leg lower, stand, right leg lower, right leg higher, right leg lower, stand)= $25

:bulletblue:Character spritesheets, Extra poses (raising hands, blinks, emotions, dead poses, etc.) = $5 each.
:bulletblue:Character spritesheets, Animated Effects (Effects like dissolve, fade, teleport, explode, melt, etc.) = $10 each.
:bulletblue:Static Objects.-
:bulletgreen:Animated (glowing lamps, glimmering crystals, ringing phone, gameboys) = $10
:bulletgreen:Static (a table, a bed, hearts for health, power ups, etc.).- Big objects = $10, Small objects = $5

:bulletblue:Woodwork and plants.-
:bulletgreen:Animated (wind breeze on tree, grinning face on tree, etc.) = $15
:bulletgreen:Static (bedroom plant, grass tiles) = $8

:bulletgreen:Animated (big works like a beach, rivers, waterfalls, if you wanted a simple tile, see the tileset section) = $15
:bulletgreen:Static (pond, puddle) = $8

:bulletblue:Brickwork = $5
:bulletblue:Stones = $8 per three middle sized pieces or $10 for ten small stones.
:bulletblue:Wall tiles, floor sets, miscelaneous tiles (circus themed mat for the maze, egyptian wall labrynth, a looping capable water tile, etc.) = $10 the looping spritesheet.

If you're doubtful of how much would it cost to make x and y sheet, do not hesitate to drop us an email and we'll get back to you, we offer small discounts to people who does this, so it should be better for you.
We can only accept Paypal as paying method.
If you wish to make an order of sorts, please contact us at and we'll get back at you as soon as we can! We finish each piece in unveliebably short time, so deadlines are no problem for us!

You can also email us with any doubts and questions you have, we are glad to help, but we don't do art for free.
Thank you for visiting us, and feel free to comment here too!

We are the artists!

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FixMeKnow Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2009
Do not bump your own threads. Start a new one if you're still looking for people.

Patt-Ytto Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2009
Gee, i forgot to give this a little nudge.
LePixelists Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2009
O thx biggt i want MORE
Patt-Ytto Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2009
I felt a nostalgic pinch on my spine as i noticed the reference to La la land.

Good times...
Patt-Ytto Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2009
April bump.
phamtq Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2009
I'm checking out prices on how much it'll cost to produce pixel art for a company logo and also sprites for an educational application that works on the web.

For the logo I was thinking of something along the size of 128x128, 256 color palette, transparent, and of a human body with outstretched arms (kind of like da Vinci's Vitruvian Man) where the bottom right corner of the body is fading into pixels like how the old Xerox logo has the top right portion of the X pixelating. That pixelation should have pure red, green, and blue bits.

For the applications, I need a happy anime-esque white haired professor/doctor in white lab coat that's 64x64. Here's a style reference ([link]). Each sprite should convey the following ideas:

- Standard happy professor
- Hint
- Correct
- Wrong, try again
- Congrats!
- Explanation
- Note/Caution

If this is something you can do, I'd love to hear from you folks about the estimated price and timeframe to completion. Please send me an email at phamtq[at] Thanks I hope to hear from you soon!
LePixelists Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2009
Hi, phamtg.
Currently we do not revise this thread for request details, please send us an email to im.a.nut[at] with your request.
Patt-Ytto Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2009
Brink of February Bump.
LePixelists Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009
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