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READ BEFORE POSTING - Job Offers Forum Rules namenotrequired
May 17, 2013
1 namenotrequired
Aug 14, 2013
Use at YOUR OWN RISK namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
How to Conduct Freelance / Work-For-Hire Business Transactions namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
Character Design UrbanPanser
3h 17m ago
5 UzukiCheverie
14m 28s ago
Designer Needed for Poster/Leafleft Design JChoudhry
23h 21m ago
6 HadesPixels
15m 39s ago
Need art for Collectible Card Game, paid. nevermore82
9h 29m ago
17 farlydatau
24m 49s ago
Book Cover Illustration wordmatter
20h 59m ago
26 dagova
27m 41s ago
Concept Artist wanted for feature film (desert based sci-fi) tobiastobbell
2h 37m ago
4 tobiastobbell
37m 42s ago
dark photomanip stuff for bookcovers etc., $ 100 - 150 somekindofheaven
1w 1d ago
20 HadesPixels
1h 13m ago
anyone here could do 3d modelling? ITANIMATIONSTUDIO
12h 34m ago
4 SAibIRfan
2h 16m ago
"You are who you love, not who loves you," tattoo design songswrittenaboutyou
1d 1h ago
2 terrygu
2h 17m ago
Looking for an artist to do some character sketches (PAID) MonkeyDJL
2w 2d ago
28 SAibIRfan
2h 19m ago
Group Icon Wanted UrbanPanser
4h 5m ago
4 terrygu
2h 20m ago
Seeking Character/Concept Artist splatthecat
Sep 25, 2014
64 Jaranguren
2h 21m ago
Seeking character illustration. Paid work! MadApeComics
3w 4d ago
67 Jaranguren
2h 21m ago
{Paid}Artist needed to draw characters and 4 page story board. MIHGames
6d 12h ago
23 Jaranguren
2h 30m ago
Looking for a character commission Deagon-Voratalis
5d 40m ago
46 RudeRoo
3h 3m ago
Cel-shaded (anime) style concept/character artist for 3D science fiction computer game: Part II kawaiicatgirl
1w 2d ago
55 kawaiicatgirl
3h 12m ago
colorist wanted -- a mythologic story looking for something interesting Paul-A-Newman
3d 7h ago
45 nqii
3h 12m ago
Romance visual novel (spice and wolf) several thousand dollars to spend. Includes sex scenes;over 18 secretselection
3h 33m ago
0 N/A
Anthro/Furry Artist (some rush involved) WritingRin
2w 1d ago
27 Nikki-Sunshine
4h 59m ago
Anime Couple Commission xXxBunny09xXx
1w 2d ago
59 cubu3
5h 34s ago
Comic Book Colorist Needed OmniComic
2w 2d ago
26 yumenosakuichi
5h 47s ago
Looking for a writer to type up a short backstory- paying in $$ kelikani
3d 13h ago
9 yumenosakuichi
5h 14m ago
Looking for a penciler(paid) luekhue
6d 9h ago
30 diegolopezmata
5h 55m ago
Partner Artist Capable of Drawing in a Variety of Styles Needed for Cover Art and Booklets! Steven-Jackson
6h 16s ago
0 N/A
Penciler needed for on going series johntastic101
5d 13h ago
17 diegolopezmata
6h 55s ago
Game Characters & Environment Concept (May be coming to you multiply time if i love your work $$$) Zero0303
5d 18h ago
34 diegolopezmata
6h 5m ago
Supervillain illustrations in graphic novel style, intended for publishing tseptim
2w 4d ago
13 diegolopezmata
6h 8m ago
Artist needed for a comic book-Corporate Marketing Material thinkalikeproduction
2d 20h ago
3 diegolopezmata
6h 13m ago
Puella Magi OC! - Magical Girl CootiesFromKyubey
5d 6h ago
27 diegolopezmata
6h 28m ago
(Updated) Seeking artists for digital comic or manga ($5000 Budget) SafeguardKilly
22h 30m ago
12 reiner55
6h 29m ago
Full map of Kanto + Johto for hoodie AmeliePoptart
1d 23h ago
4 EredharProductions
6h 57m ago
Need artist for card game - Military vehicles mjknight1
1w 21h ago
3 diegolopezmata
7h 6s ago
Illustration needed for book blog logo nothinfancyreally
1d 19h ago
21 diegolopezmata
7h 6m ago
Looking for a Manga-styled artist to draw a webcomic about San Diego geek life twitchykun
4d 10h ago
10 diegolopezmata
7h 10m ago
Looking for artist for kickstarter prize Auffallend
1w 2d ago
44 diegolopezmata
7h 14m ago
Anime style comission search! TysonXXXNocture
1w 3d ago
88 diegolopezmata
7h 36m ago
L.A based production company looking for comic book artist to pair with YouTube videos chloesamantha
2d 6h ago
2 diegolopezmata
7h 44m ago
Seeking anime/manga style artist! (3 characters, single OR group art) sachixakechi
2w 4d ago
59 BlissChild1
7h 46m ago