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READ BEFORE POSTING - Job Offers Forum Rules namenotrequired
May 17, 2013
1 namenotrequired
Aug 14, 2013
Use at YOUR OWN RISK namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
How to Conduct Freelance / Work-For-Hire Business Transactions namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
Vector Needed - Tiger/Cat primalkitty
40m 3s ago
2 Alyshells
2m 43s ago
seeking artist that will do a painting of me in a bikini martyd2014
1d 19h ago
10 Krasher124
4m 28s ago
Looking to Hire several artists for card game mjknight1
2h 1m ago
6 rastafic
14m 44s ago
Looking for artist for kickstarter prize Auffallend
1h 58s ago
6 Auffallend
24m 33s ago
Pencils, or pencils and inks wanted. Superhero comic book. Night-Wasp
2h 5m ago
3 ZannyHyper
30m 52s ago
Looking for illustrator for character designs & illustrations for a fantasy novel swgee
19h 41m ago
36 DerekRestivo
32m 36s ago
$100 USD - DVD/POSTER ART NEEDED for feature film Manomatul
21h 37m ago
16 Asylum-Artefacts
35m 43s ago
Looking for a writer for a minimalist game Multiplayer
20h 36m ago
2 Multiplayer
37m 15s ago
Seeking anime/manga style artist! (3 characters, single OR group art) sachixakechi
1w 1d ago
40 mochii-queen
53m 5s ago
Top Down, FPS map??? artist needed beginning of new year. MarkHarris79
2d 5m ago
8 DerekRestivo
58m 1s ago
Cel-shaded (anime) style concept/character artist for 3D science fiction computer game: Part II kawaiicatgirl
8h 5m ago
18 uchihakagura1
1h 19m ago
Game Graphics (Paid Work) IndieTua
1d 11h ago
10 DerekRestivo
1h 26m ago
Seeking isometric character artist for indie tactical RPG - deadline Nov 25 stebdub
3h 43m ago
1 PigFiend
1h 31m ago
[PAID] 2d frame animatior for JRPG game ds-kevin
4d 18h ago
2 DerekRestivo
1h 48m ago
Looking for photographers in the Rutland/Killington, VT area! Superchica
7h 43m ago
7 shadowyzman
2h 11m ago
Need a "map" artist for fantasy game Dyslexia96
5d 3h ago
2 DerekRestivo
2h 12m ago
Need Anime/Manga Artist for Card Game Illustrations! levelupgames
4h 11m ago
3 Auffallend
2h 16m ago
Looking for artist to develop t-shirt designs and basic outline logos TheTuscany
4d 17h ago
6 Auffallend
2h 19m ago
Need 2 Professional Logos - Comic Book Company, and Comic Book Team RichardNovak
1d 1h ago
7 AryaInk
2h 42m ago
Anime style comission search! TysonXXXNocture
1d 4h ago
52 weremole
2h 49m ago
Writers wanted for fan fiction Kamenrider1
3h 16m ago
0 N/A
Graphic Designer/Illustrator needed for indie film vigilantefilms
1d 8h ago
4 rbl3d
3h 19m ago
Looking for a Logo Designer for a Digital Trading Card Game Bakuraouzoku
13h 22m ago
4 PigFiend
3h 22m ago
Professional Background Artist for a long term project; solid pay barjed
5d 3h ago
8 DerekRestivo
3h 23m ago
Looking for anime artist for OcxCannon art! azulann
1d 19h ago
24 StrawberryMarshmello
3h 44m ago
Wanted - Mascot/Character Arist (Vector preferred) imperialyap
2d 23h ago
7 rbl3d
3h 51m ago
Anime Couple Commission xXxBunny09xXx
7h 42m ago
18 HaruShadows
4h 3m ago
Looking for someone to make a custom toy plush? Joceysheep
4h 51m ago
1 Alyshells
4h 33m ago
Screenplay writer needed for appstore / googleplay games Kulstudio
12h 45m ago
1 voiceless-song
4h 47m ago
Looking for Logo Artist KetArt
8h 12m ago
3 SaEun
5h 4m ago
MLP:FiM character? water-lilly-pony
10h 10m ago
8 teammagix
5h 44m ago
Looking for an illustrator for my FANART project!!! GEN-12
2w 4h ago
37 GEN-12
6h 6m ago
Artists needed. Andromeda 2 day music festival live art. Free entry, payment negotiable. damien-christian
12h 21m ago
1 MARART2010
6h 43m ago
Looking For Artists For My "BREAKAWAY" Comic (Trying to find the right style) IDMMorgan
2d 34m ago
34 IDMMorgan
6h 45m ago
New Comic Book Help $ TheTrailerParkKing
5d 5h ago
22 wici
6h 53m ago
Colorist Needed for Ongoing Webcomic (Paying Page Rate) sketchycreep
6d 6h ago
11 sketchycreep
7h 22m ago
Children's Book Cover queenadreams
1d 3h ago
12 LucyRanelle
7h 26m ago