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Popular Threads in Job Offers

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Job Offers Forum Rules namenotrequired
May 17, 2013
1 namenotrequired
Aug 14, 2013
Use at YOUR OWN RISK namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
How to Conduct Freelance / Work-For-Hire Business Transactions namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
Artist refuses to give work after being paid $400+ (HELP!!) WhiteSphynx
5d 18h ago
64 HeroforPain
1m 39s ago
Calling all hoodie makers! ArctosAnima
7h 45m ago
3 Minji-chan
1m 47s ago
Looking for an illustrator for story Savis27
20m 31s ago
0 N/A
Looking for work pals BeagleCakes
4h 59m ago
20 Gregory-Welter
34m 39s ago
Need Concept/Promotional Artists for Puzzle-Platformer Indie Game Kinjo-Goldbar
35m 47s ago
0 N/A
Seeking an artist for character illustration Noving
5h 6m ago
22 Gregory-Welter
38m 38s ago
Looking for an artist to do a realistic portrait based on a description. mab222
2h 5m ago
4 Gregory-Welter
40m 26s ago
Looking for High-Res Pixel Art for Animations/Visual Novel ProsperousInterlude
2d 8h ago
4 Patt-Ytto
41m 48s ago
Artist wanted for human avatar base on a pet site Iridien
2h 45m ago
4 KingVego
1h 3m ago
Comic artist needed for long-term project! (Spice and Wolf-esque werewolf webcomic) midnightclubx
2w 2d ago
17 midnightclubx
1h 12m ago
Hentai anime/manga doujin comic $300/page Tonmaru
1d 18h ago
9 midorikitsune00
2h 10m ago
comic book assistant VascoSobral
12h 51m ago
3 artfullys
2h 30m ago
1950s B Movie Style Poster dannyrichardwriter
11h 47s ago
7 artfullys
2h 31m ago
looking for artist for cleaning lineart and Mid-tones neocargalpha
1d 2h ago
8 farlydatau
2h 33m ago
Need an Artist for a Book Cover!!! :D mezvg
1w 2h ago
12 AMP01
2h 35m ago
Revoluta Games - 3D Generalist revGames
20h 51m ago
1 Xin-Art-Studio
2h 48m ago
Looking for artist for personal project Multiplayer
1d 6h ago
6 Multiplayer
3h 43m ago
Characters for children's story, Football Tom jonathanwedge
5d 12h ago
15 LittlePuffin
3h 52m ago
Need a photo editor please Wolfieteen
Oct 4, 2014
3 ReverseFrownPhoto
3h 53m ago
Looking for Digital Graphic designer for trading card design smellofart
22h 55m ago
2 eadgear
4h 40m ago
Metal band needs album art $100 offered K2LU533
2d 7h ago
26 HFesbra
4h 50m ago
seeking another artist for tf shadowl1980
4h 51m ago
0 N/A
🐲 Fake Pokemon, Fakemon, Monster Job - 2000 USD💲+ budget 🐲 MonsterMMORPG
9h 28m ago
3 eadgear
4h 55m ago
Anime/Manga/Chibi Artist required CommishySquishy
5d 16h ago
73 BeagleCakes
5h 4m ago
Urgent - Looking for Isometric Tile Artist WorldofEden
10h 59m ago
7 HFesbra
5h 13m ago
looking for an artist comfortable with muscle and anthro! DazenCobalt
2d 8h ago
22 toze-barnabe
5h 16m ago
Sailor Moon Yuri Commissions DannimonDesigns
1d 14h ago
34 neruteru
5h 24m ago
Cartoon/Pokémon/Orthographic-style map for music. Addyarb
8h 34m ago
2 kadomaru
5h 52m ago
Fantasy Artist (animals) wanted ttgwombat
2d 1h ago
22 Vulpesvulpes89
6h 35m ago
Illustrator Needed - Simple - Vector - Rough Draft & Clear Instructions hitnrunball
7h 45m ago
2 hitnrunball
6h 49m ago
Quality Anime/manga artist needed for massive pen and paper role playing game. NaomiSeto
8h 51m ago
5 neotwenty1
7h 22m ago
Nostalgic Sleeve tattoo and a Last Starfighter tattoo. The2ndredbaron
1d 6h ago
6 The2ndredbaron
7h 53m ago
Board Game Board Artwork Needed! levelupgames
1w 2d ago
13 HFesbra
8h 3m ago
[Environment artist/Concept artist] - Investigation point and click - Unpaid and paid work Todo-esta-aqui
4d 13h ago
3 HFesbra
8h 8m ago
Need a concept artist or digital artist ZurHB
1w 8h ago
29 HFesbra
8h 9m ago
Willing to pay for Artist to do Fantasy Piece ArgonRiker
1d 3h ago
27 HFesbra
8h 23m ago
Searching for an artist (anime commission) Helan19
1d 17h ago
54 ColorMyMemory
8h 35m ago