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February 10, 2013


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Looking for Circuitry based design for Website Section Icon

Taicon Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
Hello Friends,
I am looking for an artist who has experience with drawing circuitry to assist in making a graphic which will be used for a Technology/Artifact themed button for a website.
The button will serve as a more attractive and fitting cover to a list of the technologies that the characters in the webcomic have discovered up to the current point in time.

The inspiration to make this was from a game called Mischief Makers by treasure. If you have played it you might recognize this
I wish to make something similar to this using one of the character designs I have from the artist I am working with to build much of the website.
Basically a monolith, that has the preselected character. and then integrated into the monolith using various patterns of circuitry.
The monoliths will also be featured in parts of the comic to add flavor to a ancient race that no longer exists, and pieces of their civilization are strewn around the blasted landscape.

I would like to commission at least three to four sketches to help define what this monolith would look like.(inks if the sketch lines arent easily discernable, can be disccussed)
My budget for this is up to $125.

If interested please post images of other circuit related design work you have done in the past, either on characters as tattoo's logo design, or anything relevant. To save both my time and yours I will only consider someone who has prior experience and examples drawing this sort of style.
I would also need to purchase the rights to redistribute the overall design, as it will be posted in a free to view webcomic eventually.

On selection I can forward the simple example of the character I received from the character artist, to provide a layout of what needs to be done. And we can discuss prices, if you do not quote your own here.

Thank you for your time,
Josh c

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Devious Comments

LukeeeeBennett Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Hey, I can help you with this. I'm a graphic designer and I study electronic engineering at university. ^_^

I started making this website as a personal blog which has some circuitry-based design at the top if you want to look. :)


Check out my gallery as well.
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