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January 14, 2013


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Looking for a Storyboard Artist (Correct Email Address)


My name is Nathaniel and I'm from Canada. I have a movie script that is currently being looked at by a movie studio and part of the contract allows me to search for outside talent to help develop the DVD concept package. I'm looking for a comic book style artist who can do 1 -3 frames per scene on a 33 page sequence for a flat rate of $100 Canadian. I will also add that individuals name to the DVD concept package to give them more exposure.

Plot: The story is about a 19 year old named Shaun who discovers he is not quite so ordinary in a world of angels, demons and more. He and his friends unveil a secret of God and must decide during an epic battle which side they shall serve.

Genre: Psychological thriller, action

Rated: PG

The storyboards have to be clean and we'll work closely together on certain areas to capture the emotional state of the characters. I will also grant the artist creative freedom.

Please email me with proof of your work if you are interested in a partnership,


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Devious Comments

LucasOfTheArt Jan 14, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
You do realize the artist will most likely spend more than you're offering on snacks and soda while drawing all that?
Not entirely true but thanks for the reply.
PencilDaydreams Jan 14, 2013  Professional General Artist
I'll do it,........ Just Kidding;), Testosteronman is absolutely correct. That rate is just not reasonable, even for barely detailed storyboards! I'm not trying to insult your job offer, it just isn't reasonable for such a large project.

Good Luck:)
thanks! Good luck to you too.
TestosteronMan Jan 14, 2013  Professional General Artist
Before posting a job offer my advice is that you should do a research about pricing...cause 100$ for that is ridiculous, ppl take about 20$ and more for one frame...
local artists here are filled with contract designs. I know its not the "best" rate. Granted, while working with the movie studio we're on a tight budget and can only hope for the best. We have also taken into account that the artist will want exposure and they would have that included in the DVD concept package that the studio will put together before presentation to licencee's. If all goes well, I'd be working with that artist on a new and more cofortable contract for a sequel. Thanks for taking the time.

- Nathaniel

109 page script
1 - 3 frames per 33 sequence
Comic Book style
Black Ink on white canvas
Subtle/ hint of color in specified areas

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