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January 11, 2013


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{CTCA} looking to work with some talented deviants

MCXIX Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
I am Johnny Novaheart and I am representing the Chaos Theory Creative Agency, an LLC based in Florida that has been in the prep stages for a little over 5 years and has a few products on the line up and we are ready to pay to start producing what we don't have the time or skill to. 
Contact information:
Email: -this would probably be the easiest way to contact me, although if it's for a simple question about any detail I may have missed here, then just reply to the post, or message or note me.
If you decide to contact me after reading this post, just let me know what kind of work you would like to do (character drawing concept, landscaping concept art, space view planetary concept art, technology concept art, food concept art; honestly we are willing to pay for anything that you can make completely original and well because we have a lot of content. If you tell me what your good at in general, I can pull up something that needs to be done that you could do.) Along with any important personal info and a portfolio link.

We will pay for all collaboration art, even if it isn't used in any final products, and require the artist to be okay with the work being owned completely by the Agency, obviously more involved art will be contracted independently and certain works will be payed if we get payed for it directly.

Location-we are a central Florida based agency and require a US artist in case we need to make any travel arrangements (we plan ahead) and preferably one close to home. An artist in Orlando would have the privilege of working and being payed almost immediately, as we would hand deliver the cash, and look forward to follow up work.
Fluent English-preferably well read, considering one of the companies goal's is to bring entertainment back to reading. So an artist with an old school passion for reading stories should appreciate what we are doing a lot more.
 Our work will be done mostly with the agency communicating the raw thoughts or ideas from stories and concepts from within our universe in a way that the artist can understand and expand; and we use many references. Sometimes references to general stories or ideas, sometimes specifically from scenes in a novel or movie, or specific quotes from a character. If the artist can grasp the concept we are trying to point out and maintain from those examples, his work will hopefully be much easier.

Work details:
At this stage of the project we only need concept art, basic character sketches, showing different emotions and poses, and possibly some alternate clothing styles ect. Many areas of art can be of use here, any creative professional artist that is willing to help us make use of their skill so we can pay for it could be interested.(for example, a photoshop guru could find effective work with us the same as a professional pencil artist, the company handles multiple projects and expands across multiple creative boundaries.) Essentially we are looking for anyone with a possible interest in repeat work, we will do each art piece with individual commissions initially, hopefully continually going back to the same artist/artists for more and more work, if the relationship is right, we could end up working together permanently.
 As an artist we hope you have input and can even give the work your own twist, the Agency will present multiple concepts and the artists can choose whatever he/she feels fits their style the best and collaborate with the company accordingly. We are willing to work with multiple artists on multiple projects at the same time, each one will be handled individually and may be completely different, and it will all come together to create products that will fuel the fire for the next generation of storytelling.

We are very easygoing about the speed of work, if something needs to be done within a time frame we will make sure that task gets done accordingly. But in general, every Tuesday and Thursday are dedicated to art progression and working with our project partners for any collaborations. Although we can work with anyone at any time if we arrange the work details prior to the date.

I would also like to note, we are very professional in the way we handle ourselves and will only work with others who present themselves similarly, but we are not some large(or rich) production studio, and do not want there to be a misconception; but we also know good work when we see it. And don't worry artist, we are more than willing to pay you well for your skills.

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Devious Comments

MCXIX Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
We have a lot to sort through, portfolios and such, but we plan to get back to you guys by Tuesday. There is a lot of talent here and I foresee possible working with a handful of artists already. I look forward to being in contact with you guys, I just wanted to let everyone know that our silence is not due to lack of action. :)
Kokoro-Aoi Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Student General Artist
So I dont live in the US, actualy Im from Mexico
But Id like to try anyway, Here are my gallery [link] and some WIPs [link]
I could help with fashion concept drawings

If you like me to email you a profolio and curriculum let me know
Istebrak Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Hey. Take a look at my gallery.

I work a lot with concept work, and colored comes easy. My prices are fair and simple sketches can cost as low as 10 dollars. Let

me know.

Here are some examples:





MCXIX Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
Being familliar with skype and Dropbox would be nice too.
LordFreeza Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I just installed it, so I have use it once in the blue. I just sent you an email based on your ad.
mushroomisland Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
I have sent you an email.
alonzoemata Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
Hi, I'm interested.

Kindly e-mail me or pm me if I will be selected. Thank you!

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