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January 7, 2013


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I need some Graphics created for a Custom Toy Series!

Particle7 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
Whatsup people! Hope things are well with everyone :)

Are you familiar with KidRobot Dunnys? --> [link]
Are you familiar with Final Fantasy VII? Specifically the limit break animation? ---> [link]

I am putting together a custom Toy Series and I am looking for some graphics for the promotion and branding of the series. The Series is called "ToyKick's Omnislash Series 1". I am looking for someone that can create two things:

1) Cool text that reads 'ToyKick's Omnislash Series 1" in cool font. I'll need "ToyKick" and 'Series 1" to be in small print. I will also need it to have a transparent background so I can use it in various situations. More specific details for what I need from those that respond.

2) I need graphics of a KidRobot Dunny (That looks like this: [link]) Holding Cloud's Buster sword and getting ready to perform a limit break like in Final Fantasy VII (Like this: [link])

Please EMAIL ME at

I do not check my PMS here often. If you do not email me I might not see your message,

Please send samples of similar work.

Please also mention how much you would charge for something like this. Thanks.

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