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December 23, 2012


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Need someone to Create Forum signature backround Animation included

Im looking for someone to create a bleach Signature with a signature/animation simmilar to [link] id just like to backround to move while the charecter in the signature distorts a little. its hard to explain but yeah XD

if anyone is interested i pay half upon accepting the request and the rest after the request is finished.

Please send me a note Or put links of your work here.

id really prefer if people who have experience making these sort of things can note me i hope there are some people on deviantart who know how T_T

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Hades-Animations Jan 23, 2013
I am an animated/still signature maker. Have a look at my gallery and if you like what you see I would most defiantly be interested.

Regards Hades
you can e mail me at:
Sending note now..
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