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December 21, 2012


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manga artist needed for scetches!

Elpisbooks Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012
Hey Guys! im looking for an artist to sketch up manga pages for me, i only need sketches atm, but will need high volume of pages. im aiming for 100-200 pages in total. will pay per week for the work. note me with a price and samples.

how it will work:
i give you an e-book to read, and the OC's involved in the story, then you draw the pages as you imagine them based on the book.

The Story:
the novel is a fantasy novel Called Elpis. more info can be found here - [link]

I will pay per week for the work, so based on your quote i will allocate an amount of pages per week that i want done.

so if you quote me $5 per page sketch, then i will contact you back with something like "i can afford a max of 10 pages per week until the project is done" (you get $50 per week for the work) and we continue until the first manga is all sketched :)

please send me a note with the subject "Elpis Page Sketch quote"

thanks for your time guys, cant wait to talk to you soon :)

any questions let me know :)

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Devious Comments

4Fumiaki4 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oops sorry i forgot not to post it here , i will send you a note^^.
4Fumiaki4 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello there^^ would it be possible to get ehm the first e book part and get the OCs , i would like to try it. I say try because i am not the most confident one when it comes to making manga. I am a perfectionist so i always want to change soemthing and cant let my pages just be like they are. So it would be nice if you coul give it to me so i could see for myself how it goes. You dont have to pay me of course. If it happens that i am doing a good job and i am happy with myself maybe i will be asking for you to give me the opportunity to do the stuff for you. So yeah basically, if you give me the e book and ocs i will take a look and do some sketch pages and give them to you without paying when i dont like it.
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