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December 12, 2012


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Looking for an anime/manga artist

Dayumshame Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
I'm currently writing a sci-fi adventure story with 2 artists, however, due to various reasons, the art side of it is lagging behind. Because of that, I'm looking for someone who wouldn't mind cleaning up some of the character designs I already have, and maybe put the final touches on others. I have numerous examples and references so its really nothing too crazy at the moment. As far as payment, name your price and we'll see how it goes. If you're interested, contact me here with a link to some of your work.

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Sandiest-Cupid Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Hi~ here is my pricelist and a few of my work~

Price: [link]

Please Note me for any questions or if youre interested~.
Bloody-Sekhmet Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012
i'm a pro manga artist.. and I'm interested!

Indy-K Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I'm very interested in this project, here's my [link]
For a character art my rate is up to $70, fir background up to $130
annsquare Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello :)

Here are some examples of my work:

This last one has 50+ character designs, so please full view.

And a list of prices and the types of commission I offer: [link]

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!
LoSqui Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Student General Artist
Hello! I'm interested in your project and If you are interested in my work, please visit my profile and note me :)
Some samples in my work just to give you a bit of an idea of what i do, please see more in my gallery if it catches your eye~
niaryusuke Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012  Student General Artist
hi, i'm interested

X3carlyX3 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012  Hobbyist
hello ^^
I'm interested ^^

check my commission ^^ ---> [link]
Miriki-Chi Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:star: Chibi: 9$ (+ 8$ each additional character )

:star: Head shot: 6$ (+5$ each additinal character)

:star: Waist up: 12$ (+ 10$ each additional character )


:star: Full body: 16$ (+ 14$ each additional character )


:star: Back Ground
Simple BG +2$ (patterns)
Medium BG + 4$ (simple nature like sky, ocean surface etc.)
Complicated BG +8$ (building, furniture,forest,... )

(or else BG will be transparent / white :) )


:star: MAXIMUM Characters each commission: 4
Full payment must be sent to me before I start the commission. EVERY PAYMENT MUST BE SET AS 'PERSONAL PAYMENT ' SO I CAN GET THE FULL AMOUNT ~!

:star: FILL IN THE COMMISSION FORM BELOW and note me if u wanna commish ~~

Commission Form

Payment: (Paypal/Point)
Paypal account: (if the payment is with Paypal)
Commission type : (ex: Waist up)
Amount of Characters :
BG: (Yes/No)
OC's References:
Other notices about character(s) : .

Thank you for all your supports ^_^ ♥ ♥
kika1983 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012   General Artist
Hello, I'm freelance illustrator, here some samples of my work:

For single full body full color character I take 35EUR
E- mail me at:
Ryumi-kun Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I leave some samples of my style so you can see my abilities:

check my gal for more examples
PabloFiorentino Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Sci-fi character design? I believe I have the perfect sample:

I have also character design sheets:

Let me know if you would be interested.
Sandiest-Cupid Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist

I'm interested~ here are the prices [link]
and some examples:

please note me if you have any questions~
Dayumshame Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
Thank you all for replying! So many great works, but for now, I have an idea on who to contact for now. If anyone is looking for writers who need artists, I created a group on reddit called r/ComicWriting. Folks are always looking for help, so feel free to advertise yourself there too. Again, thank you all!
Chen-Shin Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Sent you a note
Sachi-pon Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i offer commissions for a low price. 8.5x11 inch commissions are $6 USD!! here are samples of those:

plus i have other sizes/prices available!! see the chart here: [link]
robekka Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
hi, we are very interested, if you could kindly check our gallery.
please feel free to drop us an email at for further discussion.
Omaik Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012

Here are my links:

Fenris31 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I work from $15 to $30 depending on the level of details and complexity.

punkypeggy Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012   Digital Artist
I'm interested, you can check my gallery here: [link]

Some samples of manga art:
sorenka Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Professional
Hello! I'm interested to this job :D

Here are samples of my work

And here's my pricelist

Just feel free to contact me when my style and price suit you! You can note me in DA or in
You can check on my commission feedback to know what my previous customers' review about my service!

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