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December 12, 2012


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Science-Fiction Planetary Artist Required

kiplingw Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
Hey folks,

My teammates and I are looking to contract an artist who can produce a high resolution pseudo animated planetary environmental image. The image is not particularly complex, but it does require that the user be competent in an advanced 3D modelling package, such as Blender, Maya, or what have you, with preference for Blender. The planetary animated background needs to be very high resolution and should probably only use procedurally generated materials so that it has infinite resolution for maximum flexibility. This animated sequence will underlay the user interface for our website which is all about showcasing our project.

Our project is a very original and exciting low budget indie / libre science fiction game currently in active development. It is of the dystopian, hard science fiction, genre. It is primarily targeted towards users of the GNU operating system.

Qualified candidates need to be comfortable having their work critiqued and sent back for further revision when necessary, follow instructions, pay attention to detail, study our artistic requirements, and deliver in a timely and reliable manner. We expect a turn around time of no more than 3 weeks, though it will probably not take that long.

The project maintains the copyright to the resulting work as well as working project files, but the selected candidate is given full attribution and listed in the game's credits. Unlike proprietary games, they can showcase it in their personal portfolio when we are ready. We have a fairly large project following, a lot of original fictional work and technology, and their work will be showcased to the world. Qualified candidates that are progressive with respect to libre culture are especially appreciated.

We are looking to get them started as soon as possible. Candidates can contact us at kip AT thevertigo DOT com, but must follow the following guidelines. THOSE WHO DO NOT FOLLOW THEM OR AUTOMATED BOT RESPONSES WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

* Email subject heading: Job Applicant: Science-Fiction Planetary Artist
* Encode mail in plain text, not HTML.
* Propose cost of task, not hourly, but for final after reading specifications we will give you;
* approximate time required to completion;
* link to relevant portfolio (do not attach, unless not hosted);
* candidate's location;
* and, lastly, any formal or informal education / training they might have.

On that last point, we won't hold it against candidates if their experience was not through formal training. Portfolio matters more.

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Devious Comments

kiplingw Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
Just a note that while Blender experience is preferable, proficiency with another advanced 3D imaging tool is also fine.
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