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December 5, 2012


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**HIRING** I need a webpage designer and Logo/graphics artist. Fantasy/RPG Game


I recently posted commissioned work for conceptual artwork for a game that I am designing.

Now I'm back for more as I need more help to make my creation come to life! I recently purchased my domain name, but I need some help in designing it!

Criteria for web design:
1) Have *EXPANSIVE* knowledge in web design. I don't want a pre-generated layout or anything like that. I want custom font's, custom layout, etc. Please have examples of your work and PLEASE include a price range. I am not willing to pay an arm and a leg as I do have college friends that have some programming knowledge that I can rely on if need be.
2) Have some time on your hands, be willing to communicate over the phone. I'm extremely easy to work with and describe what I'm looking for with enough detail that you will not be needing to go back and re-do work over and over.

Criteria for logo/graphic design:
1) Have knowledge and understanding of the style of graphic and logo design needed for a website that showcases games in the same genre as mine. Examples would be,, etc. I don't want someone stealing ideas/artwork from those sites, but rather I want you to understand the "spirit" of the work I'm looking for. Dark, gritty, medieval, fantasy, realistic.
2) Have some time on your hands, be willing to communicate over the phone. I'm extremely easy to work with and describe what I'm looking for with enough detail that you will not be needing to go back and re-do work over and over.

Please respond here or send me a note. The more detailed you are and the more you show that you understand what this project entails and should embody, the more likely you are to be selected for this work.

Thank you again!!


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Devious Comments

At the moment, both positions have been filled but I am about to post for another one. No need to respond to this thread anymore guys and girls, thank you for your interest.
AryaInk Dec 6, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
Still looking ?
speckartstudios Dec 6, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
interested ill note
Interested please send me a note so I can send my new works that has not been uploaded in here :)

or check out my works on my gallery

Thank you :)
heavycat Dec 6, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Note sent.

Video Intro: [link]

We have a number of artists with a variety of specialties. Visit [link] to see examples of our work. E-mail creativity at heavycatweb dot net if you have questions.

You do logo and website design/development now too?
heavycat Dec 6, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
We have several programmers in the studio with experience in all major web technologies (nearly all of them run sites of one kind or another). We have 22 artists, nearly any of whom can do quality logos.
I would like to add one more thing along with my original reply to Moo.

After viewing this website that offers not only webdesign, but hosting, purchase of the domain name and MANY other countless things for $500 or less, I sincerely hope that anyone contacting me has a very realistic idea of what they'd be looking to charge.

I don't need a hundred pages designed, just a handful... Please keep that in mind when quoting me a price.

I know many clients don't like to publicly announce what their budget limit is, with the false impression that what ever that limit is, will be close to what ever people will quote. That's never the purpose of such a question.

By you doing so, it tells all the designers the constraints of the job, how it could be achievable within its budget and gives a clear indication to the designer if its a job they are willing to take onboard.

You'll only get genuine responses.
And no time wasters so this is a good thing for both parties.

My query about site functionality was wondering if the game functionality its self was tied into development. Sounds like just forum integration.

I'd say based on this you'll defiantly get genuine interest, however you may or may not end up satisfied with the result.

The website you gave as reference for that kind of budget for what is provided really should raise red flags to you. The site examples they showcase are very poor looking web templates edited to the clients needs.

These kind of services are what I like to call fast food design. (like McDonald's)
They're a volume seller, they would spend about 8 work hrs on your site, get you onboard as fast as possible then charge an arm and a leg for changes or custom functionality if required and 12 months later your stuck paying high costs on monthly cms and hosting charges.

The key thing here to remember is they really aren't a web design service, they're a hosting service.

They give you a dirt cheap website, lock you into a hosting contract with a content managed website that you can't take with you if you leave their hosting. The site is integrated with their cms. Your paying little up front because you pay a lot over time long term.

My point is, they're a very bad example of what realistic expectations are for a custom designed and built non templated website.

Not to say that you won't get that kind of result from a freelancer here, but it is something to be mindful of.

Generally budget tells the designer how many hours they have to work on it.

For me for example at $80ph its not a job I could take on as I don't cut corners.

But if I was to id generally go buy a pre built template edit to to the clients needs, then pay a service to integrate a forum into it. I'd not spend more than about 5-10 hrs on it.

Id be frustrated that its a shit result and so would the client. It's no fun for anyone. But that's the limitation of the budget to work in.

But again, that's down to my hourly rate. You may find a lot of response from those wanting more experience and work in their portfolio.

They will value that more than the money so your onto a good thing here.
They're the type of designers you want.

Id suggest requesting examples of the kind of quality they can provide based on their quote...will ensure your expectations are met.

Good luck and take care

Thank you very much for the genuine response and wealth of pertinent and helpful information. I do indeed believe I have found a few individuals that I feel can convey my imagined concept.

Thank you again for the help!

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