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November 29, 2012


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basic animator needed

spartianfox Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
hey let me start with i would like a BEGINNING ANIMATOR not much done work looking to expand. no major companies, just beginners. (or someone wanting just experience) our budget is low so if you are interested, send me a note and we will discuss further details. thanks.

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NateJ25 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
Hello , My name is Nate Johnson Of
N.J. Comix Multi Media Entertainment Group
I am a Professional 2D Animator ,Comic Book Writer(s) / Publishers / Artist .
Animatoion / Writer Division:
Is an independent N.J. Comix Multimedia Entertainment Group,Animation Feature Film Literary division primary purpose is devoted to specializing in crafting l animation products for the sole purpose of character development, creating written manuscripts, Movies , for the motion picture, film, animation and television, network industries. We have an archives of stories resourse of character driven, plot lines, are created by our team of animators,writers, artists that craft story line of animation short stories, this division which continues to remain committed as an world wide invaluable source of family friendly / all age(s) entertainment collaborating with creative talent from around the world.From filmmakers, producer,director,animators , writers, novelist, student(s) and other artist (s) to assisst, aid in crafting original stories and character properties initially in the form of comic book(s) on going series, graphic novels / novels subsequently to develop into an motion pictures, film, animation and television production.

I have an extensive Library Archives ( In the form Draft Manuscript , Audio DVD, pre & complete Illustrated comic book, stories in these gernes :
. Super Heros Comic Books Stories
. Afro - American Super Heros - On Going Series ( Licensing Oppertunity Only)
. Sci Fi - On Going Series - On Going Series ( Licensing Oppertunity Only)

. Children Stories
. Mystery
. Adventure
. Fantasy
. Drama
. Historical / Biblical Epic
Stories that will touch & connected with the audience around the world.
Manuscript / Visual Graphic

Consultanting Services

I have co - written and produced many professional
. Animation productions
.(Animated) Kid Power International Seriers ( Preproduction 4sec. sample clip For animation studios / production Co.only)
Concept design( * Story / Character , Concept Specialist)
. Character (s) design
.Story Boarding
. Inkinking
. Coloring
. Sfx.
layout / Floormatbackrouns / Senery

. N.J. Comix self published titles :
.(1) Motion Comic & Animated
. Sequential Comic Pages :
You can see Hi-Res Examples Of My Work Here :

(2).Commerical Marketing Promotions (2D Animation)
product Visuizaltion 7 development
. interact media
Pre visulization
Character Cartoon - Comic
Concept Art / medical / Educational
(Industrail Presentation& Promotion

Some Clients & Companies I've worked with include :
. Say It With A Smile Production
(Animated) Kid Power International Seriers ( sample reel upon request For animation studios / production Co.only)

. As well as countless private commissions ,

Don't do horror / terror; creative works project(s)
But please keep me in mind for other family friendly / all ages projects.
N.J. Comix Multimedia's Animation project (s) prices are based on the Animation Industry National Average Per Sec. Pay Scale (Only serious need contact).
If you would like to commission / purchase / inquire about our services , please feel free to
e-mail me at : .

Thnx - Nate
efrenrioveros Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Professional Filmographer
hi im still interested.
L3Moon-Studios Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Professional General Artist
note sent
jaymreyes Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
I'm interested.
spartianfox Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
ok send me a note with a ref if you can.
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