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November 25, 2012


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Looking for 2 Logos

Dear Designers,

i am looking for 2 Logos.

a) a Clan Logo for GONZO Gaming

I did this long time ago, but my photoshop skills kinda suck hard:

I am looking for something like that:

GONZO is not pornrelated its from Hunter S. Thompson.

So the logo should be professional, but it can include weird / unlogic elemts.

b) a Logo for me Rolling(thebean)

Somehting like that: [link]
But cooler colours at all. It should be a bean with the Text "Rolling"

OR something like that:
Well but it shouldnt be too drug related.
And more ROLLING than THEBEAN.

I am german, and excuse for the horrible english.

If you are really interested, i will pay up to $25 for both logos. I will pay via paypal.

Logos should fit to white, and background like this:

I found this font yesterday:

I really like the art the preview is made. Maybe this will help you abit.
Maybe you can offer a Background like in the Font Preview too for my homepage

I can try to explain the both logos in teamspeak/skype as well, if needed.

If you are interested, dont start working, just give me a example/folio/link whatever, and we can talk about the price. If i really like your work, i will pay abit more.


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Garbo-X Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I am interested, check out my gallery and note me.
evergard Nov 25, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Check me out

Note me if interested
Mkemaster Nov 25, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I'm interested to start working on these logos.
Feel free to check my gallery, also I can make a quick sample for one of your logos!

And i would spend some more $ for a cool topic (the banner, where the diablo artwork/screenshot is)
Some additional inspiration for the GONZO Logo:
[link] (i dont wont that it looks stolen,)
[link] (i dont wont that it looks stolen,)
[link] (i dont wont that it looks stolen,)
[link] (away more like the tapai assins logo, i would say more "complete", its too suqishy)

Some additional inspiration for the Rolling:
[link] (Hey but not like a chief, more like a gamer, and WAY cooler)
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