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November 23, 2012


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Looking for someone to draw my original character (multiples)

+Looking for art for Aushi.
+I'm looking for any pose, any clothing, different things!
+I would love it to be full colored, shades and the works, but flat color is fine.
+Looking for a specific pose as well, Aushi wearing this dress: [link], jumping over a railing, down towards the street in a medieval setting. No shoes. Looking sexy and bad ass as hell ;)
+Wouldn't mind a beautiful (not sexual) nude picture of her as well, to illustrate all her tattoos and scars.

References (More in Gallery)
Most recent and accurate port:

Character Sheet:

1. Paypal
2. Golden Dragonscales (Furcadia)
3. Lifers (Furcadia)

Payment condition (Will be paying on the December 1st, so I'm looking to pick an artist first!)

Will not pay in full up front. I have been in situations before where I pay in full for a piece of art and, though I HATE rushing artists, a rushed artist does a terrible job, waiting months for a piece of work is unacceptable also and I've been in that spot :\

I'm willing to pay for HALF of the work before the job is complete (once the sketches are done and such) and then when the job is done, pay the rest. I'm not asking to be shown the work before full payment, being told "Ok, done!" I'll send the payment, and then you can show me the work :) That way you don't fear me stealing your piece of art.

Time frame
I understand artist's block, real life, simply being bored of drawing, having previous work to finish. But that does not mean I will wait months for a piece. If you contact me to draw this, this means you WANT to draw it and you intend on finishing it. I would like to discuss the time it will take for it to be done. If the time passes and you didn't meet the deadline (and an emergency did not happen), I would like my money back. It is up to the artist to set a deadline, so I think it's fair to ask for my money back when you can't keep up with the deadline you set for yourself without and actual reason, logging on Furcadia everyday, not having to work on anything, no emergency, and you didn't finish it? Sounds irresponsible to me :>

I would also like some updates on the work as well :) But not every day or anything, every week or a big deal update would be fine.

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Devious Comments

XxFenrierxX Nov 26, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I’m interested, please check my portfolio for reference at:
My price rates are at my journal:
ELLOCABRUJA Nov 26, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Please take a look at my art.

20 USD, full body color, Backgrounds are extra.

Thank you everyone! Already picked my artist :)
If you want to stop getting replies for services being offered, you can contact a moderator in the #help chatroom to have this thread locked :nod: And grats on getting your artist!
hi, would love to draw your character. here's my thumbs for a preview of my works

you can check out my gallery for further consideration.
my comm price [link]

i usually work a commission for 2-3 weeks...and ask for the half price on front.....then i will make a sketch.

note me if you're interested in my style :)
Thank you everyone! Already picked my artist :)
Anthellis Nov 25, 2012  Student General Artist

I would definitely be interested in the job. I pride myself on being very versatile with my art style, and am confident that I can give you what you are looking for. :)

Take a look at my gallery to see some of my work. If you are interested, please note me.
Thank you everyone! Already picked my artist :)
fenna-maruda Nov 25, 2012  Professional General Artist
I'm interested in doing this commission for you.
Commissions I have recently finished:

Recent landscapes to proof that I can paint a background:

And to show you that I can draw architecture. I do not have any recent art on this topic but I hope those old samples show that I understand and can draw architecture so I can paint your character in medieval setting well. My technique has improved much since that time so it would look only better.

It would take me up to 2-3 weeks, costs: 18$ for character + 50-60$ for background. (I know that in my journal it says less for a background, but that is the price for nature setting, town is more complicated)
Thank you everyone! Already picked my artist :)
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