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November 21, 2012


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Looking for 2d artist/writer/level designer for SRPG game project

Hi Guys,

One game is out at the app store and now the next project must be on. I'm looking for some talents who love SRPG genre (i.e. Fire Emblem and others) and want to make such games.

The project is the planned sequel to Partia the Broken Lineage.

The game at Apple appstore: [link]

Our website: [link]


This is an unpaid work, unless you are so awesome at making games you must get paid for your contributions. Otherwise, it'll be for a good experience and credit working with a proven developer (me with +10 years professional programming background) and for a project that's already done once.

You can no longer comment on this thread as it was closed due to no activity for a month.

Devious Comments

Apparently I missed the target forum- I posted this again at project forum but couldn't figure out how to remove this one.

this forum is for paid offers, not for inmature comments like if you are awesome you will get paid... if you want to hire an artist you are welcome, but if you are lucking for free work please go elsewhere.
Yes I will go elsewhere.
heavycat Nov 21, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
E-mail sent.

We have a number of artists with a variety of specialties. Visit [link] to see examples of our work. E-mail creativity at heavycatweb dot net if you have questions.

debureturns Nov 21, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Note sent.
you are looking for professional but also unpaid, and you sell your game at, what is in your brain,? :fork:
Shall repost at project forum. Don't get mad!
L3Moon-Studios Nov 21, 2012  Professional General Artist
I'm a little confused. Do you mean its unpaid when an artist is not a professional? And if its a professional its paid work?

If its unpaid work, this best suited in Projects forums. [link]
Job forums is for front payment work.
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