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August 31, 2010


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comisson writers needed again

edward10 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010
Some of my other writers have become to busy to work for me so I need new ones will pay 15$ for 10 graphs or 15$ for 15 graphs

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UncoiledFiend Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010
I need to write it first lol XD
edward10 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010
so who wants to go first
edward10 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010
when ever possible
UncoiledFiend Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010
when do you need them by?
edward10 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010
this is a titans story some one did for me:As Raven and Starfire relaxed for a moment on a couch in the T-Tower, Raven's stomach grrrrrd ominously.
"Raven, your belly is growling louder than a Tamaranean Wildglork," said Starfire.
"As if I knew what that was," said Raven, as she caressed the soft, pale white flesh of her belly. "We've been so busy fighting one super villain after another that we haven't had time to eat. And there's not a scrap of food in the whole T-Tower. I'm so hungry I might have to roast Beast Boy."
Just then, Starfire's stomach rrrowwwllledd with a noise to match Raven's.
"It seems my belly is growling too," said Starfire. She moved her hand down to her beautiful, copper colored tummy to assuage her hunger. "It seems that we will have to go to the buffet of all that one can eat in order to gain sustenance."
"Quick, everyone into the T-Ship, there's a distress signal for the Teen Titans," yelled Robin. So the Titans piled into the ship, and they were off.
Raven could barely sit down before her stomach let out a brutal bbbbllloooorrrttt.
She vigorously massaged her tummy, but it was no use. "You guys, we left so fast that we didn't pack any food, can't we stop for a snack?"
"We can stop at Titans East to pick up some help, but then we have get to the spot of the disturbance as fast as possible," said Robin. He began to lecture them on the responsibilities of super heroes, but Raven's belly emitted another thundering grrrraaarrrrr.
"I've got it," said the dark heroine as she fondled her belly. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" she yelled, as a bolt of black energy left her fingertips and entered her tummy, temporarily pacifying the beast within. "But I'm still so hungry," she complained, dreaming of a rare steak and a goblet of wine as dark as blood.
When they got to Titans East Bumblebee and Argent, who was visiting them, offered to come along for the ride.
"You guys got any food on this ship?" asked Bumblebee as her stomach grumbled from hunger. "The cupboard's bare, Argent and I were just about to go food shopping." She patted her smooth chocolate-colored midsection while contemplating what they were going to purchase. "I was gonna get a chicken to fry, and some onions, and potatoes for mashing...damn, I can't believe how hungry I am. What, you mean you're out of food too?"
"Robin, look at the turbulence!" yelled Cyborg, as the T-Ship spiralled into an enormous jet of wind and rain, then plummeted towards the Atlantic ocean...
- - -
As Starfire stumbled back into consciousness, her empty stomach rrrroooowwwrrred violently, jolting her back to reality. "We're stuck on an island deserted by mankind, like Robinson Cruzorkglow of Tamaranean legend," as she rubbed the orange flesh of her midsection. "We have to find aliment at once, or risk perishing of nutritional deficiency!"
"We're stuck on a desert island, and all you can think of is your tummy," complained Raven, but her unruly belly soon joined Starfire's with a resounding glorp. But only food, and no amount of feverish belly rubbing, could conquer her cravings. The two girls found Bumblebee and Argent nearby, both of whom were complaining similarly, and the foursome began to search the island for their companions, while keeping an eye out for any food they could get.
Argent's belly reverberated with a nasty gggggrrrrrpppp that nearly took her off her feet. "It feels like the entire Brotherhood of Evil has been pummelling my poor tummy," she said as she comforted her delicate pale flesh with her hand. "I think I could out-eat Mammoth at this point," she said, but the joking did little to allay the hunger tearing at her insides.
After a grueling search, exacerbated by the lightheadedness of the truly starving, the girls had only found a handful of berries and a quartet of turtle eggs, which they devoured quickly, much too quickly. Starfire's belly blasted out an ominous sounding uuurrrggg and she desperately ran her fingers across her midsection, trying in vain to cope with what seemed like an unending day of hunger. "It seems that my hunger has not been decreased, but rather has been amplified, with such a small amount of alimentation. Verily we must capture a turtle or other beast, for my hunger is at its zenith."
The girls began to hunt with renewed vigor, but the incessant hunger inside them was nearly unbearable. Raven was about to shoot a turtle with a blast of dark energy when she felt her insides gurgle strangely with the tiny amount of food she had eaten. She was about to rub her tummy when she noticed a strange spot in the sand. Looking more closely, she found that it was a trapdoor, and called to the others, "let's go, there might be food down there to ease our terrible hunger. It's not so sunny either." So they made their way down into the unknown bunker beneath the island.
The steel door snapped shut behind them, but the sound was nearly droned out when Starfire's belly let out a rumbling bbbblllooooorrr. She moved her hand to deal with the problem, but a strangely familiar hand beat her there, and massaged her poor tummy for her.
"I know how hungry you are, how you're just dying to get a bite to eat. You see, I caused that disturbance in the sky, to starve you on my desert island and to put you through my Maze of Doom. Now I'll have my revenge by watching you starve, so ta ta, cretins."
"Ya, I too vill enjoy watching you starve," said a familiar voice, as Madame Rouge emerged from the shadows.
As the supervillains vanished, both all four of the girls' stomachs rrrroooowwwllleddd insanely. Each barely had the energy to touch their piteously starved bellies, but instead of passing out, they were soon on the run from the mechanized warriors in the Maze of Doom.
- - -
Terra's belly gggggllluummmmped awkwardly as she curled into the fetal position. She tried to dispel her hunger by rubbing her sexy midriff. "I could eat a whole Crave Case at White Castle," she moaned.
"You may as well quit moaning," yelled Jinx, who was similarly situated in a desolate corner of the maze. "We're done for." "We should never have come to this island," she complained, as her belly churned savagely. She soothed the wild beast with her hand. "I could go for a suckling pig and a fine vintage of Chateau Lafite right now," she said, imagining the feast in her mind. But as she prepared for the end, four heroes burst into the corner of the maze, carrying a few tiny scraps of food that had been left in the maze to tantalize the girls. The foursome revived Terra and Jinx, who joined them in their quest to find the exit.
"I'm so hungry, if we survive this, I'll eat more than Cyborg did in our trip to Tokyo," said Starfire, as she dodged a laser blast that came perilously close to her head. The intrepid team continued through the maze until they spied a plate of hamburgers, which Starfire impetuously downed, only to discover that they were made of rubber and sand. Starfire gagged and desperately tried to follow the others through the maze.
Starfire's belly gorgled as the ersatz burgers tumbled through her tummy like leaden weights. Raven grasped Starfire's belly from behind and pressed as hard as she could, forcing Starfire to send the burgers back the way that they had come.
"So...hungry...they almost tasted like real hamburgers from the court of food at the mall of shopping," mumbled Starfire in between gasps for air, as the pangs of hunger threatened to double her over.
But just as Bumblebee was aiding Starfire, her shrunken belly let out a low and threatening ggggrrrrttt, sending her reeling with an intense burst of pain. "I can't go on, girls!" she screamed, clutching her abdomen in terror and furiously trying to massage away the pain that just would not end. "I simply need to eat something, but it seems that we'll starve here, victims of this terrible trap these supervillains have sprung on us."
"Never fear, my ebony friend, since Starfire won't give up, not while Blackfire and Madame Rouge menace us, not to mention the rest of the world." Starfire struggled to her feet, as Blackfire and Madame Rouge watched from behind a thick window, impervious to the energy blasts which the girls were too tired to shoot anyway. A raging gggggrrrrrraaaappp rent Starfire's stomach, the pain being great enough to send her back to the ground as Blackfire and Madame Rouge gloated, confident that the heroes were so starved as to be on their way to meet their maker soon. Starfire grabbed her belly, but to no avail. "Oohhhh, What I wouldn't do for a Zorkaberry pie...or any pie, for that matter..." she complained bitterly.
Raven was lying so still that her piteously shrunken belly released an uuuuurrrrrrgggghhhttt that convulsed her entire form. She was so weak that she could barely move her arms towards her belly. As she did so, she cursed Blackfire and the terrible state of starvation that she had put them in.
As she prepared to close her eyes forever, the entire maze began crumbling as a green gorilla smashed down the walls, followed by a cyborg and a boy wonder.
"I hope you're hungry, since we cooked up a whole feast on the other side of the island," said the gorilla as he morphed back into Beast Boy.
- - -
Raven's belly gggglllurrrpppeddd like a deep bassnote from a Marshall stack as she dug into a heaping plate of sauteed seagull over minced seaweed. Empowered by the food, she rubbed her belly contentedly, and the other five girls did the same. "I'm still hungry, Beast Boy," she complained, as BB brought her an enormous plate of poached turtle eggs. Meanwhile, the captured Blackfire, locked up in superpower resistant cell, looked at their feast in bitter resentment. Her stomach growled as she noticed that she had become quite hungry. Madame Rouge felt the same way as her belly ggggrrrummbblleddd fiercely. She shapeshifted her hand into a vibrating massager in order to appease her belly. Though she tried a number of shapes, there was no getting out of a level four containment field. "After I escape, I vill cook and eat all the Teen Titans, that vill be my vengeance..."
eddiopolis Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010
I´m from a spanish speaking country. Anyways, I´ll give it a try.
edward10 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010
you english seems fine are you using a online translator or is this you natrually
rox52 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
I am interested, but I am needing some more information. Are these articles?
edward10 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010
anyone come on
edward10 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010
so who's intrested easy job for easy cash
edward10 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010
SuperBiasedMan Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010  Student Filmographer
Can you clarify what you mean by a 'graph'?
edward10 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010
here's the info: hunger based situaton-fanfics where the girls from whatever series' are deprived of food there is a three action based sequence that must be followed every 3-5 sentences stomach noise-girl rubs/touches stomach-girl complains of hunger here's the series you may choose from:Codename: Kids Next Door
Teen Titans
Sonic the Hedgehog
DC comics and all other media
Marvel comics and all other media
Scooby Doo
Code Lyoko
Hero 108
Phineas and Ferb
Totally Spies
Martin Mystery
Billy and Mandy
Camp Lazlo
Johnny Test
Atomic Betty
Mucha Lucha
Hey Arnold!
Ed, Edd N’ Eddy
The Powerpuff Girls
The Life and Times of Juniper Lee
The Proud Family
Dexter’s Laboratory
Family Guy
The Simpsons
American Dad
King of the Hill
Winx Club
Total Drama Island/Action/World Tour
All Grown Up
Lilo & Stitch
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Xaiolin Showdown
Class of 3000
Kim Possible
George of the Jungle
Danny Phantom
As Told by Ginger
Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi
American Dragon: Jake Long
The Fairly Oddparents
Rocket Power
Invader Zim
Ben 10
My Life as a Teenage Robot
Dave the Barbarian
Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends
The Wild Thornberries
Megas XLR
The Secret Saturdays
Adventure Time with Finn and Jake
Generator Rex
The Flintstones
The Jetsons
el tigre
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