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December 20, 2008


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NO FLAKES OR DEADLINE FAILURES- Comic Book Publisher needs artists now

Meyeraustin Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2008
I am looking for professional artists. They seem to be few and far between. Professional meaning someone who is not 6 months late on a 22-page book or someone who agrees to a project and then never starts. Also, no one who lives in a country where the average rent is 1/10 that of America but they want the same pay as an American artist.

I need artists who are adult and professional to draw comics for my company, Machine Gub Bob Comics. Our first comic comes out Dec. 31st. see it here:


As you can tell, I'm having a hard time finding real artists. I have an excellent record for paying on time and have several artists I can connect you with to prove it.

ALSO no macaroni sculptures, watercolors of sad clowns or anything that is not SEQUENTIAL COMIC BOOK ART.

Please contact me at:

Pay is upon publication, percentage of profits.

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Devious Comments

LedZeplin Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2008
I think the issue here is: the price of the page-rate is for quality of work, my friend; if you pay 10 times less you'll get something of ten times less quality, or you'll get a flake or a deadline failure. It's immature to say you'll pay someone less because they need it less; work is work in any culture. If you want top-dollar work, you've gotta pay top-dollar. Good luck.
manonacommission Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2008
I was wondering if you intend to cover other genres (eg military space-opera)
or are focusing solely on contemporary (ie Irak) war comics.
You can check out my gallery here: [link]
I haven't got a lot of sequential art online (although I could send you some pages),
but you can see some storyboards and such on my scraps gallery:
ZekoMal Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2008


Someone does all the work for you, and you will pay them after it's all been published, based on how much it makes....I mean, in the real world, you pay someone at least a lil' bit up front. If you didn't, artists would be dead, not starving (if they have to wait for months, if not years to get paid on each gig, their first year out on their own would be unlivable without taking out a loan, and after that, if they failed to keep a constant flow of jobs going, even one screw up would result in needing another loan (with no way to pay off the first loan to begin with)).

But the next part is interesting...I know for a fact that rent where I live in the US right now is 800/month, while where we used to live it was only 400/month. So, would you pay me enough to sustain me in my current housing situation, or is that borderline 'too rich'?

Furthermore, cost of living changes by area in America. Someone living in a cheap, 80/month apartment who grows their own food, would have a much, much lower cost of living than someone living in a 1200/month apartment in San Diego. So, which America are you paying for? Arguably the penny pinching first one would get away with a huge profit, while the San Diego one would probably barely be able to scrape by.

And the reason why a third world country remains third world, is because its' people are treated poorly by 'superior' (and I use that term loosely, O American Idol morons) countries. Why pay them the same as us when they clearly live somewhere more broke than us?

I weep for the future, because this superior primate slashes up chunks of land and claims which ones should be allowed to live well, and which ones need to remain treated poorly. It's the idea that a well made product could be made in America and sell for $200, while the same product could be made in Mexico and sell for $10. The general idea is that birthplace = birthright; be born here, and you deserve less than being born there.

But yes, let's continue to sell the idea that Americans deserve to be paid more, while people in third world countries deserve to be paid less.
Meyeraustin Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2008
Actually in the real world almost everyone works first and then get paid. Artists are the only ones who seem to think it is their right to get paid (imagine a waitress who demanded her tip before you even ordered).

Oh and pat yourself on the back for being anti-American. Such a brave stance and so fashionable.
ZekoMal Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2008
Actually, in the -real- real world, people get paid in the following ways: hourly wages, weekly paychecks. Or do you just get paychecks at the end of the year? Boy that must be weird, getting paid $100 per job at the end of the year (actually, most jobs offered to artists are $50 or less; imagine if we all got paid after the fact on $5 art work). Must make surviving the next year difficult, especially if any of those jobs flake out.

Keep in mind that people get paid -during- their job, not once they quit their job.

The reason why artists get paid up front (and not ALL of the pay, it is usually split half up front, half at the end), is because some people just take the art and run. Someone who demands that the artist get paid at the end, raises two warning flags: first of all, they could just take the art and run (especially if they have a vendetta against artists), and second of all, they will be extremely rude if asked to reach a middle ground.

Let's take a look at you, for example. You want to pay the artist at the end, because artists not on this site stopped working for you after you paid them. Instead of reaching a middle ground of paying them a little bit up front and paying the rest at the end, you proceeded to insult all of the artists that dared challenge you, and even became borderline bigoted in some comments about third world country folk.

I think it's cute though, that you had no real comment about what I said. All you can say is that I am anti-American; funny, 'cause I am American. I'm anti-American Idol fans, is all. It's outrageous that more people voted on that than the next president. That also shows what your 'superior' country thinks is important: a bunch of pop-wannabees howling along to songs other pop artists wrote, only to fall to obscurity immediately after the show ends.

As I said, I'm not anti-American. I'm anti-your school of thought. Chew on that for a while (how's your artist hunt going, by the way? Getting lots of artists to work with you? I'm sure your little temper tantrum here is showing your winning personality in a team environment).
ICGREEN Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2008
Sent you an email.
maggotmaster Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
brush9 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2008   Digital Artist
You can't sue somebody who you haven't hired through contract. You define "unprofessional" sir. An artist is payed for the work he does, not based on where he lives. You really need an reality check dude, or go do some work yourself. Especially some art-form where skill is the only thing that will get you a job.

It really sucks to see how a publisher can have such shitty attitude. And your business method must have been really bad planned.
-First you work ( or take a loan. ), in whatever way you get money, then you start up a business , hire artists, get more profit, hire more artists.. and so on -

not >

-get artist for free, try to force him to work for free to make money for YOU, project fails or gives no profit, try to get more artists to work for free and so on -

start over dude.
kardis6 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2008
You need some anger management classes, haha.
kardis6 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2008
Kinda messed up my symbol lol. Was meant to be a not equal sign.
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