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Popular Threads in Job Offers

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Job Offers Forum Rules namenotrequired
May 17, 2013
1 namenotrequired
Aug 14, 2013
Use at YOUR OWN RISK namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
How to Conduct Freelance / Work-For-Hire Business Transactions namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
Manga style artist wanted for long-term webcomic project AfterCollapse
1h 37m ago
6 SaEun
38m 50s ago
Looking for An Artist Not afriad of Grimdark/Controversial Matter. itsapainfulworld
10h 19m ago
23 Wenart
40m 54s ago
Looking for Freelance Illustrators/Doodlers/Graphic Designers popolemiu
2d 20h ago
19 SaEun
52m 6s ago
Looking for an artist for a comic book vetes
4h 39m ago
6 castortroy3497
1h 3m ago
Looking for Commission Artists tdsilva
1d 4h ago
6 SaEun
1h 4m ago
Looking for Fantasy Style Artist AwakenRealms
3d 20h ago
52 jaymreyes
1h 19m ago
Website design / Gaming Clan solidcell
3h 53m ago
1 jaymreyes
1h 20m ago
Looking for a fantasy logo and/or GUI designer SteaLaZ
5h 2m ago
3 KingVego
1h 51m ago
Disney Princess Commission StormingTheCastle
5h 28m ago
8 KingVego
1h 52m ago
$400/cover -Looking for top quality Alex Ross-esque painter for 10 comic book covers BetvinGeant
15h 2m ago
14 duckgirl722
2h 27m ago
childrens book and then long term project Vundabarak
1d 4h ago
8 diegolopezmata
2h 57m ago
Casino Gaming Company Looking for Freelance Artist. robear0001
14h 2m ago
5 diegolopezmata
3h 3m ago
Sequential Comic Artist Needed Skypilot1968
1d 6h ago
19 diegolopezmata
3h 13m ago
Looking For: Illustrators for Card Games. (1500 ~ 2000 USD /set) Skyrion
18h 26m ago
26 JustinAAdams
3h 17m ago
Comic Book Artist Needed kakashi-gaiden
1d 3h ago
7 diegolopezmata
3h 19m ago
Sci-Fi Box Art Alternate-E
7h 4m ago
1 diegolopezmata
3h 27m ago
Need something(s) SuperZombieGodKaiser
3d 5h ago
73 SuperZombieGodKaiser
3h 45m ago
Looking to spend! Glasiar
Jul 13, 2014
246 TopToma
3h 50m ago
Looking for fanfic writer Kulstudio
6d 20h ago
22 Kulstudio
3h 52m ago
Need artist for manga/anime render characters whinniefred
4w 7h ago
44 TopToma
3h 52m ago
WTB - Pokemon Fanart Montressa
6d 3h ago
18 TopToma
3h 53m ago
Looking for artist to design a logo. Soultempter
1w 5d ago
7 TopToma
3h 53m ago
$400-$500 Commission, and a lot more after that~ ElementGames
3w 6d ago
42 TopToma
3h 58m ago
Pokemon and Trainer flayfree
1w 2d ago
30 TopToma
4h 18s ago
Looking for someone to draw very cute anime animals Grifithx
3w 3d ago
28 TopToma
4h 3m ago
commission OCs azulann
1w 6d ago
43 TopToma
4h 4m ago
Looking for Chibi Artist! Cloudnixus
Jul 20, 2014
113 TopToma
4h 5m ago
Shirt Designer Wanted - $30 or less PhoenixInTheBurgh
1w 11h ago
54 TopToma
4h 5m ago
Hiring an artist to do chibish mechs JyuOH
4d 8h ago
9 TopToma
4h 8m ago
Looking for a comic/cartoon artist apotekar
2d 16h ago
17 TopToma
4h 9m ago
Anime Character Design Artist pullorcs
Aug 16, 2014
91 TopToma
4h 10m ago
Looking for basic icons! NextPROD
7h 1m ago
3 DJBatz
4h 25m ago
Reposting Looking for artist Quentarus
3d 23h ago
10 UndeadKitty13
4h 34m ago
Recruiting: Anime-style artist for OEL visual novel dopple42
2d 19h ago
19 SergioGM
4h 43m ago
Looking for Canine/Fantasy Artists Lil-Kamaria
2w 2d ago
62 Faithy-Poo-The-Paws
5h 2m ago
Looking for an Artist (Central Texas / San Antonio area) Ren1327
7h 48m ago
2 Ren1327
5h 6m ago
Las Vegas Escorts tuanvumk1991
5h 8m ago
0 N/A