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READ BEFORE POSTING - Job Offers Forum Rules namenotrequired
May 17, 2013
1 namenotrequired
Aug 14, 2013
Use at YOUR OWN RISK namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
How to Conduct Freelance / Work-For-Hire Business Transactions namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
Childern book illustrator $500-600 for 10-15 illustrations Savis27
4d 11h ago
40 BMurdock
23m 18s ago
Seeking artist for character commission. PrimalEmpath
6d 14h ago
68 QimaWorks
31m 14s ago
Seeking artist to produce Sprite sheet for a 2D game ArminAgh
6d 18h ago
4 ArminAgh
49m 41s ago
Job opening: 2D Artist TheSbirulino
1d 23h ago
16 PigFiend
1h 24m ago
COMICS ARTIST WANTED! ($200/page - $20000+ deal) NKogitsune
2d 13h ago
19 PigFiend
1h 33m ago
Video Game Cover Art (free to use your own artistic input) KetArt
21h 27m ago
13 KetArt
1h 37m ago
manga style artist wanted for light novel whatamafu
3d 7h ago
30 PigFiend
1h 44m ago
Series of line art Mouse1994
16h 18m ago
14 MNGengar
1h 55m ago
looking to commission private drawing of a short story. Number89
3h 2m ago
5 kaiverta
2h 27m ago
LF artist who can draw small cute creatures AbaddonLord
3h 21m ago
1 Anuosha
3h 4m ago
Shoe conceptualization & design NextPROD
1d 1h ago
2 Anuosha
3h 9m ago
Looking for Vector Artist WorldofEden
1d 16h ago
7 chaoticmind
3h 34m ago
Mobile Design OviParasca
1d 4h ago
5 dexter64
3h 43m ago
Hiring Artists for Mobile Game Artwork LostIslandEnt
2d 5h ago
16 Epiclone
3h 47m ago
Seeking landscape sketch artist jbradsh1
2d 9h ago
5 nqii
3h 50m ago
Looking for fantasy anime artist (character design) Sr-C
8h 48m ago
13 Sr-C
4h 1m ago
Anime artist with technical drawing or detailed background experience blackspeedk
4h 25m ago
1 diegolopezmata
4h 2m ago
Seeking artist for OCs! azulann
Aug 16, 2014
87 LucyRanelle
5h 34m ago
Sequential Comic Artist Needed Skypilot1968
1w 6d ago
29 EVC
5h 39m ago
Commission for Mass Effect-style spaceship design Walkiry
3d 4h ago
3 diegolopezmata
5h 57m ago
Anime&Manga Visual Novel artist $250 000 budget. 5+ years experience req MegoraBell
2d 17h ago
11 diegolopezmata
6h 4m ago
Need someone to draw me this. Willing to Pay. EGERTRON
2d 15h ago
8 diegolopezmata
6h 12m ago
Manga artist wanted Sanghee
1d 18h ago
16 LazeeBluebear
7h 1m ago
Non-Manga Artist Wanted For Small Budget Private Personal Commission pamisnumber1
2d 6h ago
7 diegolopezmata
7h 6m ago
Vampire / Undead Art for Best Selling Vampires Sequel District31
2d 20h ago
15 diegolopezmata
7h 9m ago
Looking for Artist for YouTube channel Banner, Portrait, and Thumbnails impeachedking
2d 6h ago
5 ixxs
7h 23m ago
Looking to commission a clothing designer YakumoShinito
2d 4h ago
9 kyahaku
7h 23m ago
Comission Saints Row Character CitoyenAnzalaz
2d 17h ago
7 diegolopezmata
7h 27m ago
Seeking Character/Concept Artist splatthecat
6d 20h ago
49 ixxs
7h 39m ago
Book Cover Artist BrbaFett
4d 10h ago
29 ixxs
8h 15m ago
Looking for help with tattoo design jeffsventora
10h 44m ago
2 KingVego
8h 18m ago
Cute Mascot Character Concept Art Dont-Complain
2d 9h ago
18 ixxs
8h 18m ago
Seeking Artist For NSFW Cartoony Animation (5-15 secs) skullgirls123
1d 11h ago
8 skullgirls123
8h 27m ago
Looking for plush artists! drakonaut
1d 9h ago
9 Gunbunny-haruko
8h 27m ago
Wedding present with Zombies Covertly-Sozzled
2d 9h ago
14 diegolopezmata
8h 28m ago
Low-poly game artist patrick-hamster
3d 2h ago
5 lilac1484
8h 48m ago
Concept Artist DEADNEMO
3d 4h ago
6 DerekRestivo
8h 56m ago