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READ BEFORE POSTING - Job Offers Forum Rules namenotrequired
May 17, 2013
1 namenotrequired
Aug 14, 2013
Use at YOUR OWN RISK namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
How to Conduct Freelance / Work-For-Hire Business Transactions namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
Need an artist for my original Superhero/villain Characters RossPS112
2h 12m ago
5 RossPS112
18s ago
Book Cover Illustration wordmatter
2h 20m ago
10 erickefata
14m 54s ago
Slutty Anime characters needed Ngati-Handicap
6d 9h ago
26 RedShoulder
19m 26s ago
Looking for a Manga-styled artist to draw a webcomic about San Diego geek life twitchykun
3d 15h ago
9 RedShoulder
22m 46s ago
Light-Novel Illustrator Wanted. Pay is Negotiable. PoisonStudio
1d 12h ago
14 RedShoulder
24m 49s ago
Looking for someone who will draw AND ship emeraldgreenskyline
3h 53m ago
18 C21
29m 38s ago
Need Artist for Anthro (and other) Full Body Pixel Doll(s) ~150x250 size I-Ran-So-Far-Away
7h 41m ago
10 flower-in-torn-jeans
34m 59s ago
Anime Couple Commission xXxBunny09xXx
1w 2d ago
54 arielniweihuang
57m 43s ago
dark photomanip stuff for bookcovers etc., $ 100 - 150 somekindofheaven
1w 1d ago
16 HadesPixels
1h 4m ago
Need writer (erotica, BDSM) darkapple13
3w 4d ago
5 darkapple13
1h 20m ago
Looking for Cartoon Drawing of Me Volantius00
14h 20m ago
7 TheMarkofMark
1h 24m ago
(Updated) Seeking artists for digital comic or manga ($5000 Budget) SafeguardKilly
3h 51m ago
6 tomorrow78
1h 26m ago
Artist needed to complete mini series Mazhino
6h 3m ago
5 TheMarkofMark
1h 29m ago
Looking for an artist to draw a character portrait. MeleuK
Aug 26, 2014
72 farlydatau
1h 35m ago
LINEART - Need a VECTOR artist YourPerceptionCrafts
1d 2h ago
10 arielniweihuang
1h 56m ago
Illustration needed for book blog logo nothinfancyreally
1d 1h ago
20 arielniweihuang
1h 57m ago
Band logo needed sinisterwizard
5d 2h ago
11 arielniweihuang
1h 57m ago
Looking for glitch style Icons, and a Winter/ Christmas themed commission >Fursonas< MyTagforhalo2
1d 22h ago
13 MyTagforhalo2
2h 14m ago
Artist Wanted For YouTube Channel Lastvampyer
2d 3h ago
10 PerfectlyDisastrous
3h 2m ago
Need awesome character designer for great project :) Artigrigan
17h 25m ago
12 ForeverShining46
3h 33m ago
[$2 up to $5] Hiring pixel artist for very quick and easy job! explositritation
8h 59m ago
6 explositritation
3h 52m ago
Looking for a writer to type up a short backstory- paying in $$ kelikani
2d 18h ago
8 shadow41night
4h 1m ago
Looking for illustrator for character designs & illustrations for a fantasy novel swgee
1w 2d ago
62 paradanmellow
4h 10m ago
Looking for anime artist (moe style) RavenITA
1w 5d ago
47 jaymreyes
4h 11m ago
Designer Needed for Poster/Leafleft Design JChoudhry
4h 42m ago
2 JChoudhry
4h 30m ago
Looking for Fantasy Style Artist AwakenRealms
Sep 16, 2014
99 verdilaksBreeding
4h 37m ago
Need artist for card game - Military vehicles mjknight1
1w 2h ago
2 TSN551
4h 51m ago
Looking For Jumping Spider Plush Sewing Patterns Zulema
2d 11h ago
7 HellhoundsShadow
5h 51m ago
19h 56m ago
6 terrygu
5h 55m ago
Looking for a Custom Youtube Intro SpoonKing00
16h 52m ago
2 avianars
5h 57m ago
Looking to spend! Glasiar
Jul 13, 2014
298 StereoiD
6h 27s ago
3D Artist needed for Cyberpunk Videogame schizoslayer
6d 23h ago
2 schizoslayer
6h 9m ago
Need Anime/Manga Artist for Card Game Illustrations! levelupgames
1w 2d ago
36 DraKenTE
7h 9m ago
"You are who you love, not who loves you," tattoo design songswrittenaboutyou
7h 13m ago
0 N/A
Looking for fanfic writer Kulstudio
2w 5d ago
11 Kulstudio
7h 22m ago
Logo / Branding - Gun Smithing Company BlackWater1
1w 1d ago
12 Aerapix
7h 46m ago
Looking for someone to paint a canvas with Disney characters!! songswrittenaboutyou
8h 4m ago
1 songswrittenaboutyou
7h 54m ago