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Popular Threads in Job Offers

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Job Offers Forum Rules morbidman187
Oct 13, 2015
0 N/A
Use at YOUR OWN RISK namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
How to Conduct Freelance / Work-For-Hire Business Transactions namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
outfit design Henry88
1d 23h ago
34 Henry88
23s ago
Looking for anime pixel and digital artists! M4CY
4h 33m ago
23 Miyancaoi
27s ago
Seeking Artist for Character Concept Art King-Obsidivn
8h 19m ago
14 borosaur
1m 14s ago
Looking To Commission Someone!!! BizarreBloodyPrince
12h 9m ago
46 Miyancaoi
1m 52s ago
Digital Artist for Fantasy Book Cover CMN-1979
16h 41m ago
17 Alexlapiz
1h 2m ago
Searching for an artist or artists. SilasVande
6d 15h ago
114 HikariYumiya
1h 45m ago
Looking for manga artist(s) who can illustrate a yonkoma. Name your price. Tal63
7h 57m ago
51 Tal63
1h 47m ago
Who can use live2d and open for commission? Esther-fan-world
9h 1m ago
1 constancelea
1h 50m ago
Game Cover Art HassanHabbak
1w 1d ago
35 Inkyh
1h 52m ago
Fantasy Card Game Seeks Talented Illustrator EternalKings
2w 1d ago
63 Inkyh
2h 3m ago
Tattoo Design needed! OzzieLuke
11h 51m ago
3 constancelea
2h 8m ago
3 bust-up digital portraits with transparent backgrounds needed. ShadedAreasArt
2d 10h ago
39 TricksyPixel
2h 11m ago
Looking for someone to draw a cartoon-ish portrait jivemiguel
3w 20h ago
59 TricksyPixel
2h 18m ago
Artists Wanted for Card Game Artwork BlackHandGames
3w 2d ago
87 Vasiliy-in-da-house
3h 37s ago
Looking for an anime artist to commission MattSDDNet
Jan 12, 2016
132 Vasiliy-in-da-house
3h 3m ago
Group Character Portrait (Pathfinder/D&D) iCapitol
1d 8h ago
27 Vasiliy-in-da-house
3h 5m ago
looking to hire a storyboard artist, japethharrison
1w 4d ago
15 ilovezombiesxxx
5h 10m ago
Character Art for my D&D Character sherlock39
3d 14h ago
36 Aqua-Drannix
5h 25m ago
Vampire / Undead Art for Best Selling Vampires Sequel (including buildings) District31
4d 4h ago
32 Mesozord
5h 49m ago
Pokemon and trainer - looking for artists theskadudeguy
6d 2h ago
42 Ky-KAI
6h 53m ago
Lookin for chibi comm :3 TsunKoneko
2w 6d ago
120 Yuries
8h 26m ago
LF Chibi artist! :) NGProd
4d 21h ago
50 Yuries
8h 30m ago
illustrator/designer freelancer for cover book design musica-ferrum
2d 4h ago
20 animewolfsoul
9h 18m ago
Looking for simple commission Onj-Art
2d 12h ago
98 animewolfsoul
9h 26m ago
Book Cover Design with either one or two original manga characters Mijing
1d 17h ago
39 tksnim
9h 29m ago
Need artist who can create art in svg file Jabril77
3d 12h ago
6 Muzakki
9h 45m ago
Canvas / Oil Painting PeeBreak
1d 17h ago
10 Kit-Ho
11h 4m ago
Graphic Novel Line Artist ToInfinityStudios
1d 7h ago
13 shipenglee
12h 6m ago
Looking for Anthro / Cartoon Artists FluffyExplorers
2w 5d ago
70 Jazzekat
12h 19m ago
Looking for a few artists to draw my late dog o-n-n-o
2w 6d ago
42 Jazzekat
12h 31m ago
Character artist wanted - LastSunsetArt
2d 14h ago
37 Rott-i-kins
12h 34m ago
$$$$ Check out this post $$$$ OzzieLuke
12h 46m ago
0 N/A
Character art needed for martial arts game Stargx
1d 4h ago
15 JonathanChanutomo
13h 3m ago
Cheap OC portrait line art vagrantmaster95
14h 43m ago
2 vagrantmaster95
13h 53m ago
Any journal makers? Pumpkabat
20h 49m ago
1 Bestestcat
14h 3m ago
Looking for some character art blacksabertooth
1d 17h ago
17 blacksabertooth
14h 18m ago
Dbz digital canvas GS-Astro
1d 9h ago
12 marianorondon
16h 23m ago