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Popular Threads in Job Offers

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Job Offers Forum Rules namenotrequired
May 17, 2013
1 namenotrequired
Aug 14, 2013
Use at YOUR OWN RISK namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
How to Conduct Freelance / Work-For-Hire Business Transactions namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
Looking for anime/cartoon artist. taruto
3h 17m ago
12 Lynashi
2m 45s ago
Designs for an OC of mine based on different anime/manga Superjustinbros
12m 30s ago
1 ArtistocrArt
3m 9s ago
Space concept and artwork for a 3D RTS fieldrequired
5h 22m ago
7 FilKearney
9m 1s ago
tarot card deck commission MosaicsGrace
1d 4h ago
21 GrimDreamArt
10m 16s ago
Anime/Manga Artist Needed AirSpaethe
1d 11h ago
21 KaishaScire
10m 31s ago
Sexy boobie art for my OC Ejeect
1d 7h ago
34 ArtistocrArt
11m 27s ago
Need an artist for up to 4 book covers ajoyal
15h 22m ago
28 ArtistocrArt
19m 7s ago
Gaming Character Artist Wanted lululan218
8h 30m ago
5 ArtistocrArt
20m 46s ago
Wanted: Artist to create a "Logo" stuart42mac
3h 31m ago
3 willsketchharris
22m 22s ago
someone who can speak french SARANAJi
2h 58m ago
2 ArtistocrArt
23m 17s ago
Digital Artist Needed SirenAnimations
4d 21h ago
49 firecatsdrawings
44m 42s ago
Zombie Santa Sketches Grivante
13h 42m ago
12 C21
46m 15s ago
WoW Character Commissions gtompkins
4d 13h ago
58 carocha
57m 2s ago
Make my display picture in a few hours and get paid straight away! TheKidCalledChaos
8h 27m ago
5 chincrise
1h 2m ago
Dragon Sprite / Pixel Artist Needed for Game Project Xymore
3d 55m ago
2 johnmac1
1h 25m ago
Card Game Illustrator Wanted - PAID crosscutgames
22h 30m ago
18 chincrise
1h 30m ago
Looking for Novel Illustrator ($1,000 + Royalties) gdtpublications
3d 16h ago
31 meguskus
1h 40m ago
Searching for someone with embroidery machine (UK pref) TrafficConeCreations
1d 7h ago
2 Brian-Garabrant
2h 34m ago
Seeking Custom MMD Count-Hoshioni
3w 5d ago
21 NadeshikoLove1
2h 40m ago
Possible sitters Mortgy
3d 5h ago
1 Mortgy
2h 52m ago
Can someone write create a custom portfolio website? aaawhyme
6d 12h ago
6 taruto
3h 15m ago
1 page comic book scene - Marvel style threestudioteam
1d 7h ago
6 Redde67
3h 52m ago
I'm looking for graphic artist joeltadeo
1d 5h ago
9 Redde67
3h 53m ago
Need a comic book page done in marvel style 4400swift
3d 4h ago
10 Redde67
3h 58m ago
Looking for talented artists prodigymike
3d 11h ago
31 Ieva0828
5h 6m ago
Artist needed for neo-noir anthropomorphic comic OfftheLeashcomic
14h 48m ago
3 borosaur
5h 57m ago
Looking for an artist wildman18drew
23h 10m ago
21 MissBlackNails
6h 14m ago
Character sheets/ sketch page azulann
2d 17h ago
28 Luciana-Lu
6h 19m ago
Artists wanted for short comics -- 6-8 pages, $10/page -- humor, horror, fairy tale Paul-A-Newman
6d 21h ago
42 Paul-A-Newman
7h 47m ago
2 images vectored 1 color $15 BFXWalker
1d 21h ago
9 BFXWalker
7h 59m ago
Looking for artist(s) to draw/illustrate character fan art (including me)! LeviPhilipKing
1w 1d ago
61 DupleSnowflake
8h 22m ago
Looking for an artist for a series of illustrations epponie
1d 14h ago
19 DupleSnowflake
8h 33m ago
Female Graphic Novel Artists Wanted ($150 Page Rate) mgilboa
3d 11h ago
18 sleep-run
8h 34m ago
Seeking Artist for a Holiday Present Moresia
1d 18h ago
14 DupleSnowflake
8h 41m ago
1d 18h ago
6 Eroticshade
8h 44m ago
Looking for couple art for my OC X Canon Couple Angelic-Poptart
5d 16h ago
67 itsAriecha
9h 41m ago
Pony Comic Project, artist(s) needed Double-Deadline
1w 6d ago
6 abarazi
9h 55m ago