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Popular Threads in Job Offers

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Job Offers Forum Rules morbidman187
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Use at YOUR OWN RISK namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
How to Conduct Freelance / Work-For-Hire Business Transactions namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
WANTED: Logo for Music Composer SimonCharlesHanna
23h 59m ago
10 avianars
20m 3s ago
Digital artist looking for agent. Gjergji-zhuka
19h 25m ago
7 Gjergji-zhuka
30m 27s ago
Looking for Character Designer 2nd Round TheUltimateFiction
20h 18m ago
12 fabianfucci
1h 6m ago
Looking for a Illustrator :: WOOD ENGRAVING STYLE sarego
3d 13h ago
4 linggarbramanty
1h 6m ago
Looking for kawaii, chibi, cutesy japanese character designs! Sierashines
16h 56m ago
25 fabianfucci
1h 8m ago
Character design wanted frinkodmagnificent
3w 2d ago
78 fabianfucci
1h 9m ago
Art for a mobile game RolloRolf
4d 18h ago
12 linggarbramanty
1h 9m ago
Looking for Horse/Equestrian Artists ScarecrowLullaby
7h 53m ago
8 ScarecrowLullaby
1h 39m ago
WANTED: Digital Artist for Cover Artwork (CD) No-More-Mrs-Nice
4d 19h ago
34 WormBaby99
2h 21m ago
Photograph a Line of Trees reynante
2h 36m ago
0 N/A
We seeking sci-fi artist kpetrovibox
1d 16h ago
11 thejourney1989
3h 6m ago
Sci Fi/ Fantasy Landscape Artist Needed For Rock Band Album Cover Art! - $100 chewy5150
1d 15h ago
21 thejourney1989
3h 6m ago
cd cover 100/150$ PeteQuote
6d 17h ago
31 thejourney1989
3h 6m ago
Looking for an artist to draw an Avengers: Age Of Ultron style portrait, with a twist... BackstreetZAFU
4d 18h ago
8 thejourney1989
3h 6m ago
Large Christian Illustration Project RootsInChrist
5d 18h ago
26 thejourney1989
3h 6m ago
Looking for character sketch artist TFKarl2
5d 20h ago
15 thejourney1989
3h 6m ago
Looking for a Illustrator :: Pirate/Swashbuckler/Fantasy STYLE sarego
3d 13h ago
19 thejourney1989
3h 6m ago
Illustrator Required... brainchyld
2d 14h ago
13 thejourney1989
3h 6m ago
Looking for Digital Art! interstellar-dust
1d 15h ago
18 thejourney1989
3h 6m ago
Looking for few pictures looking4artists
3d 1h ago
33 H-Battousai
3h 20m ago
Anime hentai artists needed paypal payment only Emilythecommissioner
2d 15h ago
25 sacodesaga
3h 56m ago
Seeking an Anime-Style Artist KazutoShioya
4d 11h ago
37 RADuron
4h 57s ago
Looking for anime style artist Ubiquitor
1w 19h ago
13 Thirteencards
4h 1m ago
Looking for a character designer for my novel/RPG series Antheon
1w 2d ago
36 sacodesaga
4h 2m ago
Fursuit Badges Luminols
2d 9h ago
11 TheMim
4h 58m ago
Looking for artist to who is highly skilled in Pokemon, megaman. Style art Jabril77
Mar 25, 2015
16 innovator123
5h 1m ago
Looking for an artist who can do 10$ line drawings MrCrook
3d 14h ago
33 SiruBoom
5h 5m ago
Looking for a reliable good quality artist I can regularly commission from DannimonDesigns
6d 19h ago
176 rayanefelix
5h 39m ago
Looking for YouTube background (15 USD$) DiabolusCharm
1w 3d ago
3 Tanglecolors
5h 39m ago
Looking for simple background sketch offering 10$ Paypal RirooNeal
3d 19h ago
7 Ky-KAI
6h 9m ago
Manga comic page Artist wanted JJWsmith
2w 2d ago
17 LaughButts
6h 28m ago
Artist for anime online card game personadelta
6d 17h ago
17 LaughButts
6h 31m ago
2D artist need vjmap
1w 1h ago
8 HensenFM
6h 37m ago
Looking to buy OC art! MoonsBane
Mar 5, 2015
119 HensenFM
6h 37m ago
Looking for someone to draw my Gw2 character MrITpro
1w 12h ago
30 HensenFM
6h 38m ago
Attempting to find the right artist for a game being created. Kennen
2d 2h ago
23 Rusembell
6h 39m ago
Artist Needed for Kickstarter Card Game SeantheMalloy
3w 5d ago
44 HensenFM
6h 40m ago