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Popular Threads in Job Offers

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Job Offers Forum Rules namenotrequired
May 17, 2013
1 namenotrequired
Aug 14, 2013
Use at YOUR OWN RISK namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
How to Conduct Freelance / Work-For-Hire Business Transactions namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
Can you draw androgyny? Character art needed. Farthingale
1d 13h ago
64 Farthingale
48s ago
SALE - One Week Left! And Commission Update Sarsie
8m 35s ago
1 FlyinSmile
2m 9s ago
Looking for Video Game Sprite Artist for Mobile Application evanbeckerarts
1d 10h ago
5 luliyoyo
24m 26s ago
Pony plush? WhiskeyGal
3w 9h ago
10 LugiaLuvr13
30m 6s ago
Artist needed for a Wallpaper in 2 Sizes CybernX
1h 19m ago
1 qoiri
37m 29s ago
Comic Book Cover Artist Needed (Horror/Zombies/Blood, Guts and eventually some boobs as well) Grivante
12h 2s ago
3 qoiri
38m 4s ago
[PAID] Seeking image of Medieval (fantasy) caravans/wagons on a dangerous road! RiTz21
12h 54m ago
4 qoiri
38m 31s ago
Comic artist wanted CharlieMcFarland
1d 12h ago
12 castortroy3497
52m 52s ago
Looking for comic book penciler (150$ per page) BoOoM
1d 6h ago
14 acidkoolaid
1h 35s ago
Seeking 'Long-term' concept artist for growing community project... Kormyou
1d 13h ago
5 castortroy3497
1h 8m ago
waist up characters, painted style rei1974
2w 4d ago
55 omaroto
1h 10m ago
Im searching a illustrator / Designer for create iOS GAME - Manga / Anime Style mksa22
2w 5d ago
35 Denaliah
1h 26m ago
Concept Artist and comic Illustrator Needed sung83
1w 1d ago
62 Denaliah
1h 27m ago
Now HIRING Artists GraphicAdaption
4d 12h ago
26 Denaliah
1h 29m ago
Tokyo based indie game studio looking for artist for regular commissions $1000+ cherry-mochi
3w 3d ago
82 Denaliah
1h 32m ago
Searchin' for a character artist... Hyena-Yena
1w 2d ago
34 Denaliah
1h 35m ago
Looking for several types of commissions Shimmerheart1
May 24, 2014
262 FeliceMelancholie
2h 12m ago
Graphic Novel Teaser: $1000 for 40 pages lailla85
3d 5h ago
28 lailla85
2h 20m ago
Looking for artist to draw Hatsune Miku ballerina AnimeBallet
12h 10m ago
12 Ranefea
2h 26m ago
Looking For Artists to Draw OC Yayoi
Apr 7, 2014
228 OSUKA1981
2h 37m ago
Looking For Anime Artists For Advertising RootrotTheFirst
1d 20h ago
47 OSUKA1981
2h 37m ago
Indie game looking for 2D artist mortoray
22h 21m ago
9 rockleefan
3h 2m ago
[Paid] Looking for anime-style pixel artists to build an advanced MMORPG character base, And NPCs. FightRay
16h 9m ago
2 keyart
4h 9m ago
Who would like to draw your favorite anime Pokemon characters and make some money MonsterMMORPG
1w 4d ago
48 Lirsya
4h 24m ago
Comic Book shorts -- 1-page and up. For website and possible anthology. $10/page. Paul-A-Newman
5h 11m ago
0 N/A
Looking for furry character designer Calypso-Fontaine
18h 1m ago
54 desiredwolf
6h 31m ago
Background artist wanted Nippy13
4d 20h ago
6h 38m ago
Persona Eyes Meme Commission! InuzukaNotori
16h 37m ago
5 Lirsya
7h 16m ago
WANTED: Letterer for 2 Image submission projects. Mazhino
22h 37m ago
3 The-REAL-Brian
7h 45m ago
I'll pay you to finish my tattoo drawing... Knoxkrusher
16h 58m ago
5 Mesozord
8h 25m ago
Realistic Animal Plushie Death-Angel-2006
2d 13h ago
3 LugiaLuvr13
8h 36m ago
Create an moment from book - 10 images needed. $$$ depends on art submitted aaronsmagic
22h 50m ago
7 Vineris
9h 56m ago
Need comic artist for Sensual Gothic Comic. synaid
5d 20h ago
20 TRH-Graphics
10h 1m ago
Looking For a Digital Artist KingVego
1d 55m ago
19 KingVego
10h 38m ago
Paid commission wanted . $$$$ vegasbondage1
1w 1d ago
25 vegasbondage1
11h 3m ago
A Joker and Harley Quinn commision. KingBeezyB
5d 7h ago
5 RamiArzt
11h 36m ago
Hentai doujin high sexual content 80 pages @ $80 a page negotiable !! OVER 18 ONLY !! kawaiicatgirl
1w 5d ago
40 kawaiicatgirl
12h 22m ago