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Popular Threads in Job Offers

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Job Offers Forum Rules namenotrequired
May 17, 2013
1 namenotrequired
Aug 14, 2013
Use at YOUR OWN RISK namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
How to Conduct Freelance / Work-For-Hire Business Transactions namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
Card Artist for Board game ELLOCABRUJA
2d 11h ago
23 23MC-Studio
26m 9s ago
Comic Artist Needed for Fantasy Anthology Story msebastian83
2d 10h ago
15 cabepfir
27m 44s ago
Looking for an artist that can draw cute characters for t-shirt designs Metrokard
45m 14s ago
3 wernig
28m 31s ago
Comic Book Colorist Needed Ulisis
13h 5m ago
19 diegolopezmata
29m 29s ago
WANTED : OC Artwork. Buying Commissions from Several Artists Puzzman
7h 14m ago
30 Ralu11
34m 49s ago
Looking for comic book artist kvltclassic
13h 51m ago
11 sopkambingususbabat
37m 32s ago
OC Commission/Comic artist PilarBearChild
2w 6d ago
73 sopkambingususbabat
40m 28s ago
Go Nagai Artwork Commission DrMuttonchops
6h 37m ago
8 Django05
1h 3m ago
WANTED: Character Artwork kaijuloki
3w 1d ago
123 Miriki-Chi
1h 24m ago
Looking for kemonomimi artists! ~ Homohelvetti
4d 17h ago
80 Miriki-Chi
1h 27m ago
Looking to have my OC's drawn. Transkitten
3d 4h ago
82 Miriki-Chi
1h 28m ago
Needed: Book cover design ML-Larson
2d 1h ago
25 gothfuu
1h 36m ago
Need Ebook Cover Artist ChanceTheWriter
3h 11m ago
3 igreeny
1h 39m ago
Dark Magickal Philosophical SciFi Ebook Series Cover Art / Symbol. $500 USD budget The-Second-Spiral
3w 3d ago
60 The-Second-Spiral
2h 20m ago
$150-$300 per imagePro anime/digital illustrator/artist needed for manga card game (Yugio/MtG) DeviantAnimanga
1d 9h ago
47 reiner55
2h 27m ago
Character designs for procedurally generated characters ~ $1000 CarpeDiem89
4d 17h ago
22 Epiclone
3h 8m ago
Great Commission for Artists with vision Nakamaru-Hiratsu
2d 7h ago
8 gothfuu
3h 14m ago
Comic book artist needed $600 straight8photo
1w 5d ago
25 mattialorussoart
3h 16m ago
Quick and dirty request - Small newspaper copy NotBarry
1d 12h ago
8 nevercamedown
3h 18m ago
Need ebook cover art tstitall
1d 8h ago
24 daleziemianski
3h 19m ago
Seeking XXX Photoshop'er Sadiaas
3d 5h ago
6 nevercamedown
3h 19m ago
Looking for an Artist! Willing to pay up to $150 TingleIsGod
4h 22m ago
10 guillo0
3h 58m ago
[PAID] $45 Concept Artist, fairly small (example of style given) Mailgon
1d 8h ago
7 Fenrir-chic
4h 10m ago
Writers. To write cute fanfic style things for my characters. Who are both male and not human. PumpkinPlush
Jun 19, 2014
29 rbo7
4h 24m ago
Looking for Plush Maker(Animal) xBellatorxLupusx
3d 2h ago
4 Katburger15
4h 47m ago
Paid Work - Fantasy Character Art for Roleplaying Game MarkusCryst
2d 8h ago
50 Paleblood
4h 56m ago
Looking for Chibi Artist! Cloudnixus
1w 4d ago
63 Oranaus
5h 4m ago
TALENTED CHARACTER DESIGN ARTIST needed for Indie game project ***SERIOUS ARTIST ONLY*** senztion
23h 22s ago
8 senztion
5h 16m ago
Commission art (mech style) need artist Kogumaru
1d 7h ago
15 reallyruds
5h 32m ago
Needing Game Tile Graphic Artist bbgengine
5h 45m ago
0 N/A
Lower Back Tattoo Enigmarez
2d 6h ago
20 Enigmarez
6h 43s ago
Tattoo Design Sadiaas
11h 59m ago
6 Sadiaas
6h 38m ago
T-shirt Sadiaas
12h 6m ago
4 Sadiaas
6h 38m ago
Maplestory (looking for almost anything) Sadiaas
2d 11h ago
6 Sadiaas
6h 38m ago
Forum Avatar Needed Sadiaas
5d 8h ago
8 Sadiaas
6h 38m ago
Seeking XXX 3D artist Sadiaas
5d 7h ago
9 Sadiaas
6h 38m ago
Look for artists for a game sudomathu
7h 18m ago
3 sudomathu
7h 3m ago