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READ BEFORE POSTING - Job Offers Forum Rules namenotrequired
May 17, 2013
1 namenotrequired
Aug 14, 2013
Use at YOUR OWN RISK namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
How to Conduct Freelance / Work-For-Hire Business Transactions namenotrequired
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
Reposting Looking for artist Quentarus
Sep 15, 2014
30 Nikki-Sunshine
1m 52s ago
Looking for artist to develop t-shirt designs and basic outline logos TheTuscany
1w 11h ago
9 TheTuscany
10m 48s ago
Looking for Photo Restoration Saldemonium
13m 55s ago
0 N/A
Slutty Anime characters needed Ngati-Handicap
6h 15m ago
7 nicosucio
19m 9s ago
Artist needed for puzzle RPG game spartacan
1h 16m ago
1 MissBlackNails
34m 25s ago
Looking for Minecraft Skin Maker! DlSEASE
2h 36m ago
3 elitex2211
42m 41s ago
Book cover artist wanted Arddolyn
21h 22m ago
7 erickefata
47m 43s ago
Christmas Present Request! $40-50 SortOfOutThere
12h 59m ago
19 erickefata
51m 11s ago
Looking for Logo Artist KetArt
3d 2h ago
9 KetArt
1h 14m ago
Will anyone draw my feline oc? callsmehome
3h 42m ago
5 TheLivingShadow
1h 40m ago
Paid job to draw my fursona? akinohound
5h 5m ago
8 TheLivingShadow
1h 41m ago
Wanted: Graphic Novel Artist writingcomicbookman
4d 17h ago
15 MissBlackNails
2h 4m ago
looking for a dynamic letter person TRIPLE34
1w 1d ago
3h 5m ago
Take selfies, get paid! Flatographer
3h 16m ago
0 N/A
looking for artist for 6-page steampunk adventure comic for anthology ($10/page) Paul-A-Newman
2d 8h ago
9 Paul-A-Newman
3h 50m ago
need 1 3D modeller, experience with creating Anime/Realistic girls $2000-$3000 per model. ValiantTigerMan
8h 51m ago
7 ValiantTigerMan
3h 52m ago
Photos for Bookcovers needed! Just Photos! Winterdreamer4168
2w 5d ago
3 ghost1701
4h 3m ago
Someone to do good quality black and white anime line art @ a reasonable price, will request a lot! AHomesickAlien
5h 31m ago
5 tomorrow78
4h 25m ago
Colorist needed for pitch $50/page professionals only michaelharris
2d 15h ago
16 MissBlackNails
4h 37m ago
Seeking to commission numerous high quality artists Parka-Posy
2w 2d ago
68 Marini4
4h 51m ago
Looking for Human/Anthro art Lil-Kamaria
3w 20h ago
131 Nikki-Sunshine
4h 52m ago
Seeking Alien/Anthro Artist for Ebook Cover Mytransformations
6d 21h ago
9 Nikki-Sunshine
4h 52m ago
Children's Book Cover queenadreams
3d 21h ago
21 Marikobard
5h 8m ago
$75 Salary TheRemnantJuice
20h 27m ago
28 Marikobard
5h 9m ago
Looking for illustrator for character designs & illustrations for a fantasy novel swgee
3d 13h ago
49 Marikobard
5h 10m ago
Book Cover Design thatbillguy
1d 2h ago
18 Marikobard
5h 17m ago
Looking for an Artist to Work With for YouTube/Twitch! Spidevil62
1d 10h ago
8 blue2x
6h 1m ago
Need a chibi to use in a video game slashandz
15h 3m ago
10 SaEun
6h 3m ago
Intermediate commissioners needed! [Read info below] Tio-Z
2d 17h ago
90 Tio-Z
6h 6m ago
Pixel Artist Animations/ Adventure Game AdamKmiolek
6h 14m ago
0 N/A
Queer/crazy/disabled Pride Tattoo Design VickyThornton
6h 54m ago
1 terrygu
6h 43m ago
dark photomanip stuff for bookcovers etc., $ 100 - 150 somekindofheaven
2d 1h ago
8 SobohRami
6h 45m ago
Cel-shaded (anime) style concept/character artist for 3D science fiction computer game: Part II kawaiicatgirl
3d 1h ago
36 shipenglee
7h 9m ago
looking for an artist mininessie
1w 6d ago
79 LuxIosis
7h 54m ago
$33 Dollars for a 3 MLP ponies picture (plain/simple background!) leanytiduss
10h 48m ago
1 eadgear
8h 7m ago
Need Anime/Manga Artist for Card Game Illustrations! levelupgames
2d 22h ago
29 mr-Vy
8h 16m ago
Looking for spiderman comic book style artist - draw like Campbell? threestudioteam
17h 15m ago
3 threestudioteam
9h 23m ago