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January 3, 2013


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Anyway, what were your end of the year lists? - best 2012 records

This was mine:

1. Frank Ocean - channel ORANGE
2. Fiona Apple - The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw, and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do
3. El-P - C4C
4. Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city
5. Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas
6. Nits - Malpensa
7. Aesop Rock - Skelethon
8. Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music
9. Luik - Owls
10. Patti Smith - Banga

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Devious Comments

2012 was a shitty year overall (it was an election year!) but oh was it great for music.

Colosso - Abrasive Peace

A killer debut for these prog-death metalers, and they put it on the Pirate Bay too to promote it! But I do want a physical copy, it's goooooood.

Asphyx - Deathammer

These guys have been around for a while now! And original vocalist and generally amazing guy (he was also in Pestilence and is the frontman of Hail of Bullets) van Drunen is back!

Dodecahedron - Dodecahedron

Another excellent debut for 2012, a progressive black metal band in the vein of Blut Aus Nord.

Meshuggah - Koloss</b>

These guys are on a roll. After the disappointing Catch-33 they made what was probably the best metal album of 2008, obZen. Dense and filled to the brim with wonderfully strange time signatures.

Testament - Dark Roots Of Earth

Metallica and Megadeth get all the credit as the harbingers of thrash metal, but Testament was there with them too. And unlike those two and more like their other peers Slayer, these guys haven't gone stupid and turned into massive cunts. They still know how to thrash with the best of them, but they've picked up a few tricks from experimenting with death metal too.

Afgrund - The Age Of Dumb

Heavy and angry as hell, just the way grindcore was meant to be. But there's still an underlying groove especially in the songs Bullets Are Forever and Genocide To Glorify to keep it from being a pointless mess of noise. This group is definitely one to watch.

Hour Of Penance - Sedition

Another group on a roll, this makes three awesome releases for these anti-religious death metalers. They remind me of my all-time favorite Suffocation.

Secrets Of The Moon - Seven Bells

A nice surprise for me courtesy of Amazon recommendations, more progressive-minded black metal. While most progressive black metal bands go for a wall of sound and dissodence a-la-Deathspell Omega, Secrects takes a minimalist approach for a uniquely eerie sound.

Wolvhammer - The Obsidian Plains

Another hard to classify one, they play what can be best described as black crust. Another band with a sound all their own.

Napalm Death - Utilitarian

There's a few misses on here, but overall Utilitarian is something ND should be proud of. Over 25 years and they're just as angry and unafraid of experimenting. They helped start grindcore and now they're helping redefine it.
Didn't hear any of those. Wanted to check out the new Napalm Death, but I forgot it. :(
The internet is vast. And Colosso's is still in Pirate Bay since they put it there themselves.
Tidal-Wave-Art Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Frank Ocean is awesome. His songs are wonderful.
I thought so. :D
The-Thunder-Fox Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I actually finally ended up listening to Wintersun's 'Time I'.

I almost cried, it was that frigging beautiful. I just sat motionless for 40 minutes, purely listening. It was amazing.
I don't know Wintersun. Tell me more. :)
TheNAUGHTicalLife Jan 15, 2013  Professional Writer
1. Joey Bada$$: 1999
2. Adaje: Yore Veils
3. Alt-J: An Awesome Wave
4. Brighter Arrows: Division and What it is to Abide
5. Trash Talk: 119
Still have to look up 1999.
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