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November 22, 2012


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Share your concert stories!

HeartxhabiT Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Student General Artist
Share all of your epic or . . . not so epic . . . concert stories! Did you get trampled in a mosh pit and survive to tell the tale? Did you get to touch/ meet your fave musician? Did said musician ask you back to their trailer, or ask for your number?!

I dunno! just tell me anything ya got!!


For starters, I'll tell my story!
Ok so I was at Warped Tour 2012, and it started off really well! Me and my boyfriend Brandon got there really early to avoid lines and traffic, and we got there in good time. We met some people there, saw some old friends, and bought a TON of merch! But the only problem was, it was like 90 degrees! But that would soon change, because it started to downpour! Not only that, but a thunderstorm soon rolled over the outdoor concert! The whole place was shut up, and they sent everyone to the amphitheater for shelter. We got seats (eventually) and watched the bands playing in there for a while. Then people began to slide on their butts down the hill directly behind the amphitheater, which was really funny to watch!
But anyway, we had to sit through some horrible battle of the bands winners and also Vampires Everywhere until we saw the band me and Brandon came to see . . . Streetlight Manifesto! We pushed our way to the front after Vampires Everywhere, and we were right at the stage. Toh Kay was so close I could almost touch him! I was freaking out, screaming the words, crying, dancing, you name it!
Then, towards the middle of their setlist, the barry sax player (whose name escapes me, I'm so sorry . . .) points directly at me, and says softly into the mic . . .
"This one's for you!"

I pointed at my chest, just to make sure he was talking to me. And what do you know, he was! Then they played Somewhere in the Between, and my life was made!


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Devious Comments

TrueSoprano Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

Indio Big 4, by the way.
UltimateRidley Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I went to Mayhem Fest in August 2011, which was my first and thus far the only concert I've been to. They had bands like Unearth, Trivium, Megadeth, and Disturbed all playing.

We at first went to the parking lot concert, because the big-stage concert was still being set up. That's where bands like Unearth and Machine Head were playing.

Throughout Unearth's set (which I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed), the crowd was relatively spaced out (you could actually move around), but the reason I bring this up is because I smelled marijuana constantly, and me and my friend had to move around to avoid it.

During Machine Head's set, the crowd was insanely packed, and I was somewhere in the middle of it. I hate being in the middle of crowds. The marijuana was not as prevalent during this set, instead being replaced by crazy people spinning their bottles of water around in the air, getting everyone around them wet. Suffice to say, I didn't appreciate that all too much, because I had non-waterproof technology in my pocket. Then there was that whole thing where Machine Head's bassist decided to jump off stage and dash through the crowd. I was in his path, and I was wearing sandals (it was a hot day) and he proceeded to crush my toes... he almost broke them. He didn't mean to, obviously, but holy shit I was pissed right about then. For the remainder of the set, I lingered at the back of the crowd, quite irritated.

Once Machine Head was done, there were still a few bands left before the main concert began at the concert hall. The last few parking lot bands were relatively unknown to me and didn't stand out much. So, we were just screwing around the parking lot for approximately an hour. By the end of the concert, I was baked by the sun. The heat made me even more irritated. But I stuck it out, because dammit, I was there for Trivium and Disturbed (this was Disturbed's last tour before they broke up), the latter of which was, of course, the headlining band and thus the last one to play.

Once we got our own seats at the concert hall, the rest of the concert went relatively smoothly. Trivium's set was great, Megadeth's was cool, and then you had Godsmack. If you like Godsmack, more power to you, but my friends and I were bored to freaking tears (probably because Godsmack was the least metal band of all bands at the metal concert). After Godsmack's setlist was finished (and it seemed like forever before it would end), Disturbed took the stage, and holy shit they were amazing. Totally worth it. I'm glad I got to see them before they disbanded.

Although the main concert constituted a good time for me, I let my friends know that I would never go to a parking lot concert ever again unless the bands that happen to be playing are among my absolute, hands-down favorites.
DBguardian Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
some drunk fatso tried to start shit with me at a concert not long ago. it didn't escalate beyond some pushing around but it still made me a bit "thrown off" for a while
darkfang911 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
My sister was going through this crazy christian phase and made me go to a Switchfoot concert with her and I put my headphones in and sat in the back for a couple hours. It was not a good time to say the least.
Mr-Timeshadow Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
Well, I have extremely powerful hearing, so most concerts are beyond my ability to take. That said, I have seen some softer ones, such as a Capella or acoustic work. So: I've seen Chanticleer, which was an amazing experience! They have been around for something like 30+ years, and work incredibly well together. Every concert is different, so a program lists what they might do, and then they pick which tunes they'll actually do this time.
That ain't all. They man their product table during the break -- and station themselves at every door, as well, so no matter where you are you get to chat with any singer you like. They're friendly and approachable and glad to answer questions if they can. Great group!

Jill Sobule was fun when I saw her in concert! She's not the most powerful singer, but she ain't autotuned either, and her music is very honest. Even better, she's got a sense of humor about herself. She performs a song called "Big Shoes" about having to wear corrective shoes that set her apart as a child. Well, her mom began objecting to the song for implying it was some sort of cruelty, rather than beneficial, so from now on, she only performs the song if she can reach her mom by phone during the concert and let her sing a rebuttal lyric her mom wrote! She gladly signs your music and loves talking with her fans.

Jon Anderson performed a solo show with MIDI instruments and one acoustic set as well. He told great stories about his career with Yes, as well as some hilarious tales of his encounters with eccentrics like Vangelis. I found him humble and never self-important, yet eager for inspiration and originality. This was a fun experience!

Adrian Belew was agonizing to watch in concert, given the volume and genre he performs. Still, he was a hoot to watch! He could barely stand to pause at all, and kept improvising tone poems while the others were toweling off and swapping guitars. At one point, he played so fast that he cut a finger on the guitar string. One Band-Aid later, though, he was magically healed. He also stopped a song abruptly in the middle to tease the audience for its silence, saying, "Shhh! There's a baby sleeping in row 7!" and then proceeded to wake the imaginary baby with a fancy solo! But hey -- we were quiet because we were there to listen to a genius strut his stuff, not to hear ourselves! At least, that's why I was so quiet during songs. I wanted not to miss a single note!
CookieCakePotatoShoe Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I went to see Take That with Robbie Williams last year and it was the best night in my life :)
They're not that popular in the US, but they're really huge in Europe, so I was in a huge stadium.
I was there 2 hours before the admission and I made it in an marked-off zone, just in front of the B-Stage.
Only about 1200 people were allowed to go in, so before the concert started, I just sat at the back of the area and chilled a little, and I could actually go out and buy some merch, because they gave me a ribbon or something and I could go back in ^^
So when the concert started, I was like 7th row and I didn't have to stand and wait all the time.
It was awesome, I was dancing and shouting all the time.
And when Gary said "I just want you to share some love, so could you just hug the person next to you, no matter if you know them or not, just hug them."
So I looked at the woman next to me, she shrugged, I shrugged and we huggen :D
Purpllamas Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Student General Artist
Went to see Dr. Dog with a friend for the second time. It was a reaaally small performance in a community garage. There was food and the band was just hanging out before the show. My friend and I pretty much stood right next to the "stage," which was a little platform in the corner.
HeartxhabiT Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Student General Artist
that sounds really koolz! Kinda like my experience with Dear Zim, an up and coming band from Zimbabwe! They're getting pretty big now, but they had a small concert at my local Hot Topic (I know . . . . so many tweens) lolz but they basically hung out with us for 2 hours after they played like 5 acoustic songs! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! lola
Purpllamas Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Student General Artist
Wow, I didn't know Hot Topic had shows XD
HeartxhabiT Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Student General Artist
they do sometimes XD lolz
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