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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Promote your music project here! namenotrequired
Mar 11, 2013
385 kellyscott
1h 57m ago
Official Last.FM Thread ananasjihad
May 2, 2011
258 kimmidarkline
Sep 18, 2016
READ BEFORE POSTING - Music Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Looking for a song... yet lol Alpha-D-Song
11h 35m ago
5 OctoTea
37m 12s ago
what is 'crap' music to you DEUJI
2w 3d ago
179 kellyscott
2h 8m ago
Best punk band to you SeanLenahanSD
2w 3d ago
89 Zeemes
2h 12m ago
What's in your favourites playlist at the moment? AetherEternal
1w 3d ago
24 shadow2k
3h 27m ago
What songs have you been playing on repeat recently? princeofallsofas
4d 17h ago
29 horsiefreak
3h 29m ago
Best Nine Inch Nails albums Zeemes
3h 33m ago
0 N/A
köp körkort, ID-kort, IELTS ( masaa12
4h 4m ago
0 N/A
KPop anyone? ChibiRoseArt
1w 3d ago
24 remiNISE123
5h 27m ago
best guitar for a beginner? crowphobia
2d 19h ago
4 aero-mancer
7h 22m ago
Know any? Randomstuff-Stuff
11h 7m ago
2 Ame-Is-Not-A-Cow
8h 45s ago
Ariana Grande is the most beautiful music artise/singer showeverything1
1w 2d ago
14 showeverything1
8h 56m ago
Best Ever Albums, or RYM Airyfellow
1d 1h ago
8 mphtmnslt
9h 19m ago
share your playlisttt AndyVRenditions
3w 1d ago
75 Randomstuff-Stuff
11h 8m ago
Music Device TheAmastereth
2d 12h ago
81 TheAmastereth
11h 15m ago
Haunting Harmonies ShenaniBOOM
1d 6h ago
1 Hestia-Edwards
11h 47m ago
Happy Birthday Eminem! What are your favourite Eminem songs? showeverything1
4d 14h ago
7 AspiePie
12h 58m ago
Michael Jackson's best songs. Which one is your favourite showeverything1
1w 1d ago
30 AspiePie
13h 5s ago
Halloween songs Cathematics
5d 17h ago
16 trikkee
15h 26s ago
Charlie Puth - We Dont Talk Anymore (Kyle Meehan x Xero x Kyle D) CallofGFX
15h 17m ago
0 N/A
SVK - Surpressed CallofGFX
15h 38m ago
0 N/A
What do you listen to while you paint/draw? Robbie-Black
3d 19h ago
8 Renue
16h 4m ago
A shy person learning rock Zoroku
1d 8h ago
4 folcs
17h 18m ago
Is it too late to learn Piano...? CountryChic7
1d 9h ago
4 TaiusQuinn
17h 53m ago
Justin Bieber claims to be better than Michael Jackson, calls himself King of Music showeverything1
Sep 22, 2016
43 Sona13Singer
18h 46m ago
Singer Justin Bieber punched in the face by Orlando Bloom showeverything1
1d 42m ago
3 Sona13Singer
18h 51m ago
Any of these singers/bands good? Recommend a CD for first time listener? Wonderful-Unknown
19h 52m ago
0 N/A
Music.. That YOU made. Npm98
3w 6d ago
32 ShenaniBOOM
20h 40m ago
Favorite Songs? Quiet-pineapple-chan
1d 18h ago
10 Morshute
1d 56m ago
has a song ever made you cry? DEUJI
3d 20h ago
28 magnifulouschicken
1d 1h ago
What are your favorite musical instruments? Taran13573794
Sep 21, 2016
38 ShenaniBOOM
1d 7h ago
Korn fans! The Serenity of Suffering! Awesomenope
1d 18h ago
1 katomatic22
1d 9h ago
Song/Band You're Listening To Right Now While On DeviantArt.... InfraDalek
Sep 18, 2016
56 Zeppelinrose67
1d 12h ago
Japanese Emo KaizenKitty
1w 1d ago
28 KaizenKitty
2d 1h ago
Question for musicians: What kind of music do you play? mphtmnslt
4d 11h ago
10 potatoempire
2d 4h ago
favorite songs? nap-queen
1w 2d ago
46 nap-queen
2d 11h ago
Where Do You Find Music to Listen to? Pyroglifix
1w 4d ago
40 AvSkyggene
2d 13h ago
Green Day's "Revolution Radio" MoodyQueen
2w 1d ago
4 MoodyQueen
2d 16h ago