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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Official Last.FM Thread ananasjihad
May 2, 2011
236 Airyfellow
1d 1h ago
Promote your music project here! namenotrequired
Mar 11, 2013
257 Mojavio
3w 20h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Music Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Your favorite musician? DyloonyArtz
1w 1d ago
49 mellorox9
1m 23s ago
Dubstep/House music suggestion? segaco
1h 57m ago
8 segaco
58m 19s ago
Nirvana's New Singer?? Aaron-Daniels
12h 8m ago
5 SleinadFlar
1h 32m ago
Lyrics request Hawksfan4848
3d 14h ago
2h 42m ago
Rock music is unhealthy? FeeblePencil
4d 7h ago
2h 48m ago
Write a lyric and we'll try to guess the song. Eraezr
Oct 21, 2014
798 Eraezr
3h 1m ago
What are you listening to? 666Sodapop
Apr 14, 2015
57 Awesomenaut111
3h 13m ago
Old songs which are still politically relevant lyrically? Pingk-NC
3h 41m ago
0 N/A
Link me a song... MeoAgcat
Apr 19, 2015
153 MeoAgcat
4h 4m ago
List 5 Bands You Enjoy Listening To..... InfraDalek
1w 1d ago
33 Airyfellow
4h 14m ago
List 5 Songs From One Of Your Favorite Bands InfraDalek
10h 14m ago
3 Airyfellow
4h 41m ago
POST EDM semilaiska
5d 8h ago
8 Sei-ey
5h 15m ago
Christian artists LumiereDarling
Apr 23, 2015
35 salival
6h 26m ago
Posymodern Jukebox anyone? REIdepenguin
7h 27m ago
1 REIdepenguin
7h 25m ago
Music Recommendation Contest Part 6: Back to Basics dhheiii
1w 17h ago
74 Toni-R
7h 29m ago
"Gibberish" songs? LavenderLizard
1w 19h ago
20 Fuee
12h 43m ago
Any Vinyl Collectors out there? Danizerocker
1w 5d ago
36 Jphyper
17h 5m ago
[insert random, fairly interesting phrase or combination of words] G0D0FSHAD0WS
20h 26m ago
4 Jphyper
17h 8m ago
》What's your dream concert? hxllcat
Apr 22, 2015
95 ergasterd
17h 59m ago
Throbbing Gristle and Nurse With Wound SmileRocker
6d 22h ago
6 TheRedSnifit
19h 20m ago
When will Green Day make a new album? AceraScaxe
2w 2d ago
22 AvSkyggene
21h 38m ago
Suggestions of strong female vocalists? 3wyl
Feb 7, 2015
130 mightybearrr
22h 37m ago
Disney songs!!! pickles0629
4d 16h ago
16 Mr-Pink-Rose
1d 1h ago
Nightwish - The Greatest Show on Earth Juhis96
3d 11h ago
13 operaghost
1d 3h ago
Kicka$$ Theme songs KdaAnimefan
Apr 15, 2015
81 Astraeus1988
1d 3h ago
Learning to play the banjo... angelaoddling
5d 22h ago
11 thomasVanDijk
1d 12h ago
Whistling, Love it or Hate it? UmbraCrux
2d 23h ago
2 OctarinePegacorn
1d 13h ago
If you could only listen to 5 albums for the rest of your life, what would they be? preston2694
Apr 18, 2015
72 bloodydiva28
1d 19h ago
What is the best soundtrack? Quindayo
4d 1h ago
21 bloodydiva28
1d 19h ago
Auditions UmbraCrux
2d 23h ago
8 UmbraCrux
1d 22h ago
Who have you seen in concert that you would recommend? LumiereDarling
Apr 14, 2015
62 maggotofdeath666
2d 1h ago
Deathcore recs MarioLuigi96
1w 3d ago
2d 9h ago
Trippy moldavian song artiomjar
4d 4h ago
2 artiomjar
2d 11h ago
Favourite punk or rock band SomeoneWhoCanDraw
5d 23h ago
12 SmileRocker
2d 19h ago
Stupid 80's Songs Amber2002161
2w 1d ago
47 Koui
2d 21h ago
(Cover) 아이유 IU - 마음 Heart keybox
3d 25m ago
0 N/A
Replace phrases with "love" etc. in love songs with variants of "to piss (sm) off" (examples). Pedigri
1w 6d ago
18 Pedigri
3d 10h ago