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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Promote your music project here! namenotrequired
Mar 11, 2013
222 TarpWolf
22h 1m ago
Official Last.FM Thread ananasjihad
May 2, 2011
223 Naroth
1d 19h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Music Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Tell me why Lana Del Ray is AMAZING!! Adorkable202
19h 1m ago
5 Krypton1te2
12m 34s ago
Do you compose music? katr14
2w 5d ago
42 OrangeStripeyLlama
19m 37s ago
Popular Songs & Singers You Can\'t Stand IceAngel1234
Jun 9, 2014
694 KooboriSapphire
3h 4m ago
Long songs MarioLuigi96
1d 16h ago
11 Aaron-Daniels
3h 7m ago
Creepy Songs teenrex7
1d 5h ago
12 Pcat007
3h 29m ago
If you are looking for something calm and groovy to the soul :D razorg456
20h 15m ago
3 Pcat007
3h 56m ago
How many songs are on your playlist? Eraezr
1d 1h ago
6 Sapphire-Ashesx
4h 13m ago
Anyone into K-Pop? IceAngel1234
Apr 23, 2014
321 DestatiDreamXIII
4h 37m ago
Music asks.... Eraezr
1w 5d ago
39 OctarinePegacorn
5h 47m ago
You're fav karaoke song? MrsBraun92
3d 17h ago
4 comic7ragedy
6h 9m ago
Music that gives you chills drawitbig
1w 4d ago
12 comic7ragedy
6h 11m ago
Bands, bands, and even more bands rocketslugrockscp
2d 12h ago
11 BorderComics
9h 22m ago
Music About Giving? Nintendo--Gamer
2d 20h ago
5 chichichichipndale
10h 1m ago
Musical Instruments ChibiDashie
1w 1d ago
29 WolfySpice
12h 13m ago
Worst cover songs SleinadFlar
2w 5d ago
55 DontGiveMeTapes
13h 4m ago
What are some songs by your favourite artist that you hate? RustyCroutons
1w 4d ago
27 RustyCroutons
13h 6m ago
What music group is your all time favorite? royalbird
1w 5d ago
54 Estrago1
14h 48m ago
Space Jam Karaoke? D: Paradi-Len-Kagamine
6d 10h ago
8 Paradi-Len-Kagamine
16h 16m ago
Epic Movie Music! TarpWolf
21h 53m ago
1 ThisIsMyFist
17h 47m ago
Greatest lyrics you've ever heard Bryd013
2w 3d ago
36 Bryd013
17h 59m ago
Song stuck inside your head... AwesomeTacoSauce
1w 6d ago
25 Adorkable202
18h 56m ago
self taught musicians! AshiharaLover
6d 18h ago
28 AshiharaLover
23h 55m ago
Good Songs to Sing? creepypoptartmonster
2d 17h ago
16 hockeymask
1d 1h ago
Do you hate Justin Bieber's music? WEEGEEVIRUS9001
Aug 1, 2013
1d 3h ago
Your music library Bryd013
1w 6d ago
49 PokeCat-Fanatic
1d 7h ago
Someone give me EARGASMS. kankitsuru
1w 5d ago
55 razorg456
1d 8h ago
Looking for some music DrifterJellybean
3d 12h ago
10 razorg456
1d 8h ago
Any Good Chill out Breakbeat artists out there? DontGiveMeTapes
1d 13h ago
0 N/A
what do your parents think of the music you listen to? musicforever166
2w 5d ago
43 musicforever166
1d 16h ago
Your favourite artist is not talented G0D0FSHAD0WS
3d 24m ago
10 Smkiller
1d 16h ago
I Need Some Songs to Sing... creepypoptartmonster
2d 17h ago
1 macker33
1d 22h ago
"Cursed" or "Dangerous" songs? princeofallsofas
1w 2d ago
26 crcarlosrodriguez
2d 7h ago
Favorite Paramore song? TwilightWolfCourage
2w 3d ago
38 TwilightWolfCourage
2d 10h ago
What was that you were singing? RescueSam
1w 1d ago
28 TwilightWolfCourage
2d 12h ago
Favorite Michael Jackson Songs makorragal312
2d 13h ago
1 ThePinkRoseOfTexas
2d 13h ago
Song Lyrics~! chubby-manatee
4w 5h ago
48 46Phira57
2d 17h ago
Need help looking for songs like these... NiNoZaP0
2d 19h ago
1 Dyrinda
2d 18h ago