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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Promote your music project here! namenotrequired
Mar 11, 2013
177 LivingDeadSmurf
2d 15h ago
Official Last.FM Thread ananasjihad
May 2, 2011
211 luvaddict77
Mar 18, 2014
READ BEFORE POSTING - Music Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Guitar Problem? Ibanez0905
1d 9h ago
16 Ibanez0905
13m 36s ago
Do you hate Justin Bieber's music? WEEGEEVIRUS9001
Aug 1, 2013
14m 38s ago
What do you listen to when you're heartbroken? Eraezr
1w 3d ago
53 Eraezr
56m 24s ago
Movie soundtrack MeoAgcat
1w 1d ago
40 Bamboo-Warrior
1h 50s ago
New Tool album icthos
Mar 8, 2014
13 zerotrope
1h 21m ago
Does anyone like Irish music? GenevieveAngel1999
Feb 8, 2014
98 zerotrope
1h 23m ago
Live shows Dstoner
Mar 12, 2014
9 zerotrope
1h 23m ago
Any coldplay fans? kankitsuru
3w 6d ago
44 zerotrope
1h 25m ago
Trippy Music kevster14
2w 3d ago
23 zerotrope
1h 25m ago
Classical music 269-aenima
1w 5d ago
23 zerotrope
1h 26m ago
Guns and Roses or Metallica?? iFernandoLopez
2d 14h ago
19 zerotrope
1h 27m ago
Disturbing Music Videos KaizenKitty
4d 18h ago
68 zerotrope
1h 28m ago
Searching For Music AnnaLena250199
1d 17h ago
15 ironbrandstudios
2h 7m ago
The most entertaining music video CodePurpleyedrawings
1w 5d ago
17 Protoeyesore
2h 37m ago
Favorite Vocaloid? faithfulsadgirl
1w 23h ago
18 Protoeyesore
2h 38m ago
What's everyone into lately? DrifterJellybean
2d 10h ago
20 DrifterJellybean
3h 3m ago
Hip-Hop/Rap Suggestions JuanGMrtnz
1w 2d ago
24 mightybearrr
9h 52m ago
Are you a musical omnivore? Transparently-Opaque
3d 20h ago
34 Mrgreen36
10h 37m ago
Classical music MistyCascade
2d 5h ago
24 MistyCascade
13h 32m ago
Songs that give you a mental image prestonthecarartist
5d 4h ago
48 914four
14h 41m ago
Favourite songs and least favourite songs? PharaohDjoser
2w 5d ago
40 jazzmaster9
1d 3h ago
YG FAMILY fans gather here :) Dagowa
2d 11h ago
13 xxdraxx
1d 7h ago
What songs listen when you draw? iFernandoLopez
3d 13h ago
27 AkatsukiAndBloodstar
1d 7h ago
Any fans of Rise Against? KageUmbreon
6d 11h ago
14 KageUmbreon
1d 8h ago
Favorite Music Genre? kirsten8
1w 6d ago
1d 8h ago
Warped Tour? The-Paper-Equine
Mar 16, 2014
1d 8h ago
What's your top three songs and who by? bedroom-inc
1d 14h ago
5 MarioLuigi96
1d 8h ago
your favorite song at the moment pugfarts
1w 3d ago
45 Ibanez0905
1d 9h ago
Name artists you listen to the most. royalbird
Mar 18, 2014
115 Himinblar
1d 13h ago
Difficult Experiences with Musical Instruments 3wyl
Mar 2, 2014
449 L-River
1d 13h ago
Artists/Bands suggestions anyone? Dasyeeah
3w 4d ago
44 Junk-Heart
2d 20m ago
Music Stores. prestonthecarartist
1w 6d ago
33 prestonthecarartist
2d 3h ago
HELP! What's this song? chetom
2d 9h ago
8 SavageFrog
2d 6h ago
What Song Fits Your Beliefs? LogicalWomen
4d 9h ago
25 BluesmanBruno
2d 9h ago
Song Suggestions? bluenose15
6d 14h ago
13 DerpyManticore
2d 17h ago
Songs that make you wanna jump around and break stuff emotional-leprosy
6d 19h ago
17 emotional-leprosy
2d 19h ago
80s Rock and Roll Songs Not Played Anymore Donovan448
6d 9h ago
3 mphtmnslt
3d 9h ago