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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Music Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
1w 5d ago
0 N/A
Promote your music project here! namenotrequired
Mar 11, 2013
244 Troubled-Sleeper
2w 6d ago
Official Last.FM Thread ananasjihad
May 2, 2011
232 Purpurinos
3w 2d ago
Popular Songs & Singers You Can\'t Stand IceAngel1234
Jun 9, 2014
1,110 deathvalleysk8rz
1h 32m ago
Music Recommendation Contest Part 4: Video Killed the Radio Star dhheiii
2d 15h ago
21 clara-01
1h 35m ago
Do you find that lyrics/music influences your art? Klear-kun
6d 21h ago
23 Slinky-Waffle
2h 39m ago
J pop recommendations? IceAngel1234
1d 16h ago
17 CrispyLettuce
3h 12m ago
Whats your theme song? LockStockCreation
1d 19h ago
13 PricklyFossil
8h 29m ago
Make up a lame band name. metalhartrockandroll
4d 3h ago
45 PricklyFossil
8h 33m ago
Good 80's music recomendations ? ; v ; bubulae
4w 15h ago
56 wick-y
8h 54m ago
Looking for pop in different languages SpokenAndDisclosed
2w 2d ago
76 wick-y
9h 3m ago
Write a lyric and we'll try to guess the song. Eraezr
Oct 21, 2014
459 CrispyLettuce
10h 17m ago
One Direction PrincessLela
Oct 18, 2014
213 PrincessLela
11h 7m ago
Classical Music to overcome anxiety? LibertasChi
2w 3d ago
18 balladofpink
12h 40m ago
Man looking for weirdly specific metal. Basement-Aviator
Dec 23, 2014
30 Endorfun
13h 1m ago
What are you listening to? MuseTerra
Nov 11, 2014
199 Slinky-Waffle
13h 15m ago
Why do you dislike a specific genre of music? Pingk-NC
1w 6d ago
137 Slinky-Waffle
13h 16m ago
2015 recommendations thread mphtmnslt
1w 5d ago
12 mphtmnslt
14h 14m ago
Guess the song! SmileRocker
2w 14h ago
11 SmileRocker
14h 37m ago
Do you hate Justin Bieber's music? WEEGEEVIRUS9001
Aug 1, 2013
1,868 CorruptColors
15h 6m ago
Adam Rickett the pop star the world just wasn't ready for DadofKids
2d 19h ago
2 demonlight
15h 11m ago
Favorite Owl City song? KinglyFaults
1d 20h ago
3 Skrillexia-TF
15h 27m ago
Suggest great vocaloids for me wolfyLRiina
5d 23h ago
25 Di5a5terp13ce
16h 5m ago
ELECTONICA MASH TIME midnightclashtiger
2d 15h ago
18 Skrillexia-TF
17h 14m ago
Name Five Fav Songs... Magictech9999
Oct 26, 2014
159 chaosvolt
21h 53m ago
Favorite band and favorite song/songs by them smite74
1w 3d ago
36 CatWithKnees
22h 38m ago
Your Favorite Video Game Song? Haruspexx
2w 3d ago
31 classicgamer76
1d 1h ago
Music that inspires you? Monique--Renee
1w 3d ago
61 NephilimOfTheLord
1d 13h ago
write a song lyrics that you really like c: Ruunnii
Dec 29, 2014
142 SHIELDfox
1d 16h ago
Songs about break-ups Bryd013
2w 4d ago
28 Hawksfan4848
1d 17h ago
Any other Fun. fans? DaBair
3d 11h ago
2 jaleel
1d 21h ago
Name the last song you listened to! vsearl90
1w 3d ago
50 aaoiyume
1d 23h ago
Songs like 'World is mine'? Veevsi
6d 12h ago
14 penniie
2d 2h ago
"Long" Songs Aaron-Daniels
1w 2d ago
14 LottaLiberta
2d 2h ago
Transcribing help? Kirasel
4d 12h ago
3 RiseofGreenBean
2d 4h ago
Geeky Playlist JZLobo
1w 10h ago
19 JonzyE
2d 7h ago
Please, are they're ANY hardstyle dancers out there? Vinchinderlous
1w 2d ago
51 Vinchinderlous
2d 12h ago
Rare Music Genres? (Noise and Metal) Adopt--Designs
1w 14h ago
49 Smkiller
2d 13h ago
Icelandic music appreciation AemiIius
1w 12h ago
20 Elythe
2d 16h ago
What's your favorite Beatles song/post-beatles song? Beatlesfan15
2w 2d ago
22 GrandMasterEmporer
2d 18h ago