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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Promote your music project here! namenotrequired
Mar 11, 2013
245 poeticise
3w 13h ago
Official Last.FM Thread ananasjihad
May 2, 2011
233 Weezen
3w 18h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Music Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Music? Vinchinderlous
11h 55m ago
28 Ky-5222001
23m 52s ago
Do you make musics? sinnelius
4d 23h ago
2 Prussia-Hungary
42m 31s ago
Music Recommendation Contest Part 5: No Entiendo Esto dhheiii
8h 26m ago
3 crimsonavengerv2
1h 6m ago
Tell me a song that inspires you! Iliveforanime001
5d 22h ago
19 Akyura44
1h 12m ago
What are you listening to? MuseTerra
Nov 11, 2014
264 StarTheFallOutDragon
1h 51m ago
Songs that make you emotional JoyousInsomnia
1w 6d ago
93 nightchildmoonchild
1h 57m ago
Write a lyric and we'll try to guess the song. Eraezr
Oct 21, 2014
585 PalasanEagle
2h 6m ago
write the name of a song yu want the person commenting after you to hear:). Ruunnii
3d 7h ago
38 Ruunnii
2h 14m ago
Alternative/Indie Songs? JA50
1w 1d ago
19 crimsonavengerv2
2h 37m ago
Unpopular Opinions in Music Aaron-Daniels
6h 13m ago
6 zive
3h 10m ago
Help guys!!! GalacticSunrise
2d 8h ago
9 GalacticSunrise
4h 18m ago
Do you hate Justin Bieber's music? WEEGEEVIRUS9001
Aug 1, 2013
1,978 Lucr3tcia
5h 1m ago
One Direction PrincessLela
Oct 18, 2014
271 MalikMonkey
6h 53m ago
The ever-increasing threat of hearing loss from loud music kaixax555
2d 1h ago
12 Andy813
7h 5m ago
Any 5SOS fans? If so, come here! Iliveforanime001
1d 14h ago
15 Iliveforanime001
7h 22m ago
I'm looking for a battle song Ichinzen
9h 8m ago
2 Ichinzen
8h 23m ago
2015 recommendations thread mphtmnslt
Jan 15, 2015
19 Aaron-Daniels
8h 31m ago
Theme Song remixes? SnarkyPhiles
8h 59m ago
0 N/A
Halestorm, anyone? teenrex7
10h 10m ago
1 SnarkyPhiles
9h 13m ago
Boards of Canada fans ISeeTheLattice
2w 4d ago
25 mphtmnslt
10h 9m ago
What's your fave? SirCassie
Jan 30, 2015
66 Vinchinderlous
11h 45m ago
Music Suggestions lPoisonIvyl
2w 13h ago
36 Vinchinderlous
11h 49m ago
Royalty-free music for youtube? RZ-desu
1d 9h ago
6 redmarlin
12h 6m ago
Suggestions of strong female vocalists? 3wyl
3w 1d ago
77 StarTheFallOutDragon
12h 19m ago
Black Metal jacobreece888
1d 11h ago
6 qattle
13h 56m ago
COCOROSIE faerieseatsugarcubes
1w 3d ago
5 faerieseatsugarcubes
15h 39m ago
Popular Songs & Singers You Can\'t Stand IceAngel1234
Jun 9, 2014
1,166 XxFlameFrost101xX
21h 11m ago
Any 3 Days Grace, Skillet, Evanensence, or Linkin Park fans? arteest76
1w 1d ago
27 PricklyFossil
22h 7m ago
Favorite Electric Light Orchestra song JZLobo
1w 3d ago
34 JZLobo
22h 11m ago
What's your type of music dualzxz
3d 16h ago
25 Jagodzianka84
1d 3h ago
Favorite song lyric? Monique--Renee
1w 3d ago
57 WilliamTheKonqueror
1d 7h ago
Albums that make up the soundtrack to your life falcougeplz
1w 10m ago
20 ThISoMessedUp
1d 13h ago
So... did they ever find out who let the dogs out? goofymoNkey
1w 2d ago
22 ThISoMessedUp
1d 13h ago
If you could associate music genres with colors... PinkJazzX
1w 4d ago
16 LeatherHead72
1d 15h ago
Let us know which CD you bought lately? BabySugarberry
3w 1d ago
73 luvaddict77
1d 16h ago
Songs to have sex too falcougeplz
2d 21h ago
26 Abstract-Mindser
1d 17h ago
What are you listening to right now? JA50
2w 4d ago
58 BloodClaw555
2d 10h ago