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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Official Last.FM Thread ananasjihad
May 2, 2011
258 kimmidarkline
6d 7h ago
Promote your music project here! namenotrequired
Mar 11, 2013
381 Bauxi
1w 1d ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Music Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
How often do you seek out new music? PolymerWantACracker
6h 55m ago
19 PolymerWantACracker
44m 44s ago
HORRIBLE covers of GREAT songs Scorching-Whirlwind
2w 6d ago
74 Scorching-Whirlwind
1h 39m ago
Metal songs/albums that make you feel uncomfortable SaneKyle
1w 5d ago
123 Tw1st3d1337
1h 44m ago
Some of your favorite bands? BatWingsandBanshees
18h 55m ago
11 GrandMasterEmporer
2h 10m ago
metal and screamo music bigbanggirl450
1w 2d ago
21 skulkey
2h 36m ago
Was Michael Jackson the greatest music artist of all time? showeverything1
3d 16h ago
14 TheAmastereth
3h 25m ago
Ronnie James Dio TheAmastereth
1d 6h ago
22 TheAmastereth
3h 26m ago
What song represents you? Megamenix1987
2w 9h ago
45 ereeaizar
3h 37m ago
Writing music for games/or finding talents to make one for you alexandersinnelius
15h 56m ago
3 Smkiller
4h 39m ago
Better version of Caramelldansen (not a remix) MikeCone69
1w 2d ago
4 DiegoGTRatty
4h 53m ago
What is your recent obsession? Neiot
2d 16h ago
18 ThatLauraYoung
4h 54m ago
1d 21h ago
11 Airyfellow
6h 26m ago
Music that blew your mind! Neiot
6d 22h ago
14 TheAmastereth
6h 33m ago
Justin Bieber claims to be better than Michael Jackson, calls himself King of Music showeverything1
11h 14m ago
6 DylanSeto
7h 25m ago
Anyone into Marilyn Manson...? CountryChic7
1d 16h ago
7 Airyfellow
12h 59m ago
Playlists You Use For Drawing? Zeppelinrose67
17h 55m ago
0 N/A
Song/Band You're Listening To Right Now While On DeviantArt.... InfraDalek
5d 19h ago
23 InfraDalek
17h 59m ago
Weird music you like? mayr1994
1w 4d ago
33 BatWingsandBanshees
18h 58m ago
Motivational Music Xentrias
6d 3h ago
11 destroyerofducks
1d 17m ago
Top 5 songs from your favorite bands. GrandMasterEmporer
Aug 23, 2016
49 GrandMasterEmporer
1d 2h ago
Described Yourself In 5 Song Titles Zeppelinrose67
6d 42m ago
39 Zeppelinrose67
1d 2h ago
Longest Songs FurriesInBlenders
1w 4d ago
28 eon-krate32
1d 8h ago
What are you listening to? AnnieSwigart
Aug 16, 2016
80 eon-krate32
1d 8h ago
What was the last CD you actually bought? lollipopsocks
2w 3d ago
55 eon-krate32
1d 8h ago
Charlie Puth moonlitinuyasha1985
4d 5h ago
8 moonlitinuyasha1985
1d 10h ago
Is it cool to be annoying? planxtafroggie
1w 10h ago
11 CatWithKnees
1d 12h ago
Justin Bieber claims to be better than Michael Jackson, calls himself King of Music showeverything1
2d 17h ago
3 FlutterCommunist
1d 20h ago
Can't Stop the Feeling! moonlitinuyasha1985
2w 21h ago
31 moonlitinuyasha1985
1d 22h ago
Worst Song You've Ever Heard? Pyroglifix
1m 22h ago
184 MilesW1998
2d 31m ago
Any fans of Ed Sheeran? What's your favourite song by him? AetherEternal
3w 2d ago
22 MilesW1998
2d 53m ago
What are your favorite musical instruments? Taran13573794
3d 17h ago
7 MoodyQueen
2d 1h ago
Most overrated bands ever! jimmyjackjoseph
1w 6h ago
33 MoodyQueen
2d 1h ago
Good Video Game OST/ Film Scores? mew2pwner95
5d 11h ago
21 ElvishChozo
2d 5h ago
Favorite song by The Smiths and Why. TheGhostofanArtist
6d 17h ago
18 ElvishChozo
2d 5h ago
Recommend me some newer artists that discuss current issues. lollipopsocks
1w 5d ago
8 FlutterCommunist
2d 15h ago
A Song's Charm Neiot
3d 14h ago
11 Fuee
2d 19h ago
Song game! Randomstuff-Stuff
3d 2h ago
4 Randomstuff-Stuff
3d 2h ago