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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Promote your music project here! namenotrequired
Mar 11, 2013
386 Sona13Singer
Oct 26, 2016
Official Last.FM Thread ananasjihad
May 2, 2011
258 kimmidarkline
Sep 18, 2016
READ BEFORE POSTING - Music Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Artists you used to like, but have since fallen out of love with Mrgreen36
1w 2d ago
33 starfast99
19m 19s ago
Music that inspires you to draw!? Planet-i-Studios
6d 1h ago
42 DrifterJellybean
2h 36m ago
RIP Greg Lake mdscarfaceone
2d 12h ago
6 TheCunningCondor
3h 19m ago
Your favourite Hamilton Musical character? Ithlini
4d 12h ago
25 Ithlini
5h 27m ago
What are your current top 10 favorite songs? Xehiros
15h 50m ago
7 TheCunningCondor
6h 7m ago
What's your favorite music artist ? LunaDragonCat
2w 6d ago
50 Enzitee
6h 43m ago
Music that makes You feel like a badass mew2pwner95
1w 2d ago
24 Enzitee
6h 59m ago
Whatchu Listenin' To? Zeppelinrose67
Nov 8, 2016
88 whateverdude6833
7h 39m ago
looking for help on creating a lullaby FlyroStorm
1d 11h ago
9 whateverdude6833
8h 14m ago
Metalheads/Rockers! Most underrated band(s) in your opinion? Awesomenope
2d 7h ago
15 CapLA123
8h 40m ago
Tegan and Sara Wonderful-Unknown
5d 5h ago
1 captainchaos85
8h 42m ago
What songs have you been playing on repeat recently? princeofallsofas
Oct 18, 2016
91 DrifterJellybean
9h 17m ago
Best punk band to you SeanLenahanSD
Oct 5, 2016
118 CapLA123
9h 55m ago
For metalheads and rockers: what is your favorite band/singer? KuteCat04
1w 4d ago
76 CapLA123
10h 25m ago
First Instrument You Learned to Play? MythicalArt13
2d 3h ago
30 MythicalArt13
12h 45m ago
Scariest song you've heard? R4DIO-HAZARD
3d 7h ago
24 mew2pwner95
13h 30m ago
Lindsey Stirling anybody? AetherEternal
1d 21h ago
6 Petalofdreams
14h 26s ago
Songs for when you're feeling hot and bothered? TheGreenHerring
2d 1h ago
3 folcs
14h 22m ago
songs about friends hurting you OriginalMovement
16h 18m ago
1 mphtmnslt
15h 24m ago
Things that ruin a song for you? Mr-Stuff
3w 1d ago
87 Holt5
15h 50m ago
90s music ElvishChozo
1w 1d ago
13 defaultking
22h 30m ago
Covers! theBlackWolff
3w 1d ago
12 shieldforyoureyes
23h 6m ago
Top 10 Funniest Christmas Songs ProfessorMegaman
3d 8h ago
7 AntiqueEngineer
1d 11h ago
Are there any metalhead deviants out there? Rhoder
6d 11h ago
14 folcs
1d 13h ago
Songs that make you tear up? PolymerWantACracker
2w 1d ago
25 The-Emmeranne
1d 14h ago
favorite music genre? EXxmovuxxs
3w 6d ago
42 The-Emmeranne
1d 17h ago
How to Burn Spotify Music to CD Enidrhee
5d 2h ago
6 morbidman187
2d 13m ago
What artist would you want to be alive right now? Kadieja2
2w 4d ago
36 Bonnzai
2d 7h ago
Most underrated beatles song? AnarchoAutism
2d 8h ago
0 N/A
What song has been stuck in your head recently? EnderBadger96
Oct 24, 2016
68 JessHavok
2d 16h ago
free youtube to mp3 WeiDrury
1w 4d ago
3 lbsilvina
2d 19h ago
Favorite and Least Favorite Christmas songs? Wonderful-Unknown
1w 2d ago
18 TheHellboundAtheist
3d 4h ago
Apple Music to MP3. FRhyme
4d 21h ago
3 Smkiller
3d 12h ago
Literally can't find the name of this song T^T brashart21
1w 23h ago
25 Skrillexia-TF
4d 11h ago
Post good Electronic artists JellyTunes
2w 4d ago
23 saikyoryuuougi
4d 16h ago
Best artist who died in 2016 PresidentTrump
3w 5d ago
30 luvaddict77
4d 20h ago
My memesong is going strong {:'-D Smartstocks
6d 3h ago
2 Smartstocks
5d 4h ago