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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Promote your music project here! namenotrequired
Mar 11, 2013
233 SgtNicotina
4d 1h ago
Official Last.FM Thread ananasjihad
May 2, 2011
227 Magmortar75
1w 3d ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Music Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
One Direction PrincessLela
1w 8h ago
44 PrincessLela
33m 34s ago
What music group is your all time favorite? royalbird
Aug 19, 2014
156 UltimateEquilibrium
48m 32s ago
Songs that'd kick a$$ if converted to metal KdaAnimefan
2w 2d ago
15 haamurusko
51m 23s ago
Looking for a good "heartache/losing in romance" song (especially rap but any genre is okay too) SharpGuard
5d 23h ago
4 ThisIsHuhWowComics
56m 47s ago
What do you listend to right now? Wilkart
3w 6d ago
67 Bamboo-Warrior
1h 23m ago
Recommend me some nice songs FlabnBone
1w 19h ago
37 kayanne21
1h 50m ago
Favorite Song? KiiroSakura
4d 5h ago
18 SmileRocker
1h 57m ago
Name a brutal band! Umbrayl-and-Paynx
Sep 23, 2014
94 SmileRocker
1h 58m ago
Come up with a band name Bryd013
2d 13h ago
15 SmileRocker
1h 59m ago
Songs from the '60s and '70s? Nintendo--Gamer
Sep 11, 2014
135 TheRoyalCrownJewel
2h 5m ago
What do you think about Dubstep? Z-Pikachu
1w 1d ago
186 AvSkyggene
4h 3m ago
Name a song that's not about love/sex. Eraezr
Sep 21, 2014
432 Vasya-Masha
4h 47m ago
what kind of music you listen to while you draw? Ailill90
1d 17h ago
23 IceAngel1234
5h 47m ago
Any K-Pop lovers ? ken-sh
3d 9h ago
15 IceAngel1234
5h 50m ago
Anyone else think Nickleback really isn't that bad? RyanPowers
2w 4d ago
33 maltron66
6h 27m ago
Favourite music then and now? invisiblehumanoid
1w 4d ago
60 maltron66
6h 30m ago
What is the saddest song that you've ever heard? DynamicEagle
2w 29m ago
43 maltron66
6h 30m ago
Write a lyric and we'll try to guess the song. Eraezr
4d 17h ago
82 rocketslugrockscp
6h 41m ago
Favourite Calm down songs XxFlameFrost101xX
Sep 18, 2014
121 KidMelton
8h 41m ago
Music SpookyMusic
3d 3h ago
22 ThisIsMyFist
10h 1m ago
Does Skrillex have a fan mail address? Witchmiester185
1d 3h ago
9 Abstract-Mindser
10h 6m ago
Popular Songs & Singers You Can\'t Stand IceAngel1234
Jun 9, 2014
873 IceAngel1234
11h 8m ago
Favorite Composer teenrex7
6d 3h ago
4 maltron66
14h 24m ago
Name a song that makes you think of Halloween II-edison-II
2w 3d ago
54 Sphere-of-Fantasy
15h 26m ago
Dumbest lyrics you've ever heard Bryd013
Jul 14, 2014
304 KidMelton
1d 28m ago
Your Favorite Inspirational Songs of HOPE! ChubbyDoomBunny
1w 3h ago
25 artununos-k2
1d 2h ago
Rappas Frankybean
3d 6h ago
21 Frankybean
1d 5h ago
Lorde Everlasting90
4d 6h ago
13 Lottie-Photography
1d 6h ago
Anyone into local music? TheArrowsOfArtemis
2w 3d ago
22 ZamberZT
1d 12h ago
What's your favourite song? Licht-Drache-122
2d 15h ago
5 ssgohan5
1d 19h ago
Do you hate Justin Bieber's music? WEEGEEVIRUS9001
Aug 1, 2013
2d 14h ago
Favorite song/genre Elikoeidi
1w 4d ago
16 Basement-Aviator
2d 20h ago
Good music from France? princeofallsofas
3w 4d ago
96 Fuee
2d 21h ago
If the music you listened to effected your outward appearance... Z-Pikachu
Sep 17, 2014
130 KidMelton
3d 3h ago
Song from Las Vegas Fox TV promo? Miran
1w 12h ago
4 Miran
3d 3h ago
what do your parents think of the music you listen to? musicforever166
Aug 12, 2014
129 musicforever166
3d 5h ago
The Matches jackcrowder
1w 2d ago
4 jackcrowder
3d 10h ago