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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Promote your music project here! namenotrequired
Mar 11, 2013
225 sk8er-sheep
3d 3h ago
Official Last.FM Thread ananasjihad
May 2, 2011
225 Gringoamericano
1w 3d ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Music Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Butt rock rocketslugrockscp
3h 6m ago
3 qattle
14m ago
Gene Simmons Says “Rock Is Finally Dead,” And Pirating Is To Blame Smkiller
1w 5d ago
70 mphtmnslt
18m 30s ago
Favorite Album from Every Year Since Your Birth Smkiller
1d 1h ago
6 mphtmnslt
29m 9s ago
Anyone else think Pop is exceptionally boring right now? wideyedkitten11
7h 23m ago
9 mphtmnslt
35m 27s ago
R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio! Any fans? TreyDavidWood
8h 52m ago
8 Pho-Kadat
41m ago
song name help!!!! unicornbunny12
1h 43m ago
0 N/A
The Hook 3wyl
2w 19h ago
214 PictureOnProgress
1h 44m ago
Favourite Calm down songs XxFlameFrost101xX
16h 48m ago
24 Tony-Antwonio
2h 4m ago
The "Post a Song" Game—Let's Play! Nintendo--Gamer
2w 6h ago
108 Aaron-Daniels
3h 4m ago
If the music you listened to effected your outward appearance... Z-Pikachu
1d 4h ago
65 rocketslugrockscp
3h 9m ago
The Shuffle Game rocketslugrockscp
Jul 18, 2014
46 rocketslugrockscp
3h 21m ago
How to sing (punk)? winkinglynx
4d 9h ago
5 mightybearrr
4h 1m ago
Most annoying song Dooodlebug3000
2w 4h ago
106 MissPoe
4h 6m ago
Name the last song you listened to and add... StarlightCrux
1d 12h ago
37 MarioLuigi96
4h 50m ago
Anyone into K-Pop? IceAngel1234
Apr 23, 2014
344 painted-daydreams
4h 53m ago
Songs from the '60s and '70s? Nintendo--Gamer
1w 8h ago
37 luvaddict77
5h 3m ago
What's your theme song? MissLemons
5d 3h ago
53 MissLemons
5h 7m ago
Dumbest lyrics you've ever heard Bryd013
Jul 14, 2014
272 XxFlameFrost101xX
6h 32m ago
Bands, bands, and even more bands rocketslugrockscp
2w 6d ago
25 wideyedkitten11
7h 20m ago
Soundtrack To Apocalypse NemoX7
1w 1d ago
18 Xianghua
11h 33m ago
Looking for Awesome music to inspire crysiblu
5d 14h ago
24 crysiblu
11h 52m ago
How many songs are on your playlist? Eraezr
2w 4d ago
50 Eraezr
13h 5m ago
Popular Songs & Singers You Can\'t Stand IceAngel1234
Jun 9, 2014
783 MissMaddox
13h 29m ago
Drum n Bass AMBONE105
3d 9h ago
26 AMBONE105
14h 7m ago
Five Seconds of Summer Ozai-Fanatic
1d 5h ago
12 Ozai-Fanatic
14h 29m ago
What music group is your all time favorite? royalbird
Aug 19, 2014
87 KillThePaint
14h 37m ago
Music asks.... Eraezr
4w 1d ago
88 Smkiller
14h 45m ago
Tell me why Lana Del Ray is AMAZING!! Adorkable202
2w 4d ago
16 XxFlameFrost101xX
16h 53m ago
Male or Female singers? Lolliihime
1w 5d ago
44 ThisIsMyFist
21h 5m ago
How much do you like anime openings? MuffinCox
6d 7h ago
26 IMDSound
23h 17m ago
Favorite song(s)? PrincessPea5456
4d 5h ago
20 Skrillexia-TF
1d 1h ago
Radio Disney is leaving the AM/FM business BuddyBoy600
1w 3d ago
32 Ozai-Fanatic
1d 2h ago
Songs that you just can't stop listening to BlackJokerLover
1w 5d ago
68 Dark-Kadabra
2d 4h ago
Favourite pieces to play on piano? 3wyl
4w 1d ago
92 KillThePaint
2d 10h ago
Vaporwave, anyone? mightybearrr
4d 7m ago
3 Gringoamericano
3d 6h ago
Sabaton madgerman123
1w 1d ago
36 Jimmpan
3d 6h ago
Old Epcot soundtrack song LarissaRivero
4d 2h ago
6 PixlPhantasy
3d 11h ago