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December 20, 2016


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Yuri on Ice 1x1 Roleplay over Notes

muscularteeth Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2016
Or possibly e-mail?? Whichever. Anyway.

My life has been nothing but a series of stressful situations in which I rarely have time to sit down and write. I am off work and school the next four days. While I should take advantage of the time to maybe finish some drafts I have floating around, let's be honest: I'm burnt the fuck out and all, all I want to do is have a one on one roleplay centering around Yuri on Ice.

Personally, I like roleplay to tell a story, be around a PG-13 rating, and explore character interactions (both romantic and non) that are mostly canon but with fanon interpretations. (And maybe even some retroactive twists when episode 12 comes out and we can all collectively sob in relief).

So yeah. To get an idea of what I want, some of my pairings/headcanons/etc.

**BEFORE YOU PROCEED: this post is probably baffling to my watchers who follow me as a Serious Writer. I actually got my start writing by--no shit--writing Naruto High School AU m/slash roleplays. Occassionally we all have to slum it up in our roots, if wanting to RP the greatest piece of media to be released in 2016 can be called slumming**

--Viktor and Yuri settling down in Japan, opening an ice skating rink and coaching kids.
--Yuri on Ice in retrospect: taking episode ten and reviewing all the cracks it made in the plot.
--I like to assume Yuri&Viktor's physical relationship started around like episode 5?? Help me flesh this out.
--Minami meeting Seung Gil at the next Grand Prix tournament. Minami!! Meeting!! Seung Gil!!
--The bittersweet long distance relationship of Leo de Iglesias and Guang Hong Ji.
--Phichit starring in Always the Bridesmaid, Never The Bride: His Life of Texting Yuuri All His Relationship Woes
--Otabek and Yurio having the most awkward slow burner romance ever as an angry cat and vulcan try to navigate human emotion for the first time.
--Mila&Sala!!! Mila&Sala!!!!
--Yurio had a crush on Yuri the entire time (TM) and them talking about it years later (I have volumes of evidence for this don't play with me)
--Chris/His Coach.

Anyway, someone indulge me?? Anyone?? Prolly gonna copypasta this in the forums too.

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Devious Comments

KaizenKitty Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2016   Writer
hello!! :la: let's do this.

:D notes is fine. this show is awesome and wish there was more good fanfic of it.
muscularteeth Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016
Noted you!
muscularteeth Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2016
Also, hey, if you want to just discuss Yuri on Ice with me here, I can live with that. I just need to fandom vent these feelings.
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