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December 22, 2012


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Magica Madoka

Kell0x Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
The Magica Madoka two films were a hit,
The dvd's were sold very well
Television Award at the 16th Animation Kobe Awards
It got an award by Newtype Anime
Madoka Magica was awarded a Seiun Award for "Best Media" at the 2012 Japan Science Fiction Convention
Madoka Magica also won the best Yuri Anime of 2011.

And reviews are majority praising the Anime.

I really do like this series and how it it keeps Magical girl themes while twising and maturing them. Through It's not the first series to ever done that. Just look at Princess Tutu and Revolunariy Girl Utena who also did things to the magical girl genre that changed it in various ways.
However I do like the series a lot.
Any thoughts? any opinions?
Everyone is free to agree or disagree.

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Devious Comments

KrazyboutKomics Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
It's my favorite anime as of yet, with my viewing of the whole series totaling at 15 times--the last of which was a viewing of the movies in Kyoto.
Do I think it's the best thing in the world? ...Kinda. Not really THE BEST. But definitely THE BEST in a long time that I've seen.
Why do I think this? Because the innovation is obvious. It copied a TON of things it did... but then it also did quite a few things you don't see in anime often, AND it took a lot of what it copied and made intentional derivations from the material--meaning it knew what it was copying and it let the audience know as well, in order to tie itself in as a derivative work without losing its overall unique statement.
Take into account the organization of the events, the significance of ALL the events, the pacing, the animation, and the general atmosphere of the series, thanks to some well-reputed composers, artists, and even episode directors, the series was an all-around "masterpiece" to me.
Of course, what made it different from many works that did similar things in the same genre and otherwise, to me, was the focus on the statement it was trying to make. It's far from as obvious as the Faust references or the subversions of the magical girl genre. It was an overall statement on Urobuchi's thoughts of the world. Or rather, one of the thoughts he used, as an author, to question his own line of previous thinking with a new one--and it was successful in more ways than one.

It turned Urobuchi into my favorite writer (once I got into his other works and realized Madoka wasn't unique).
Though I do want to make it clear to people that it wasn't Urobuchi's writing alone that made this a great series. The entire Magica Quartet staff did it together.
And the movies were AMAZING. Having seen the series 14 times before seeing the movies, I wasn't expecting anything revolutionary coming from the films. And indeed, the story and directing didn't change at all. HOWEVER, thanks to some major aesthetic changes, the movies felt much prettier and even effective in some scenes compared with the TV/BD/DVD releases...

Princess Tutu and Utena, among others, are some of my favorite classics. They were unique in their own way and stand out above so many other works from their time. But to me, Madoka stood out in a way that makes it both a homage to the storytelling of old AND the standards of writing today, without compromising either. And I'm willing to bet Madoka has already changed the roots of the Mahou Shoujo genre and anime in general from here on out, much in the same way evangelion changed the views on the mecha genre, as well as the views on fanservice in the entire industry. =P
chibipunk7231 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
I've only watched some of the Magical Madoka series. It certainly was a darker anime for magical girls. I did enjoy it, I need to finish the series. Even more so I love Princess TuTu, that was a fantastic anime. I have not seen Utena yet though. What is that anime series about?
CatharsisGaze Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Professional General Artist
So many feels and I didn't get a single fanart done yet... ='D
I really love the anime even though in the beginning I wasn't sure what to think of it - until the third episode. From there on I was caught by its great charme.
Even the drawing style which I found a bit unusual because of its head proportions grew dear to me.

My absolute favourite is Homura... As most people I guess.
I don't want to write any spoilers though. ^^'

And I'm happy that I got all three DVD volumes soon enough to get a free extra slipcase for them! XD
That's something that the DVD company offers for the German version. ;3
Kell0x Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Same thing here :nod:

free slipcase? sounds awesome :3
CatharsisGaze Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Professional General Artist
Yay! X3

Tehe, that's how they made me want to buy the DVDs as soon as possible... XD
MimiMaxwell Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Student Artist
I cried when Sayaka died.

And overall I enjoyed it a lot. I hope it acts as a vessel to showing the deconstruction of the Magical Girl genre to the general public...It's because of Madoka that I'm interested in watching Princess Tutu.
Kell0x Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thats great to hear :)

Through I do have to say Tutu is a lot more lighthearted then Madoka but its still a fantastic anime AND MUCH better then the magician girl crap that gets out on Japan every 6 months.

Tutu focuses more on the theme of how characters don't want to play the role they are written for.
MimiMaxwell Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Student Artist
That's really good to hear! :D As an aspiring performer, it's a theme that intrigues me. :)
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