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November 24, 2012


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Rise of the Guardians

Just saw it. The effects were amazing (80% of the reason I saw the film right there). The characters and sets very well designed. The story... eh, hit and miss. Not spoiling anything but the closer it got to the ending the more it became animated family movie bingo. "Oh, he pointed at the young character's chest and said "I'll be in here"! Five across, BINGO!". Other than that, there were just a few plot holes that bugged me. In the end, it is essentially Avengers with fairy tale characters.

What are your thoughts?

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daydreame Dec 10, 2012   Photographer
It felt a bit rushed for my liking, it never settled down and got to grips with its plotline. However, the graphics and effects and characters were brilliant :) I hope they can slow things down for the next one
narutokunobessed Dec 9, 2012  Student General Artist
Jack's baby face. Actually, the design reminded me of final fantasy character.
I was actually really wary of it when I first heard the title and saw the first few commercials. I wasn't really digging the designs of the side characters at first. But they won me over pretty fast. I was worried about Jack frost too, the commercials really featured him after a while and all I could think was "oh they're just pandering to the young ladies and men who loves them a baby-faced male". Of course I totally loved the Jack frost design and he was a main reason I was keen on the flick (so good job marketing?). I only went for a full price showing because some friends invited me along.
I saw it a second time because the characters are all really interesting, and the design is fantastic. The textures and colours were beautiful, the animation was mesmerizing (most of the time) especially the expressions. A really heart wrenching scene involving jack is just beautiful for his facial acting, I swear I could see tears welling up.

The ending is what keeps it from being an amazing film. But it still has me wanting more, and I really hope they do a sequel with more fantastic creatures, and back-stories. Makes me wanna read all the books too.

Also it blows my mind that it's Peter Ramsey's full-length directorial debut. But seeing as how he's a successful storyboard artist, that explains why the movie looked so amazing.
BubblegumShotgun Dec 9, 2012  Student Filmographer
I agree with you %100. Story telling wise it felt kinda odd? the flow was kinda bizarre and not what I would have expected, and I kinda don't like how they handled pitch at all. Kinda spoliery (hope I'm spelling that right) but I don't feel like pitch shouldn't have got sent to the blackness in the end? Fear is an important emotion to have, you can't be brave if you where never scared of something in the first place. I felt if they tried more to make the movie for everyone rather then just kids it would have had a better story telling flow, and if they tried to iron out the plot holes more it could have been truly great. I felt if maybe the movie was as long as a lotr film or harry potter film that could have helped it but for what it was I did certainly get interested in the world and the lives of the fairy tale characters.
I agree on the pitch ending thing. The man in the moon created him in much the same way as he did santa, jack, and the others. It didn't seem fair to me that he just got the generic bad guy punishment. Maybe there will be a sequel where he redeems himself?
BubblegumShotgun Dec 9, 2012  Student Filmographer
it was a really shame they did make him generic bad guy in story telling sense but as a character over all I feel like there was so much more to him and they just kinda under used him or didn't use him to the fullest that they could have. It was at the part where he was with jack that I though he really shined as a character because we got a bit of how he felt about his situation in life.
yeah exactly. I wish they had just taken the time and really focused on him and jack. They did alright with jack, but he didn't get as much development as they were hinting he might. Also, they purposely pointed out the fact that he didn't choose who he was.
NevaeL Dec 9, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I felt in love with Toothiana ! I love the character ! I love it so badly that I made a fanart of her haha.
About the movie I think, it was a really great one. Honestly it's in my top 3 movie right now. I love how about Jack's quest about finding how he is but I think it's too light as a story to be a great one.
Hopefully there was all those effects ! As a student in animation 3D, Rise of the Guardians fits perfectly what I was looking for.
I love the characters
but I think they should show more about the rest--I mean the tooth fairy, Santa, Bunny and Sandie :O 'cuz I'd want to know more about minor (can I call them like this?) characters as I want to know about Jack Frost.

the plot's ok, like you said it ended up like a fairy tale version of the Avengers LOL

but it's enjoyable anyway :D

and Jack Frost is cute XD
Sartanis Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I saw it last night and was quite impressed. I was expecting much less while walking in, but it didn't disappoint. The animation was fantastic as well. :D
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