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READ BEFORE POSTING - Movies and TV Forum Rules 3wyl
Oct 9, 2014
0 N/A
Best And Worst CGI Ever Slinkgirl95
2h 4m ago
9 Slinkgirl95
53m 52s ago
Plot twist clichés? robertc009
1d 7h ago
12 Redfoxbennaton
55m 3s ago
Anime Cliches OUTMACED121
2h 41m ago
5 REIdepenguin
1h 18m ago
Please stop making gay jokes.. they were never funny silversongwriter
5d 9h ago
76 hunterN05
1h 37m ago
Rocko's Modern Life Hawksfan4848
3h 26m ago
4 Slinkgirl95
1h 40m ago
Fall Shows IridescentCatalyst
4h 4m ago
3 Mr-Timeshadow
2h 31m ago
TMNT Fans? (Open this to see a cool thing) Bblaze-MiKaSa2D
5d 2h ago
11 CuddlyHawk
3h 4m ago
Your thoughts on major theatres not showing THE INTERVIEW manic-cure
9h 10m ago
23 electricjonny
3h 17m ago
Movies where you wanted the villian to win. KdaAnimefan
Nov 9, 2014
182 Plotismybiasgame
3h 39m ago
Worst and best recent TV shows? Mrs-Durden
1w 3d ago
111 CorruptColors
3h 50m ago
Frozen Fan club FrozenFanofArendelle
3d 2h ago
94 FrozenFanofArendelle
4h 23m ago
Would you support crowd funding a documentary about pet theft? RJ8
18h 10m ago
12 RJ8
4h 47m ago
Anyone saw "Hobbit The battle of Five armies"? IWubChoco94
1d 18h ago
21 luvaddict77
5h 11m ago
Thoughts on Gravity Falls? HARlME
10h 57m ago
5h 27m ago
Comeback of the Kirby anime? Want or not? sonictailssomething1
2d 13h ago
13 sonictailssomething1
6h 17m ago
Best and Worst Christmas Films Slinkgirl95
5d 5h ago
18 TheStrategos
7h 14m ago
Any Disney people out there.... DisneyGirlForever2
Sep 25, 2014
374 midnightgravedigger
7h 18m ago
Films that made you cry Aheng711
Jul 7, 2014
600 TheStrategos
7h 24m ago
Lord of the Rings Greatest-Nightmare
1w 2d ago
42 Lytrigian
8h 56m ago
What were the weirdest movies you've ever seen? Rabbitearsblog
Nov 4, 2014
140 Andy813
12h 41m ago
Do you want traditional animation make a comeback in movies? Rabbitearsblog
1w 6m ago
61 II-edison-II
12h 52m ago
Fullmetal Alchemist: 2003 or Brotherhood? HARlME
2w 5d ago
13h 4m ago
Favorite movies of 2014 so far? RieyTails
1d 5h ago
10 neraksel
13h 59m ago
Good cartoons? SoundoftheWaves
1w 4d ago
25 SoundoftheWaves
16h 42m ago
Favorite Animated Villains TheRomanceScrooge
3d 4h ago
15 REIdepenguin
23h 31m ago
Arrow (episode 9, season 3) *Spoilers Alert! JustinMLindner
6d 9h ago
37 JustinMLindner
1d 3h ago
Sonic Boom the TV show, Yay or Nay? Didj
1w 3h ago
15 ProfessorMegaman
1d 5h ago
Any great mecha shows that anyone can enjoy REIdepenguin
1w 6d ago
37 x19a
1d 6h ago
Worst Movies You've Ever Seen? PlagueRat24601
6d 9h ago
83 darkone4587
1d 7h ago
What's your favorite Disney Movie and why? Quindayo
3w 21h ago
131 ToonEGuy
1d 9h ago
Crossovers? IzzyArt54
2w 2d ago
10 Joacasbar
1d 11h ago
Underrated Animated Shows borninabathtub
3d 2h ago
7 borninabathtub
1d 12h ago
best and worst south park episodes of each season thesupremegamer12
4d 16h ago
8 thesupremegamer12
1d 14h ago
Constantine JustinMLindner
3w 4d ago
48 JustinMLindner
1d 16h ago
Best and Worst Christmas Episodes/Specials Slinkgirl95
5d 5h ago
17 luvaddict77
2d 1h ago
Why are bronies so easilly amussed silversongwriter
1w 1d ago
13 TheArtOfCBYoung
2d 3h ago
Is there a character you hate but everyone else likes REIdepenguin
Nov 7, 2014
203 peacelovepony
2d 4h ago
Big Hero 6 REIdepenguin
4d 18h ago
24 REIdepenguin
2d 12h ago
The Flash: The Mid Season Finale, The Man in the Yellow Suit KdaAnimefan
1w 1d ago
32 CrimeRoyale
2d 13h ago