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READ BEFORE POSTING - Movies and TV Forum Rules 3wyl
Oct 9, 2014
0 N/A
Why do people think that Madoka Magica is sexist? OdeToMiniatures
17h 7m ago
52 Fantastic-Phoenix
27m 2s ago
2w 18h ago
55 EpicPieFace
48m 58s ago
Memento KannonKloud
1d 16h ago
4 Berlioz-II
49m 22s ago
What TV show/movie cliches are you tired of? advers7
1w 2d ago
34 Hurricaneclaw
1h 14m ago
Best 2014 Anime? champignonkinoko
1w 4d ago
41 ElvishChozo
1h 21m ago
what are your 12 unpopular opinions on animation thesupremegamer12
1d 6h ago
43 priteeboy
1h 46m ago
monster rancher anarchintheuke
20h 9m ago
1 Luke-the-F0x
1h 56m ago
Anyone just watch the new walking dead episode? prettyprincess45
6d 20h ago
26 SunKissDrop-10
2h 10m ago
Transformers Prime Blazethecat7125
Jul 31, 2014
172 Blazethecat7125
2h 28m ago
Is there a character you hate but everyone else likes REIdepenguin
2w 2d ago
172 FAS1997
2h 35m ago
it is a undeniable FACT known across the multiverse ThaRandomAnchiornis1
17h 17m ago
5 Azurehypnock
2h 49m ago
let's talk about Shinichiro Watanabe- he directed some awesome things REIdepenguin
4h 25m ago
3 ElvishChozo
3h 19m ago
What were the weirdest movies you've ever seen? Rabbitearsblog
2w 4d ago
84 JustinMLindner
3h 52m ago
Constantine JustinMLindner
18h 35m ago
6 JustinMLindner
3h 54m ago
Any Disney people out there.... DisneyGirlForever2
Sep 25, 2014
309 midnightgravedigger
4h 47m ago
is it me or is adventure time kinda like a toned down superjail? thesupremegamer12
22h 6m ago
10 thesupremegamer12
5h 41m ago
Walking Dead fans? IceAngel1234
3w 1d ago
81 IceAngel1234
5h 47m ago
Gotham CuriousLolita
4d 22h ago
38 davidlucas
6h 20m ago
Movies where you wanted the villian to win. KdaAnimefan
1w 6d ago
106 MechaKiryu
7h 8m ago
Looking for a good clean anime to watch covert15
3w 1d ago
199 kawaii-mlp-anime
9h 29m ago
Teen Titans anyone JJQinc
4w 1d ago
53 JJQinc
9h 42m ago
Favorite Films? ElvishChozo
2d 18h ago
35 JustinMLindner
13h 3m ago
Children's shows you can't stand DotLover1000
Jan 23, 2014
365 JustANerd47
14h 25m ago
Favourites anime characters kiichigoneko
2w 2d ago
49 kiichigoneko
15h 13m ago
Cheesy Movies Anyone? JJQinc
1w 38m ago
40 JJQinc
15h 15m ago
What is your favorite... JenFruzz
1w 6d ago
76 JustinMLindner
18h 23m ago
Elvish/Hobbit Name Generator. TFgirlSam
1w 1d ago
9 PlagueRat24601
20h 45m ago
Best And Worst Adult Cartoons Slinkgirl95
4d 15h ago
33 thesupremegamer12
22h 13m ago
2D Disney movies TheJourneyTaker
1w 5d ago
50 HystericalMellotron
22h 55m ago
What will you do when My Little Pony ends? StudioUAC
2w 6d ago
48 LadyKuki
1d 1h ago
The Best Acting Performances you've seen Art-of-the-Seraphim
1w 8h ago
25 Rachel-Mirabelle
1d 3h ago
IF Doctor Who were to come to an end.......... Adelaidejohn1967
3w 2d ago
73 StaxMaye
1d 4h ago
Do sad scenes make you laugh silversongwriter
5d 21h ago
15 LockStockCreation
1d 6h ago
My Little Pony Season 5 kawaii-mlp-anime
2d 4h ago
18 kawaii-mlp-anime
1d 6h ago
Canon Buster animated Kickstater looking for backers. Newway12
1d 14h ago
1 3wyl
1d 6h ago
Over the Garden Wall! (Is a great cartoon) Ayior
2w 2d ago
30 Ayior
1d 8h ago
What are your favorite movie sequences this year? MeoAgcat
2d 5h ago
11 MeoAgcat
1d 9h ago
Doctor Who: Death in Heaven JZLobo
2w 18h ago
85 DrippingWords
1d 17h ago
Worst pre-movie episodes/best post-movie episodes of SpongeBob? MattBooAndFriends
2w 5h ago
10 REIdepenguin
1d 18h ago