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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Movies and TV Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
What movie crossovers would you like to see? RieyTails
4h 27m ago
5 InfraDalek
14m 11s ago
Rick and Morty season 2 premiere BCHolbrook
5h 52m ago
1 TheCunningCondor
21m 49s ago
What I really miss in movies these days...... InfraDalek
21h 39m ago
17 InfraDalek
22m 20s ago
Whose the most annoying anime character ever? Emberillion
May 17, 2015
458 magnifulouschicken
57m 19s ago
Worst movie you have ever seen DarkZoneGraphics
2w 3d ago
124 TronmanZ
1h 15m ago
Looking for 'Psychological' type movies Bubbles1300
Jun 9, 2015
164 CedarWoods
1h 34m ago
Favorite tv/ movie character? TragicWinter
13h 14m ago
24 TragicWinter
2h 1m ago
Which cancelled cartoon(s) do you wish came back on TV? crysanthemum963
2d 13h ago
102 crysanthemum963
2h 8m ago
Steven Universe! The identity of the TRUE PINK DIAMOND!! Possibly major SPOILERS!!! Renewalazar
5h 58m ago
1 Renewalazar
2h 23m ago
Simpsons or family guy? BruceBannerFanGirl
2d 6h ago
26 Akumaru13
3h 30m ago
Is the Phantom Menace a better film that James Cameron's Avatar? Morals2liveby
1w 3d ago
28 Mr-Pink-Rose
4h 6m ago
What is your favorite anime? evanescencegamer
Jun 7, 2015
72 CowboyBebop2
4h 26m ago
We Bare Bears UnluckySleven
5h 7s ago
2 days-be-strange
4h 29m ago
I am bored, lets talk anime. SavannahCatServal
Feb 11, 2015
357 Delta-waves22
5h 18m ago
Constantine TV GrendalUnleashed
3d 4h ago
7 CuriousLolita
5h 51m ago
Anime you THOUGHT would you wouldn't like.... ShewolfComics
1w 5d ago
98 BCHolbrook
5h 54m ago
SWAT Kats Kickstarter!! 8D ShadOBabe
5d 5h ago
33 Psychosauras
6h 2m ago
Anime suggestions? Fyii
10h 21m ago
19 Fyii
7h 20m ago
What anime are you currently watching? KemalDis
1w 5d ago
48 REIdepenguin
9h 15m ago
Favourite sci-fi series? Tattorack
1w 3d ago
103 x19a
10h 30m ago
Disney's Brother Bear has terrible critic reviews? Essansee
2w 1d ago
53 BCHolbrook
10h 31m ago
adult cartoons you liked that others didnt thesupremegamer12
1w 3d ago
42 BCHolbrook
10h 36m ago
Ash vs Evil Dead - Hail to the King Baby! Zigholtul88
2w 4d ago
12 TheSmilingCake
11h 25m ago
Films that made you cry Aheng711
Jul 7, 2014
1,412 TheSmilingCake
11h 27m ago
What's the Funniest Movie You Ever Seen? Nintendo-Dreamer
May 1, 2015
237 BridgeToNeverland
12h 31m ago
Jurassic World... good or bad? [potential spoilers] LavenderLizard
Jun 12, 2015
53 Catsupy
13h 27m ago
NBC Hannibal Nella-Lynn
1d 21h ago
13 AuronTsubaki1985
14h 44m ago
What movies have had the biggest impact on your life? GhostPhoenix84
Jun 12, 2015
88 Ragdoll-01
14h 57m ago
shows you like that people judge you for watching DruDrewDraws
1w 2d ago
52 discobalz
15h 59m ago
Favorite Anime Dub Voice Actors or Actresses AnimeLoverOCD
3w 3d ago
5 KirikoRinFlamist
19h 7m ago
Akira Powerglove42
1w 2d ago
18 Eve-Lang-El-Coup
19h 48m ago
Favorite Films From The Seventies InfraDalek
2d 23h ago
13 InfraDalek
21h 50m ago
The most epic TV show you have ever watched?? Xeyina
4w 20h ago
183 Redfoxbennaton
1d 2h ago
Question for women: Is Game of Thrones actually good? CedarWoods
2d 23h ago
12 CedarWoods
1d 2h ago
Jewish anime characters? JJWsmith
2d 18h ago
6 REIdepenguin
1d 10h ago
i think people were getting the whole zim/dib thing wrong robofucker
1w 1d ago
14 Ragdoll-01
1d 11h ago
OMG!!!! INSIDE OUT!!!! BonnieVsBonbon
Jun 20, 2015
47 BonnieVsBonbon
1d 11h ago
Favorite Movie You Ever Watched? Wolfstar956
4w 21h ago
46 Ragdoll-01
1d 11h ago
Hannibal is cancelled, I am so sad MonkeyFace77
3w 4h ago
32 thegreatamphibian
1d 16h ago