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READ BEFORE POSTING - Movies & TV Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Is television actually sexist toward men? Didj
22h 50m ago
17 Didj
27s ago
What is the worst movie you have ever seen? Bombia
3d 10h ago
442 Bombia
27m 36s ago
What movie do you hate the most? madgerman123
3d 21h ago
25 madgerman123
29m 37s ago
TV shows you used to like, but now you don't TheRoyalCrownJewel
3d 1h ago
15 TronmanZ
34m 20s ago
Transformers Prime Blazethecat7125
Jul 31, 2014
109 Blazethecat7125
1h 15m ago
Ralph Bakshi teenrex7
16h 58m ago
12 IgnisFerroque
1h 29m ago
Legend of Korra, book 3 ending [spoilers] muraofdemons
2h 45m ago
1 TheaAtherea
2h 7m ago
Buford Van Stomm or Barney? DotLover1000
2h 47m ago
0 N/A
Favorite Adam Sandler movies? TimelessOcean
3w 1d ago
57 chichichichipndale
3h 9m ago
Graduate Project Fandom Survey figo-sama
3h 11m ago
0 N/A
whats your fave Anime? ShineBlueMetal
3w 3d ago
420 Explosivo25
3h 24m ago
Cartoon Cliches wwhulk12
1d 23h ago
11 GrandMasterEmporer
3h 29m ago
The End of Naruto… wtf waywardgal
4d 3h ago
126 Itachi-4-ever
3h 32m ago
Calling all football(soccer) fans! NamraK
1d 6h ago
6 NamraK
3h 48m ago
Bernie und Ert Hawksfan4848
5h 1m ago
0 N/A
adventure time lesbian controversy silversongwriter
Jul 20, 2014
92 rockettreverie
5h 13m ago
Favorite movie? madgerman123
2d 21h ago
37 Akumaru13
5h 46m ago
Micheal Bay. Yay or Nay? Eraezr
1w 2d ago
100 Akumaru13
5h 56m ago
Doctor Who: Into the Dalek JZLobo
1d 18h ago
18 Tenshi3D
7h 14m ago
why does fantasy stay medieval? wraithsith
Apr 17, 2014
317 charlotte1999
7h 38m ago
Favorite anime scenes Kunnai
19h 6m ago
2 sonicxamy09
8h 14m ago
Favorite character in Kill la Kill? Pcat007
1d 4h ago
7 DaphfloconMojo
9h 23m ago
Guillermo del Toro's The Strain (TV series) JesseAllshouse
Jul 13, 2014
17 JesseAllshouse
17h 24m ago
Chicken Ceaser Salad Joke Question Slinkgirl95
18h 22m ago
0 N/A
Ladies? Are moe/magical girlfriend anime sexist? silversongwriter
1d 22h ago
11 silversongwriter
19h 14m ago
Favourite actor/actress? Hannah-Ceilidh1995
1w 5d ago
47 NewJQ1420
19h 17m ago
What are your top and bottom 5 anime? silversongwriter
20h 29m ago
1 Fuyuko7
19h 18m ago
What's the Last Thing You Watched? moon-light-kit
Jan 28, 2014
2,177 Smidow
19h 40m ago
Avatar: The Last Airbender M-A-F
1w 6d ago
72 Smidow
19h 44m ago
Films so good they're bad teenrex7
2d 22h ago
6 ToonEGuy
20h 22m ago
BBC Earth cadavis3
3d 23h ago
2 DelSolTormenta
20h 40m ago
Favorite Movie/TV villains? DjPinki3Pie
6d 1h ago
40 LadyJafaria
21h 4m ago
Wander Over Yonder TheRoyalCrownJewel
3w 5d ago
8 TheRoyalCrownJewel
21h 26m ago
SpongeBob SquarePants 100-Percent-Spongy
3w 2h ago
56 LouisEugenioJR
21h 34m ago
Favorite Robin Williams movies Hellsing-Order
2w 6d ago
48 aspacecowboy
22h 40m ago
If You Could Bring Back Any Old Cartoon With New Episodes... H-Voltage
Jul 4, 2014
150 Gidrog
23h 24m ago
Anybody got "Romancing the Clone" in English? BuddyBoy600
3w 4d ago
5 BuddyBoy600
23h 29m ago
Sucker Punch Didj
1w 1d ago
20 Redfoxbennaton
23h 40m ago
Is there a character in a movie/show you wouldn't mind living his/her life? Eraezr
5d 11h ago
17 manowarrule
23h 59m ago