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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Movies & TV Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
What's the Last Thing You Watched? moon-light-kit
Jan 28, 2014
1,856 OctarinePegacorn
49m 11s ago
Rivals in Animes? Braiixen
1d 7h ago
15 MissMomoCupcakes
55m 10s ago
Cartoons you like but everyone else hates TheRoyalCrownJewel
3d 10h ago
23 RDash13
1h 35m ago
hey everyone what's your favorite movie tinyqueen007
11h 39m ago
30 Narcissistic-Demon
1h 51m ago
Fairy Tail! Ghosty-Toast
3h 4m ago
1 ElvishChozo
3h 2m ago
I didn\'t like \"How To Train Your Dragon 2\" foxtribe
Jun 18, 2014
59 ElvishChozo
3h 4m ago
Favorite Movie Quotes moon-light-kit
Dec 11, 2013
1,224 ElvishChozo
3h 6m ago
Highschool musical mlp fanfic equestria girls RDash13
7h 7m ago
5 ElvishChozo
3h 7m ago
What's your favorite anime? Lolliihime
2w 1d ago
73 Ghosty-Toast
3h 19m ago
Any SuperWhoLockians?? Let's be friends. sherlockseb
1d 1h ago
11 Hurricaneclaw
3h 40m ago
The new Star Wars Trilogy(s) ArtisticSimmer
3d 14h ago
27 HerbalDrink
4h 11m ago
Favourite fictional world Mrgreen36
20h 11m ago
10 priteeboy
4h 30m ago
Rank The Saw Movies DemonDownBelow
Jun 3, 2014
24 DemonDownBelow
4h 32m ago
MLP vs. Your Childhood silversongwriter
3d 9h ago
43 KooboriSapphire
4h 36m ago
Girl Meets World anyone? ThiranosTales
8h 26m ago
13 moon-light-kit
4h 55m ago
Is The Matrix: Revolutions worth it? LucasMartinelli
6h 15m ago
8 LizzyChrome
5h 4m ago
Do you hate or love MLP FIM? kumapastrychef
1w 1d ago
263 h-irsch
5h 7m ago
Favorite movie? Vegetarocks
22h 18m ago
12 darthodiumnoire
5h 48m ago
What show/cartoon would you like to be on? BonBonFever
6d 8h ago
40 darthodiumnoire
5h 55m ago
What movie would you live in? IceAngel1234
Apr 23, 2014
299 darthodiumnoire
6h 17m ago
Transformers: Age of Extinction - Leave your thoughts :) Skrillexia-TF
1w 6d ago
50 darthodiumnoire
6h 19m ago
You\'re favorite films of all time LetsCrashThisParade
Jun 16, 2014
46 darthodiumnoire
6h 24m ago
Favorite MLP: FIM character DotLover1000
1d 6h ago
2 RDash13
6h 52m ago
MLP RDash13
2d 8h ago
11 RDash13
7h 10m ago
american dad or futurama playstationfanboy12
4d 8h ago
45 kaikaku
7h 56m ago
adventure time lesbian controversy silversongwriter
1d 11h ago
11 AwesomeBlossomPossum
9h 33m ago
D. Gray Man - Would you reccomend it Dream-EatingBakeneko
15h 45m ago
9 Dream-EatingBakeneko
11h 17m ago
If You Could Be Any Character In Any Anime, Who Would You Be? phoualis01
1w 13h ago
98 phoualis01
11h 19m ago
Once Upon A Time!! zukopie
1w 8h ago
45 zukopie
11h 23m ago
If You Could Bring Back Any Old Cartoon With New Episodes... H-Voltage
2w 3d ago
120 Nelauk
11h 56m ago
First Fandom smudge-92
Jan 13, 2014
643 CanineCanvas
12h 52m ago
Films that made you cry Aheng711
2w 15h ago
152 BetterthanBeans
14h 27m ago
Remake Ondarkandstormynight
1d 10h ago
7 3wyl
19h 42m ago
Excited for Shark Week? teenrex7
23h 6m ago
0 N/A
I prefer the old cartoons Vegetarocks
23h 19m ago
0 N/A
Your Top 40 Fictional Characters DotLover1000
1d 14h ago
8 DagDog62
23h 33m ago
Do you like Studio Ghibli movies? Geebli
1w 5d ago
51 Geebli
1d 3h ago
does the amazing world of gumball have potential to be a good show? playstationfanboy12
5d 5h ago
27 LadyKuki
1d 4h ago
Ghostbusters II Fans DemonDownBelow
3w 5d ago
34 DemonDownBelow
1d 5h ago