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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Movies and TV Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Films that made you cry Aheng711
Jul 7, 2014
947 rebel-10
2m 26s ago
Upcoming animated movies that you want to watch !! IanMaiguaPictures
3d 19h ago
17 ShenaniBOOM
8m 9s ago
Kingsman: The Secret Service Smkiller
1d 13h ago
10 Smkiller
18m 55s ago
48 films you need to get excited about in 2015 Aheng711
2w 5d ago
94 3wyl
27m 31s ago
If The Powerpuff Girls were Pokemon... PinkJazzX
2h 10m ago
3 PinkJazzX
33m ago
The 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist Anime is Underrated ThaRandomAnchiornis1
2w 22h ago
114 Mintaka-TK
2h 3m ago
a PERFECT Example on Why Digimon Tamers is better then Fullmetal Alchemist ThaRandomAnchiornis1
5d 8h ago
158 ThaRandomAnchiornis1
2h 32m ago
cartoons/anime you dont like that others do thesupremegamer12
1w 6d ago
109 MechaKiryu
3h 51m ago
Movies You Watched A Million Times As A Kid Slinkgirl95
6d 10h ago
61 PokeCat-Fanatic
3h 51m ago
Dinosaurs you wanna see in future Jurassic Park films teenrex7
18h 3m ago
7 TheMightySaurus
5h 23m ago
Things You Hate In Movies Slinkgirl95
3w 3d ago
37 zive
6h 29m ago
What's a tv show that EVERYONE loves, but not you? Miss-Cutie-Crabcakes
1w 3d ago
416 zive
6h 34m ago
What movie or TV show gave you the most feels? xxxWaytotheDawnxxx
4d 20h ago
13 JessHavok
8h 33m ago
Shows cancelled too early? National-Horse
Dec 22, 2014
231 JessHavok
8h 40m ago
Daleks vs. Tripods M1n1dr10d-Y0D0
Dec 22, 2014
198 M1n1dr10d-Y0D0
10h 3m ago
need anime series similar to studio ghibli feeling cnerone21
1w 6d ago
29 cnerone21
10h 10m ago
Can I just leave this here ZirStrika
14h 50m ago
1 3wyl
11h 21m ago
Your Favorite Anime... PhantomLeather
Jan 12, 2015
227 Harryeagle
12h 17m ago
Must-see Classic Anime thexenops
13h 28m ago
3 Abstract-Mindser
12h 40m ago
Who are the biggest HACKS in the animation industry? Morals2liveby
1w 3d ago
104 SimplyHoliday
13h 15m ago
Does Anyone Know the Release Date for When Marnie Was There in English? PlagueRat24601
14h 16m ago
0 N/A
What are Movies/TV Shows you thought you hated until you actually watched them? PickleParfe
1w 3d ago
21 PlagueRat24601
14h 25m ago
Tell me You Watch Sleepy Hollow Adorkable202
Dec 27, 2014
135 Christi317
14h 30m ago
American Horror Story. The-Laurasaurus
2w 5d ago
42 used-rugs
15h 17m ago
Things You Hate In Cartoons? Slinkgirl95
2d 17h ago
25 Slinkgirl95
16h 32m ago
Godzilla vs Terminator teenrex7
20h 3m ago
3 KdaAnimefan
18h 15m ago
Blacklist Yaoiwriter25
1d 22h ago
6 Danny-Senpai
20h 54m ago
What was your favourite movie of 2014? isdira
Dec 28, 2014
217 isdira
21h 13m ago
Leonard Nimoy, the Spock has died at 83. Abstract-Mindser
3d 1h ago
73 Abstract-Mindser
21h 16m ago
Frozen fever Phoenixmaster13
3d 13h ago
12 RollerCoasterTycoon5
21h 25m ago
Nice anime characters Hawksfan4848
1w 6d ago
50 SasuSakuMAD
21h 42m ago
What's a TV show that EVERYONE hates, but not you? TheRoyalCrownJewel
1w 21h ago
25 ManticoreWarrior21
22h 13m ago
mockingjays part 1 ... Diako-intrests
1d 6h ago
6 Xeelar
22h 16m ago
why do people hate adventure time on the forums so much? thesupremegamer12
1w 1d ago
32 LadyKuki
22h 47m ago
what anime are you guys watching at the moment? RirooNeal
2d 1h ago
17 RirooNeal
23h 6m ago
Empire Fans? makorragal312
1d 18m ago
0 N/A
WINX CLUB FANS LeonMichaelis
4d 21h ago
3 makorragal312
1d 28m ago
Confess your TV viewing Shame K-Koji
3w 4d ago
215 HaraelTheFae
1d 2h ago