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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Movies and TV Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
How much of an impact will Ghostbusters 2016 leave on Sony? Primerules23
11m 47s ago
1 Agent-Sarah
2m 3s ago
Is Rey from Starwar's TFA a Mary Sue? Randomstuff-Stuff
27m 52s ago
1 Agent-Sarah
14m 15s ago
why does fantasy stay medieval? wraithsith
Apr 17, 2014
570 archwings99
45m 4s ago
Trending Anime Kira4Inu
1w 5d ago
36 archwings99
47m 48s ago
I want to know your favorite 90s cartoon! Scribblenought
19h 16m ago
44 captainchaos85
1h 22m ago
Korean Drama You're Beautiful debate TBBishiXO
5d 10h ago
5 Jphyper
1h 52m ago
What sort of videos do you make and/or post on Youtube? MesopotamianBlue
May 12, 2016
74 MesopotamianBlue
3h 26m ago
Love Live Sunshine!! Mau506SK
4h 18s ago
0 N/A
what did you think of Game of Thrones season 6 episode 10 ? worried or happy ? ( spoilers) Cryo1147
2d 5h ago
19 Luke-the-F0x
4h 1m ago
Looking for a good Magical Girl Anime, any suggestions? sampea
1w 3d ago
17 DarkCrazyD
4h 39m ago
Cow & Chicken moonlitinuyasha1985
1w 3h ago
144 moonlitinuyasha1985
5h 8m ago
Bunnicula MikeWizowski69
4d 22h ago
5 kyrtuck
6h 10m ago
Worst movie EVER! TheTigerMaster
May 31, 2016
108 Randomstuff-Stuff
6h 43m ago
Foodight: Absolute Worst Movie Ever? TheHunteroftheUndead
1w 1d ago
37 Randomstuff-Stuff
6h 45m ago
Is anime really dying? What are the causes? RyugaSSJ3
May 9, 2016
291 PineAve
8h 6m ago
Top Five Time Travelers TheDevilsTrick
1d 9h ago
3 IridescentCatalyst
9h 34m ago
All Genres All Years Movies Suggestions clara-01
21h 14m ago
7 clara-01
10h 19m ago
Beauty and the Beast 2017 GBMelendez23k
1d 7h ago
5 GBMelendez23k
10h 58m ago
best animated films (not disney or ghibli) Feralunna
May 22, 2016
84 RaphLuna
11h 22m ago
Movie Quotes Aheng711
3w 1d ago
86 RaphLuna
11h 34m ago
Finding Dory is too rushed SoulRenturns
1w 21h ago
30 RaphLuna
11h 42m ago
Who's your cartoon crush? MooieVreemdeling
May 25, 2016
25 RaphLuna
11h 49m ago
2016 movies GBMelendez23k
1d 6h ago
13 CoyoDesign
14h 27m ago
Zootopia's on Blu-Ray/DVD... TheCunningCondor
3w 5d ago
32 JZLobo
15h 28m ago
Favourite movie of each genre Mrgreen36
1d 2h ago
4 dhheiii
15h 41m ago
ID2: Resurgence Thoughts [Spoilers in Thread] Lonewolf32097
6d 22h ago
14 Lonewolf32097
19h 31m ago
Screw Zack Snyder Scorching-Whirlwind
21h 45m ago
4 skulkey
20h 38m ago
Bad Jokes in Movies gekkodimoria
2d 22h ago
11 gekkodimoria
1d 3h ago
Mr pickles tv show advers7
5d 11h ago
4 Monokumafanboy12
1d 5h ago
Films that made you cry Aheng711
Jul 7, 2014
2,093 Silly-Hyrule-HQ
1d 5h ago
Uplifting Tv Shows? Sereida-Arts
1w 2d ago
23 Ofnir-1
1d 10h ago
Movies with one-word titles PHangman
May 31, 2016
183 CoyoDesign
1d 13h ago
Most Beautiful Scenes You've Seen? (Shows or movies). ReapoftheWorld
2w 5d ago
66 BrightEyes03
1d 22h ago
Bob's Burgers indigobunny99
4d 23h ago
20 BrightEyes03
1d 23h ago
DBZ fans,who's your favorite character? Pilulu
5d 22h ago
25 Koshej
1d 23h ago
Are there any Courage the Cowardly Dog fans here on dA? moonlitinuyasha1985
3w 1d ago
213 MethusulaComics
1d 23h ago
Favorite Female Actress moonlitinuyasha1985
May 27, 2016
156 moonlitinuyasha1985
2d 20h ago
Upcoming Disney film, Moana moonlitinuyasha1985
May 29, 2016
126 moonlitinuyasha1985
2d 22h ago
Naruto Canon Next Generation Kira4Inu
1w 5d ago
42 gekkodimoria
2d 22h ago