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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Movies and TV Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Dream ScorpionGamer01
7h 20m ago
5 used-rugs
10m 14s ago
What movies have had the biggest impact on your life? GhostPhoenix84
Jun 12, 2015
303 GhostPhoenix84
44m 24s ago
Anime Battles! LEXANATION
2w 1h ago
60 BCHolbrook
51m 6s ago
What cartoon theme song can you remember the most of? WaffleMurder
9h 55m ago
27 Mr-Pink-Rose
53m 39s ago
RWBY's back!!! Didj
Oct 25, 2015
56 Didj
2h 35m ago
One line Steven Universe related arguement starters? Luckyducky12
1w 20h ago
38 Redfoxbennaton
2h 43m ago
Underrated films teutorix-maxen
2d 4h ago
19 RieyTails
2h 46m ago
iZombie anyone? Talentless-Actress
2w 7h ago
67 Talentless-Actress
5h 50m ago
Most underrated anime character archwings99
1w 3d ago
68 archwings99
7h 15m ago
Digimon Tri Koshej
2d 1h ago
11 Koshej
8h 54m ago
Is the line up for I'm a celeb kinda shit? Lilly7854
2d 7h ago
4 Mintaka-TK
8h 54m ago
There needs to be more action cartoons. Primerules23
1w 6d ago
25 Mrgreen36
9h 46m ago
My Immortal mmovie anyone? natetheninja23
1w 5d ago
29 REIdepenguin
11h 35m ago
The better alchemist Otakusuke
2d 51m ago
9 Otakusuke
12h 32m ago
I will never forgive George Lucas for handing Star Wars over to Genndy Tartakovsky. Taran13573794
Oct 19, 2015
187 Eternal-Shadow-S
13h 52m ago
It's the Black Cauldron's 30th anniversary! Taran13573794
6d 15h ago
30 Taran13573794
15h 7m ago
Frozen or Big Hero 6? Saratchi
3d 23h ago
25 Ikran
17h 46m ago
Are you a fan of Michael Rosen? BlazingDragonLord
2w 21h ago
52 BlazingDragonLord
22h 30m ago
Disney versus DreamWorks. Which is better? Blue-Wolf2000
3w 5d ago
67 snowyroxx22
23h 3m ago
No remakes of... MrCarnyfex
1d 1h ago
11 MrCarnyfex
23h 53m ago
Doctor Who: Face the Raven JZLobo
2d 19h ago
11 JZLobo
1d 13m ago
Top 10 Movies You Like But Others Hate xXSerena-CrosseXx
1w 6d ago
123 RandomPtsRandomPPL
1d 4h ago
Cutest anime mascots? inside-our-mind
3d 3h ago
4 Tailspin101
1d 8h ago
New idea for an animated series JJWsmith
3w 6d ago
18 Tailspin101
1d 8h ago
Toph vs Gaara? Mengtastic
2d 21h ago
12 SolBrandz
1d 9h ago
Who makes fun of movies? generalwolfe78
1w 5d ago
33 planxtafroggie
1d 10h ago
Watch Movies Online dannykapoor
1d 14h ago
4 KovoWolf
1d 10h ago
The Leftovers c-t-supahfly
1w 6h ago
8 foxpen
1d 10h ago
Empire KaizenKitty
3w 3d ago
19 KaizenKitty
1d 11h ago
What was the show that got you into anime? Shiroyumii
2w 1d ago
137 LaraAddict
1d 11h ago
Thoughts about SAO2? (may be spoilers) SakuraStar10311
2d 11h ago
11 CrimeRoyale
1d 12h ago
Rewatched Corpse Bride NaniiMariee
2d 22h ago
2 KittyNocturna
1d 22h ago
Why is the rum gone!? rollingthedices
6d 10h ago
11 KittyNocturna
1d 22h ago
Do you ever feel sorry for the bad guys? CocoaAndTea
Oct 23, 2015
72 mercury7x
1d 23h ago
Aventure Time Stakes Ikran
2d 16h ago
3 snowyroxx22
2d 3h ago
Why are there so little Bio-luminescence in Sci Fi? EnemyDesign
1w 1d ago
33 CloneTrooperTwelve
2d 5h ago
Movies you hate that everyone loves DancesWithWoIves
1w 2h ago
69 teutorix-maxen
2d 6h ago
Top 10 favorite directors teutorix-maxen
6d 13h ago
14 teutorix-maxen
2d 8h ago
why does fantasy stay medieval? wraithsith
Apr 17, 2014
488 Karinta
2d 8h ago