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READ BEFORE POSTING - Movies and TV Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
shows that people like that are ads P0LITICALLYINC0RRECT
1w 1d ago
23 DylanSeto
45s ago
Angry Birds will be a Movie!? WhiteCheddaKoopichu
1w 2d ago
42 Warrior-Song
11m 32s ago
Most overrated ghilbi film in your opinion?? MyDearBasil
3w 3d ago
53 Taran13573794
31m 52s ago
What movies or TV have you seen that was actually hurt by censorship? Servomoore
9h 18m ago
11 99CentTrophy
45m 29s ago
Whose the most annoying anime character ever? Emberillion
May 17, 2015
670 SherbertTCat
1h 53m ago
Favorite Anime Character? Ragdoll-01
3w 1d ago
53 ShenaniBOOM
3h 35m ago
Best & worst movie you've seen this year? sani91
1w 5h ago
48 Warrior-Song
4h 52m ago
Do you like to watch shows or movies with subtitles? crysanthemum963
Aug 19, 2015
129 Warrior-Song
4h 57m ago
Anime you THOUGHT would you wouldn't like.... ShewolfComics
Jul 16, 2015
179 Hethalos
4h 59m ago
What's your favorite Pixar movie? WhiteCheddaKoopichu
2w 3d ago
36 Warrior-Song
5h 1m ago
Films that made you cry Aheng711
Jul 7, 2014
1,597 CaffeineInducedDream
6h 4m ago
Who is the most overpowered Anime character you've seen? Hachiro-X
1d 7h ago
9 optimusprime22
6h 33m ago
Pokémon Z (Anime) Kakashi95fan
2d 12h ago
11 Hachiro-X
7h 46m ago
Ever fall for a rating's trap? WhiteCheddaKoopichu
1d 15m ago
11 ruJILLous
9h 12m ago
Favorite actress/actor? vixenw
Aug 20, 2015
117 vixenw
11h 15m ago
Pick the worst cartoon OUTMACED121
2w 6d ago
118 x19a
17h 34m ago
Which movies have scared you when you were a kid? BuddyBoy600
Sep 2, 2015
109 rage69
19h 18m ago
movie with the best soundtrack Brickgenius27
4d 7h ago
32 LovinaYavari
19h 28m ago
most overated sgows and cartoons on? segaman4
6d 5h ago
21h 24m ago
The Steven universe fanbase needs a name JJWsmith
1w 2d ago
21 appleg2014
22h 9m ago
Favorite Modern Day T.V. Show? Squirates
Sep 1, 2015
55 Squirates
23h 31m ago
Who are your least favorite protagonists? BCHolbrook
3d 52m ago
14 BCHolbrook
23h 54m ago
I hate MLP TrollAccount1
2w 1d ago
6 RyuketsuMary
1d 1h ago
overlooked animated shows you like? REIdepenguin
2d 6h ago
22 ask-sourgrape
1d 3h ago
What movies have had the biggest impact on your life? GhostPhoenix84
Jun 12, 2015
215 SarahCarswell
1d 4h ago
why does fantasy stay medieval? wraithsith
Apr 17, 2014
470 wraithsith
1d 6h ago
Goku vs. Superman who would really win? Hachiro-X
1d 6h ago
0 N/A
Join me in the fight against Trollers,Snitches,and asswipes!!!!! Hachiro-X
2d 2h ago
8 Hachiro-X
1d 8h ago
Underdog Prehistoric Animals that deserve to be Superstars of Pop Culture ThaRandomAnchiornis1
Aug 15, 2015
102 LordGojira
1d 10h ago
Does anyone remember watching the show Chowder? Ego-Man25
3w 4d ago
243 II-edison-II
1d 11h ago
Noragami Aragoto Season 2 Fuyuko7
1d 23h ago
11 REIdepenguin
1d 17h ago
Anime you thought you WOULD like but... REIdepenguin
5d 18h ago
27 ShoeEatingMONKEY
1d 20h ago
What was the last film you watched? axelnapalm
5d 22h ago
31 BrianGriffinFan
1d 22h ago
Suggest an anime I haven't watched. Rokatsu
2w 18h ago
40 SarahCarswell
1d 22h ago
what is the darkest animated show toonbro13
Aug 22, 2015
136 SarahCarswell
1d 23h ago
Anyone seen 'Skin'? StiltsOnFox
1d 23h ago
0 N/A
Who wants to Have hot RP Sex...Now!!! In this forum Hachiro-X
2d 3h ago
5 morbidman187
2d 2h ago
Thoughts on gender/race swap reboots? Vitruvian-girl
6d 17h ago
50 Hachiro-X
2d 3h ago
Mysteries of Steven universe JJWsmith
6d 5h ago
14 525600-Midgets
2d 16h ago