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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Movies & TV Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Best psycological anime out there? DryBonesReborn
1h 57m ago
11 superpika237
13m 34s ago
MLP RDash13
1w 3d ago
15 sahasav
22m 39s ago
What Are Your Views On The Current Cartoon Network? H-Voltage
5d 3h ago
72 KooboriSapphire
32m 57s ago
Video Games That Need TV Shows Slinkgirl95
2d 20h ago
38 KooboriSapphire
50m 31s ago
Sonic the Hedgehog; What is 'Canon'? Undergr0undFurry
1w 4h ago
35 Undergr0undFurry
57m 42s ago
Rwby Didj
23h 33m ago
29 TW6464
1h 2m ago
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Adelaidejohn1967
3d 17h ago
13 Mr-Timeshadow
1h 7m ago
Really Beautiful Movies whatonearth
1w 39m ago
42 Mr-Timeshadow
1h 8m ago
Favorite Movie Quotes moon-light-kit
Dec 11, 2013
1,285 clara-01
1h 16m ago
I'm Hetalia!! Any other Hetalia fans? VampiresWish
3w 23m ago
76 VampiresWish
1h 27m ago
What's the Last Thing You Watched? moon-light-kit
Jan 28, 2014
1,920 Uncanny-Poptart
1h 36m ago
Do you hate or love MLP FIM? kumapastrychef
2w 2d ago
325 DrawtoonzStudio
2h 1m ago
Anyone Watch Tokyo Ghoul shay-shay126
3d 4h ago
17 shay-shay126
2h 26m ago
Who can replace Hugh Jackman as Logan? heyrawj6
16h 10m ago
9 JZLobo
2h 27m ago
Animaniacs OC Sketch Request? brandonator-5000
2h 40m ago
0 N/A
Which Characters are similar to you? Veevsi
1w 7h ago
24 PrincessPeach20
3h 28m ago
What Are Your Turn-Offs In Animation? Slinkgirl95
6d 21h ago
84 KillThePaint
4h 1m ago
Films that made you cry Aheng711
3w 1d ago
170 detectiveblue
4h 8m ago
DeadPool Movie LEAKED!!! Tony-Antwonio
6h 26m ago
2 Tony-Antwonio
4h 27m ago
I didn\'t like \"How To Train Your Dragon 2\" foxtribe
Jun 18, 2014
63 Vapolord
4h 36m ago
Who else is looking forwards to the new 2015 Transformers series? bumblebeegirl15
4d 7h ago
12 Zigholtul88
4h 44m ago
why does fantasy stay medieval? wraithsith
Apr 17, 2014
288 Vapolord
4h 54m ago
What movie would you live in? IceAngel1234
Apr 23, 2014
320 IceAngel1234
5h 13m ago
First Fandom smudge-92
Jan 13, 2014
664 Mikethemerciless
5h 13m ago
Your favorite 10 animated shows?? Shadow-Pikachu6
4d 22h ago
18 Art-of-the-Seraphim
5h 34m ago
Movies that scared you when you were a kid? TimelessOcean
1w 2h ago
72 giselleukardi
6h 26m ago
Supernatural, are you a fan!!! Magictech9999
15h 31m ago
12 Magictech9999
6h 33m ago
/Ent/īs Opinion About The Incoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? KillThePaint
7h 20m ago
2 Agent-Sarah
6h 38m ago
Movies you're excited for? IllBuyYourOCs
1w 4h ago
29 PrincessPeach20
7h 8m ago
Name awful shows you cant stand, GO! Kitsunefireball
4d 16h ago
50 PrincessPeach20
7h 20m ago
FOR all you MLP fans that are in for rainbow rocks... RDash13
2d 6h ago
16 KillThePaint
7h 27m ago
Girl Meets World anyone? ThiranosTales
1w 1d ago
19 moon-light-kit
9h 14m ago
If You Could Be Any Character In Any Anime, Who Would You Be? phoualis01
2w 1d ago
184 Maryl0
9h 32m ago
The Best Anime Ever? Kenpach54
4d 15h ago
30 Akumaru13
9h 34m ago
Korra Book 3 devoutburrito
3d 9h ago
3 The-Blue-Dragon-Lord
10h 26m ago
Worst Nicktoons teenrex7
3d 1h ago
31 LadyKuki
10h 37m ago
Batman the Musical: the Movie Dark-Kadabra
2w 6h ago
67 Dark-Kadabra
10h 51m ago
The new Wonder Woman Gal Gadot revealed Adelaidejohn1967
2d 17h ago
18 Art-of-the-Seraphim
14h 37m ago
Who should play Lex? teenrex7
22h 29m ago
6 CrimeRoyale
14h 57m ago