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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Movies and TV Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
The most epic TV show you have ever watched?? Xeyina
6h 39m ago
34 Xeyina
29s ago
Favorite Warrior Cats? Nightfeather123
22h 12m ago
3 Nightfeather123
5m 25s ago
pokemon origins HorrificSensation
11h 32m ago
12 HorrificSensation
16m 23s ago
Why is cgi bad in movies? advers7
5d 5h ago
23 EyeballEarth
53m 54s ago
Favorite LGBT couple in Movies/TV? waywardgal
16h 20m ago
48 Dusk-deerfluff
1h 10m ago
Favorite Movie You Ever Watched? Wolfstar956
7h 44m ago
4 Swimmerscribbles
1h 23m ago
Films that made you cry Aheng711
Jul 7, 2014
1,333 Aheng711
2h 24m ago
Favourite modern animated TV shows? National-Horse
3w 3d ago
74 Pameloo
3h 9m ago
Annoying Tropes in American Movies thexenops
1w 3d ago
82 crysanthemum963
3h 27m ago
boku pico MonkeyFace77
1w 4d ago
28 TheAmastereth
5h 41m ago
OMG!!!! INSIDE OUT!!!! BonnieVsBonbon
1w 2d ago
41 BonnieVsBonbon
9h 31m ago
Fist of the North Star (1986) CyrusGrissom
10h 42m ago
0 N/A
Avengers/Marvel Animelover6104life
4w 1d ago
47 Animelover6104life
11h 39m ago
What are the rules to animation targeted towards children? LoveCountdown
5d 13h ago
7 Tailspin101
12h 53m ago
Zootopia disney theemoneonwolf
1w 4d ago
23 Tailspin101
13h 17m ago
What movies have had the biggest impact on your life? GhostPhoenix84
2w 4d ago
83 GhostPhoenix84
17h 23m ago
Your #1 Favoritest Movie of all time SugaryAshes
4w 1d ago
109 xmintbearx
18h 29m ago
2d 9h ago
17 LordGojira
19h 42m ago
What are you watching? TrappedGirl
1w 2d ago
60 gentleEvan
19h 58m ago
Surreal & Trippy films DyloonyArtz
1w 4d ago
109 REIdepenguin
20h 20m ago
Eyes Wide Shut or 50 Shades Of Grey AuronTsubaki1985
1d 8h ago
10 REIdepenguin
20h 27m ago
Please Help Me Find This Animation On YouTube! Kittencannonz
2w 4d ago
7 boybig5411
20h 32m ago
Good shows that get cancelled too soon kissfan85
May 14, 2015
118 MechaKiryu
21h 4m ago
Marco Polo on NetFlix tturqueza
4w 5h ago
7 bear48
21h 30m ago
For all you Steven Universe fans... Hiyukee
1w 2d ago
35 Hiyukee
21h 36m ago
Favorites TV Shows AnnieSwigart
2w 4d ago
102 Centripity
22h 27m ago
Glimpses of Past Shows that You Try to Find? (Anime.) PegasusQueen
1d 20h ago
1 Luke-the-F0x
22h 31m ago
What's the Funniest Movie You Ever Seen? Nintendo-Dreamer
May 1, 2015
223 Centripity
22h 32m ago
Kid-friendly anime recommendations? ScribblePrincess56
1w 18h ago
103 KuroStarSunny
1d 36m ago
What are your favorite youtubers??? BloodyVioletEyes
5d 22h ago
36 BloodyVioletEyes
1d 55m ago
If you're life were a tv show JJWsmith
1d 15h ago
7 thexenops
1d 12h ago
Looking for 'Psychological' type movies Bubbles1300
3w 1h ago
65 NoahBear11
1d 12h ago
Best tv show intros... manic-cure
May 27, 2015
60 NoahBear11
1d 12h ago
Your favorite non-American/Japanese animation? Mau506SK
1d 21h ago
1d 14h ago
How did you guys spend the 25th anniversary of Days of Thunder? chichichichipndale
1d 15h ago
0 N/A
Sapphire and Steel - did it warp your fragile little mind? GrendalUnleashed
4d 17h ago
3 Satans-Comrade
1d 16h ago
MLP custom crations AuroraRains
1d 19h ago
0 N/A
Dat Invader Zim Comic TheCunningCondor
1d 19h ago
0 N/A
I Need Some Anime Operia
6d 8h ago
47 PegasusQueen
1d 20h ago