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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Movies & TV Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Your most nostalgic Cartoons & Anime OUTMACED121
1d 5h ago
28 KiKivons
16m 14s ago
Movies WORTHY of coming back in 3D? KooboriSapphire
3d 23h ago
51 hamuhamu
27m 36s ago
TV Shows you were sad when they ended/cancelled. Eraezr
1w 4d ago
391 Eraezr
32m 49s ago
Most Evil Disney Villain teenrex7
1h 17m ago
3 hamuhamu
33m 2s ago
Which anime/tv show/movie character would you date? Eraezr
1w 19h ago
67 Eraezr
57m 46s ago
Who is your favorite studio Ghibli character? Trexia
4d 12h ago
24 novadragon1000
58m 3s ago
Favourite abridged series? EpicPieFace
1w 6d ago
39 Ikran
1h 17m ago
Most disturbing film you have ever seen Ms-Hermione-Granger
1w 5d ago
101 Ikran
1h 19m ago
Worst animated movie kayanne21
1w 11h ago
86 teenrex7
1h 21m ago
Anyone obsessed with Captain America The Winter Soldier WlNTER-SOLDIER
1h 28m ago
0 N/A
Would you see a kids movie with lesbian queens? Sniper0092
1h 30m ago
0 N/A
Games that should be films Dudley731
1d 7h ago
66 wwhulk12
2h 3m ago
Anime you are currently watching. Sniper0092
4d 23h ago
41 KiKivons
2h 10m ago
Who'd your favorite Anime character? J-DE-DEA
4d 1h ago
11 KiKivons
2h 19m ago
Anime recommendation? Gloriousphilia
10h 32m ago
33 ameneko98
2h 22m ago
Action movies! summerpho3nix
2d 14h ago
28 Mr-Timeshadow
2h 37m ago
First Fandom smudge-92
Jan 13, 2014
457 TopHatTruffles
2h 51m ago
Aladdin on Broadway American236
3h 16m ago
0 N/A
Anybody really into anime? ^^ amberstars
9h 25m ago
19 amberstars
3h 38m ago
Five Fandoms smudge-92
Sep 7, 2013
785 MetalHeadFan2500
3h 52m ago
Heat + Frozen = Disaster... Raccoon-Rocketeer
1d 5h ago
9 sheena6556
3h 56m ago
Shows I Watch IridescentCatalyst
1w 4h ago
44 SilverRiverStock
5h 32m ago
Proof that PinkiePie is Actually the Smartest MLP LogicalWomen
2w 12h ago
41 LiChiba
6h 24m ago
What's Your Favorite Horror Movie? GothicAngel179
1w 1d ago
14 61021376
6h 40m ago
why does fantasy stay medieval? wraithsith
3d 3h ago
49 Zoltor
6h 47m ago
What's the Last Thing You Watched? moon-light-kit
Jan 28, 2014
1,116 AnxCC1337
9h 1m ago
Name your top tv shows ! royalbird
Mar 16, 2014
167 MeiNara31
11h 41m ago
anyone remember the gummi bears cartoon? RKTheRobot
1d 22h ago
18 maskedpeach
12h 14m ago
Attractive Bleach character? sparknumbertwo
1w 8h ago
39 Lyceiris
12h 46m ago
anime shawnna-ciel
2d 15m ago
27 DradonX90
14h 18m ago
Who's Your Favorite Sesame Street Character And Why DotLover1000
2w 6d ago
17 monstermaster13
17h 12m ago
the problem with despicable me II wraithsith
1w 1d ago
25 WatchHerFly
21h 19m ago
Have any ideas for an anime. Sniper0092
4d 52m ago
16 Sniper0092
23h 36m ago
Favorite Cartoon Network and/or Adult Swim shows CowboyBebop2
2w 5h ago
19 MetalHeadFan2500
1d 6m ago
Thoughts About TLK2 Essansee
2d 28m ago
17 Redfoxbennaton
1d 55m ago
Anime that deserve to be licensed in the west. CowboyBebop2
1w 12h ago
6 Akumaru13
1d 1h ago
Anyone know any good animes? Phatmon66
1w 4h ago
45 Akumaru13
1d 1h ago
The Lion King or Frozen? tassietyger
2w 6d ago
210 Honguna
1d 2h ago
Favorite anime openings? Finickii
Feb 26, 2014
98 DripsOfColor
1d 6h ago