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READ BEFORE POSTING - Movies and TV Forum Rules 3wyl
2w 1d ago
0 N/A
Pick a 6 anime/manga character's to live in a home with you. Eraezr
22h 42m ago
29 maskedpeach
3m 49s ago
What was your "go-to" childhood movie, and what is it now? DonutSalad
2d 1h ago
10 Dagger-13
45m 10s ago
Teen Titans anyone JJQinc
7h 16m ago
5 Eraezr
1h 58m ago
Why don't you like War of the Worlds(2005)? M1n1dr10d-Y0D0
6d 8h ago
42 M1n1dr10d-Y0D0
2h 9m ago
Good TV Shows nicelybeyondreach
1w 20h ago
43 nicelybeyondreach
2h 15m ago
Supernatural ~ Team Free Will SummerKittyNya
2w 4d ago
27 ClockwiseDream
2h 36m ago
Favorite Monster Films M1n1dr10d-Y0D0
5d 11h ago
14 M1n1dr10d-Y0D0
3h 30m ago
Who would pay to see a movie were Chuck Norris fights a Kaiju? M1n1dr10d-Y0D0
1w 5d ago
17 Ikran
4h 25s ago
what cartoons didnt you expect to get into thesupremegamer12
1d 6h ago
23 Ikran
4h 1m ago
Is it alright for teens and adults to watch cartoons? kaleeborn
1d 4h ago
7 champignonkinoko
4h 38m ago
Disney or Dreamworks? Ailill90
2w 2d ago
51 LadyKuki
4h 56m ago
Obscure/weird crushes on characters? crocodilerocker
1d 13h ago
7 StudioUAC
6h 4m ago
A movie you love that not many other people have seen FangsAndNeedles
3w 19h ago
195 Heedheed
6h 30m ago
Teen Titans Anyone?? JJQinc
7h 33m ago
0 N/A
Awesome Animated Art DagDog62
1d 4h ago
6 DagDog62
8h 24m ago
X-Men: First Class JustinMLindner
13h 41m ago
8 JustinMLindner
9h 5m ago
Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 or Brotherhood? HARlME
1d 3h ago
5 Elfen-Lied-Lover-357
9h 20m ago
Who Else is Waiting for 'Big Hero 6' by Disney? Wairwulff
1d 10h ago
13 Inuranchan
9h 35m ago
need a new series! Bawzon
Sep 23, 2014
93 Bawzon
9h 36m ago
Should Gojira get a remake? M1n1dr10d-Y0D0
1w 3d ago
48 RedWingsDragon
9h 48m ago
cartoons you like that others hate/hate that others like thesupremegamer12
1w 10h ago
55 kayanne21
9h 53m ago
The Walking Dead HyruleWarriorJade
1w 4d ago
58 HyruleWarriorJade
10h 3m ago
Cinematic train-wrecks, you'd love to see happen. SherbertTCat
3d 3h ago
29 IgnisFerroque
12h 53m ago
Thoughts and Predictions for Big Hero 6? SoundoftheWaves
1w 4d ago
39 Inuranchan
13h 41m ago
Films that made you cry Aheng711
Jul 7, 2014
496 BashfulSoul
14h 49m ago
Any Disney people out there.... DisneyGirlForever2
4w 1d ago
186 DisneyGirlForever2
16h 1m ago
Guillermo del Toro's The Strain (TV series) JesseAllshouse
Jul 13, 2014
41 AmandaRamsey
18h 10m ago
The worst cartoons you've ever seen Planet-i-Studios
1w 2d ago
188 ScottaHemi
19h 35m ago
Doctor Who: Flatline JZLobo
6d 3h ago
49 optimusprime22
21h 2m ago
Favourite Time Travel Movies/Shows! Slinkgirl95
4d 7h ago
24 Eve-Lang-El-Coup
1d 6m ago
what adult cartoons should i watch and which ones should i avoid thesupremegamer12
1w 3d ago
87 paulinaghost
1d 3h ago
DBZ gender bender names? thecreator9
2d 3h ago
1 kaleeborn
1d 5h ago
what's your favorite anime show? tinyqueen007
1d 11h ago
16 tinyqueen007
1d 8h ago
Favorite anime character(s) mushibix
3w 2d ago
147 Josh-the-Cyborg-Cat
1d 9h ago
Naruto darkone4587
3w 4d ago
27 MadaraTaicho
1d 11h ago
Shows that Need to be Revived teenrex7
1w 1d ago
25 Cave-Cat-87
1d 16h ago
Best Movies Frankybean
2d 11h ago
13 DonutSalad
2d 1h ago
Believable Sci-fi Anime research! (i.e. Gits) the-essential-squid
1w 18h ago
12 Renegade-Perception
2d 1h ago
Know of Any Underrated Anime? StudioUAC
4d 8h ago
13 Fuee
2d 2h ago