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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Movies and TV Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
2w 2d ago
0 N/A
Most Disappointing final episodes teenrex7
1h 44m ago
5 DJ0Hybrid
10m 42s ago
Who are some fictional characters you like that get hated? archwings99
7h 48m ago
12 archwings99
18m 13s ago
shows you like but everyone hates REIdepenguin
2w 6d ago
83 archwings99
18m 58s ago
Envy is a complete disappointment for Me because ThaRandomAnchiornis1
3h 32m ago
1 ThaRandomAnchiornis1
30m 27s ago
Good Horror movie MitsosR
15h 1m ago
6 TheAlwaysWrongGuy
34m 46s ago
Best animated films Narcissistic-Demon
6d 5h ago
112 TheAlwaysWrongGuy
41m 38s ago
Children's shows you can't stand: THE REVIVAL DotLover1000
2d 7h ago
28 LizzyChrome
1h 22m ago
So what's your favorite movie drama? tinyqueen007
1d 3h ago
24 tinyqueen007
1h 50m ago
Asian Dramas? Meiinka
6d 11h ago
35 Meiinka
2h 1m ago
Walking Dead fans? IceAngel1234
Nov 1, 2014
233 Isobel-Theroux
2h 8m ago
Tell me You Watch Sleepy Hollow Adorkable202
Dec 27, 2014
100 Isobel-Theroux
2h 11m ago
Shows cancelled too early? National-Horse
Dec 22, 2014
192 SavageFrog
2h 17m ago
What TV Shows Were Not Not Allowed To Watch? Slinkgirl95
3w 3d ago
84 StudioUAC
2h 18m ago
Favorite Character from Hetalia: Axis Powers? CPsNewestProxy
4d 7h ago
21 CPsNewestProxy
4h 30m ago
Best Power Rangers Theme Song teenrex7
5h 4m ago
0 N/A
Creepypasta Movie?!?! MacaronOwl
5h 25m ago
0 N/A
Favorite Miyazaki film? Dragonnerd445
5d 6h ago
33 ShenaniBOOM
5h 29m ago
Star Wars - How Should You Watch the Saga? purplejub1993DJC
23h 42m ago
2 purplejub1993DJC
6h 16m ago
'Found footage' horror films, and the future of horror cinema robertc009
9h 6m ago
9 ShenaniBOOM
6h 22m ago
What movies are you exiting for in 2015?? JJQinc
2w 6d ago
66 archwings99
7h 46m ago
Your Favorite Anime... PhantomLeather
2w 5d ago
89 archwings99
7h 53m ago
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory turns 10 BuddyBoy600
4d 1h ago
19 Zoltor
10h 13m ago
Who are you routing for in Superbowl XLIX? pokemontrainerjay
4d 7h ago
23 prettyprincess45
11h 4m ago
Galavant? Hardrockangel
3d 9h ago
10 tinyqueen007
11h 15m ago
What was your favourite movie of 2014? isdira
Dec 28, 2014
146 isdira
11h 40m ago
If done right, what books would you like to see made into film? x19a
2w 3d ago
58 crocodilerocker
11h 44m ago
why does fantasy stay medieval? wraithsith
Apr 17, 2014
370 Hethalos
12h 10m ago
reality tv spoiled children?? unicornbunny12
1d 5h ago
3 saikyoryuuougi
15h 22m ago
So what do you think about the Oscar 2015 nominations? isdira
2w 2d ago
57 isdira
15h 33m ago
The top 5 worst directors of all time Morals2liveby
1w 2d ago
68 JessHavok
17h 31m ago
Films that made you cry Aheng711
Jul 7, 2014
836 saikyoryuuougi
20h 8m ago
Doctor Who fanfic PLEASE READ RosieJS
22h 11m ago
2 3wyl
20h 51m ago
Favorite Attack on Titan Pairing? RoyalDuchessMajesty
3w 5d ago
48 Soulstemptation
21h 15m ago
Movie Recommendations Calvero
3d 5h ago
7 Calvero
22h 28m ago
Shows That Went Downhill Overtime Slinkgirl95
5d 21h ago
74 Ikran
22h 44m ago
Too many superheroes? AnarkistArt
2d 17h ago
14 Ikran
22h 50m ago
Let's weird ourselves out with equally weird anime! JStar19000
2w 1d ago
24 Kitsunefireball
1d 1h ago
What is your favorite anime themesong? Blackbutler123x
2d 13h ago
69 Kitsunefireball
1d 1h ago
Any Top Cat Fans Around? Slinkgirl95
2d 22h ago
5 Slinkgirl95
1d 1h ago