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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Movies and TV Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
what's your fav anime? AkameZ16
1d 9h ago
72 CoralJay
46s ago
Something I've NEVER understood... ShenaniBOOM
1d 6h ago
16 CrimeRoyale
30m 9s ago
Baymax design? Meh LockStockCreation
1d 16h ago
6 CrimeRoyale
31m 5s ago
Which is better? The Last Airbender or The Legend of Korra? BioticShark
6h 57m ago
10 CrimeRoyale
33m 2s ago
Are movies getting worse and unoriginal as time goes by? Why? Quindayo
5d 2h ago
31 Eve-Lang-El-Coup
1h 10m ago
Neverending story theme song question 280077s
3d 15h ago
49 280077s
3h 10m ago
Who is excited for the new season of Digimon? Little-Raid
3d 9m ago
32 Kell0x
3h 16m ago
In your opinion, who is the hottest/best/coolest Avenger? crocodilerocker
2d 16h ago
17 crocodilerocker
3h 28m ago
Films that made you cry Aheng711
Jul 7, 2014
1,072 Morals2liveby
6h 25m ago
"Shadowhunters" Shadowhunters-98
2d 2h ago
3 starfast99
6h 31m ago
Worst Sequels To TV Shows Slinkgirl95
2d 11h ago
19 Morals2liveby
6h 36m ago
Furious 7 NovaS23
5d 17h ago
10 Redfoxbennaton
7h 3m ago
The CW IridescentCatalyst
3d 13h ago
74 SherbertTCat
7h 44m ago
This is spooky...... Adelaidejohn1967
1d 12h ago
9 Adelaidejohn1967
10h 26m ago
Favorite Kid's Show yukidogzombie
6d 16h ago
54 monstermaster13
10h 28m ago
What Movie Will Dominate 2015? Hybridlune1
2d 2h ago
11 TheCunningCondor
12h 6m ago
Walking Dead fans? IceAngel1234
Nov 1, 2014
310 IceAngel1234
13h 7m ago
I am bored, lets talk anime. SavannahCatServal
Feb 11, 2015
241 Niflem
15h 29m ago
Can anyone help me find a particular reference image? 280077s
18h 19m ago
6 280077s
16h 49m ago
Have you seen Big Hero Six? Crystalstarlove
2w 4d ago
46 archwings99
19h 43m ago
Best jump scares? SnarkyPhiles
1w 1d ago
28 SnarkyPhiles
20h 40m ago
Pink Panther Hawksfan4848
4d 7h ago
24 PokeCat-Fanatic
21h 47m ago
What is your stance on MLG/Illuminati Montages? CaptainofNames
1d 11h ago
5 morbidman187
22h 12s ago
Captain America 3 Civil War Movie Teaser HD Trailer 2016 with Spider man hobmed
1d 15h ago
3 diphylla
22h 1m ago
Race diversity in comic movies/shows Impious-Imp
1w 3d ago
19 myboyrobin
1d 3h ago
Worst cartoons (second edition) OUTMACED121
1w 2d ago
48 Omnivault
1d 7h ago
Some of your favorite funny episodes x19a
1d 11h ago
6 x19a
1d 8h ago
Let's Talk About Winx Club! MagicalMermaid-N
1d 19h ago
16 PurpleAmharicCoffee
1d 9h ago
GRAVITY FALLS (spoiler warning) LoSqui
1d 16h ago
2 summerpho3nix
1d 11h ago
Things in movies and TV that never made sense to you. Didj
2w 3d ago
99 Didj
1d 13h ago
Luna and friends zomg20
1d 15h ago
0 N/A
Movie and TV quotes you use in real life. GrandMasterEmporer
5d 12h ago
27 LockStockCreation
1d 16h ago
Bear Paddington! DarkRedLadyBug
1d 23h ago
1 LockStockCreation
1d 16h ago
Who is your Favorite Magi Character archwings99
3d 14h ago
4 archwings99
1d 19h ago
van helsing x dracula fanfics unicornbunny12
1d 22h ago
1 hannoth
1d 20h ago
Let's Talk Fullmetal! SakuraStar10311
2w 3d ago
38 SakuraStar10311
1d 20h ago
Top videogame or fictional monsters that could easily defeat Toho kaiju? Gabe-TKE
1w 5d ago
88 RaymondEternal
1d 22h ago
Studiopolis should have dubbed ALL Anime ThaRandomAnchiornis1
2d 11h ago
4 ThaRandomAnchiornis1
1d 22h ago